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Carused is a car exporting company expert in Japanese second hand cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. We are exporting more than 400 used cars all around the world monthly for over 10 years. We are recognized as one of the most competent vehicle exporters in East Asia. Our giant inventory consists of minibuses, namely Hiace, Bongo, Townace, trucks like Fighter, Dyna, Canter, and buses including Rosa, Coaster, and even more. Futhermore, we provide an exclusive access to Japanese vehicle auctions which let you bid second hand cars with our expertise. Struggled with importing vehicles from the Japanese market? Bored of searching for second hand cars on the web hurricane? Carpaydiem is happy to support you to find & import budget-friendly, quality controlled used cars with our staffs.

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Why Don’t Any Car Manufacturers Make Mini Trucks Anymore?

Last Updated on 10月 31, 2 ... Read more The post Why Don’t Any Car Manufacturers Make Mini Trucks Anymore? appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

Last Updated on 10月 31, 2022 by Carusedjp

If you love trucks, you aren’t alone. In the US, nearly 80% of new car sales are for trucks and SUVs. This is down from only 53% of new car sales in 2010 and 62% in 2015.

Yet, there is one type of truck that you do not see much these days: the small or compact truck. Car manufacturers rarely produce small trucks today despite growing demand.

At the same time, the Japanese mini truck is gaining popularity in the US and beyond. These compact trucks are affordable and perfect for individuals and even small businesses.

Why are small trucks so hard to find in the US these days? And why might a used Japanese mini truck be the vehicle you have been searching for? We are answering these questions next, so keep reading.

Defining the Small Pickup Truck

Small trucks are usually a type of pickup truck. They come with lower price tags than traditional mid-size and large trucks. Yet, small trucks can still tow an average of 5,000 pounds or up to 7,000 pounds.

Compared to, say, a Ford F-150, small trucks have shorter truck beds and less width. Small trucks are also much lower to the ground than regular pickup trucks.

The small pickup truck is a popular option for people who want a truck but can not afford a standard-sized one. These vehicles are also easier to navigate, making them a better choice for urban living.

The Japanese Mini Truck: Explained

If you are looking for a classic truck that is even more affordable and compact than small pickup trucks, the Japanese mini truck may be for you. Also known as Kei trucks, you have to import mini trucks from Japan.

Mini trucks are two-door vehicles. They are extremely lightweight, which you may know already if you speak Japanese. “Kei” means “light.”

Kei trucks measure around nine feet long, a little more than three feet wide, and are nearly seven feet tall. Compare this to the popular Ford F1-50, which has the same height but measures up to 20 feet long and seven feet wide.

Though these vehicles have low horsepower and slow speeds, they are the prime choice for businesses and individuals who want an affordable truck. You can buy one new for as little as $13,000.

Why Small Trucks Have Fallen Out of Style in the US

US automobile manufacturers have all but ceased production of lightweight trucks. Now, the only way to buy a compact pickup is to order it from overseas.

But why is this the case? We will outline the top reasons for the decline in the production of small trucks next.

Small Truck Failures

Small trucks have not always been out of style. US models like the Chevvy S-10 and the GMC Sonoma are all compact trucks made exclusively for American drivers.

Yet, manufacturers ultimately canceled all their small truck models. Why? Americans just were not buying them.

In fact, many car manufacturers have claimed that government buyers were their only small truck customers. But this isn’t the only reason US car makers do not put out small trucks anymore.

The Chicken Tax

In 1964, compact trucks started to grow in popularity throughout the US. But then, Europe and the US got into an argument over chicken tariffs. In retaliation, the Lyndon Johnson administration levied its own tax.

This new tax placed a 25% tariff on all imports of European-made brandy, dextrin, potato starch, and, you guessed it, lightweight trucks. This tariff became known as the chicken tax.

The chicken tax is still in place today, making it extremely expensive to import trucks made outside of the US. Unfortunately, many car manufacturing plants are in Asia and Europe. It is cost-prohibitive to sell these models in the US.

American-Made Small Trucks Are Expensive

It costs more to manufacture cars in the US than it does to make them elsewhere. This is not due to the higher cost of raw materials. Instead, it is the fair labor laws in the US that drive up the cost of American-made cars.

What is more, some US-based auto factories are not equipped to engineer all the components in a vehicle. For instance, Asia is a top producer of semiconductors. If an American company wants semiconductors, it must import them.

Small Trucks Equal Low Profits

To make US-made trucks more affordable, auto manufacturers would have to strip down the vehicle to its barest form. This is the only way to make a profit on these high-cost but low-price trucks.

Car companies are in the business of making money. And they can make much, much higher profits off of mid-sized and large trucks. In this way, customer demand is not in line with manufacturer incentives.

Low US Demand

Small trucks are super popular outside of the US. And if US customers were buying lightweight trucks in droves, perhaps it would make sense for car companies to produce these models on-shore.

But that is just not the case. This is mostly due to the problems we have mentioned. US-made small truck models are just too expensive to justify the cost, especially when they include so few features.

Japanese Mini Trucks Are the Best Compact Trucks

Why Japanese Mini Trucks Are Popular in USA
Are you searching for compact trucks to add to your company fleet? Where you need transportation for yourself, your business, or both, here are the top reasons why you should consider a mini truck made in Japan.

Pay a Lower Price

Kei truck-makers create these vehicles as streamlined and functional as possible. They do not include extra bells and whistles. The main goal of a mini truck is to get you and your haul from point A to point B.

The pared-down features of a Japan mini truck explain why you can get one for such an incredible price. New Kei trucks will run you no more than $20,000 and usually closer to $10,000.

Avoid the Chicken Tax

You do not have to buy a new Kei truck. Mini trucks have been popular in the US for decades now. So, many models are available second-hand for less than $1,000!

The other plus side of getting a used mini truck is that you do not have to pay the chicken tax. Instead, you can buy your new compact vehicle on US soil from a used Kei truck dealer.

Get Better Gas Mileage

Kei trucks have smaller engines than heavier-weight trucks. As we mentioned earlier, these vehicles are also very lightweight and compact. These features make for a truck with impressive miles to the gallon.

While the compact size of a mini truck is great for urban areas, it also makes this car an affordable option for rural and long-distance drivers. For businesses, that can add up to countless dollars in annual savings on transportation.

See Lower Maintenance Costs

Mini trucks are about as simple as vehicles get. And the world’s major auto manufacturers design and produce mini trucks. What do these two facts have in common?

Both features make for a vehicle with impressively low maintenance costs. It is easier and thus cheaper to diagnose problems with simpler auto designs. And parts for repair are more widely available than other foreign-made cars.

Go Off-Roading With Ease

You may be surprised to learn that, though they are simple in design, Japanese mini trucks are pretty durable. Construction companies often deploy fleets of mini trucks because they can handle uneven and bumpy terrain with ease.

If you are willing to pay a bit more, you can even get a mini truck with 4-wheel drive. Again, you may pay more than a basic mini truck, but the price still will not come close to the cost of a US-made pickup truck with 4WD.

Mini Trucks Are Recognizable

Even though mini trucks are somewhat popular in parts of the US, they definitely stand out more often than not. They have a unique shape and size that you just can not find with most American-made cars.

The recognizable look of the mini truck can act as free marketing for your business. Just slap your logo on the side of your fleet and watch heads turn as your mini trucks drive around town!

Where to Search for Kei Trucks Online

carused.jp team
Small trucks are not so common in the US because most US car manufacturers do not produce them. That’s because lightweight trucks are expensive to import and produce. Yet, the Japanese mini truck or Kei truck is different.

Are you searching for Kei trucks to buy in the US? Browse our used Kei trucks for sale to find the affordable and compact transportation solution your business needs!

The post Why Don’t Any Car Manufacturers Make Mini Trucks Anymore? appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

Small But Mighty: A Subaru Sambar Truck Review

Last Updated on 9月 29, 20 ... Read more The post Small But Mighty: A Subaru Sambar Truck Review appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

Last Updated on 9月 29, 2022 by Carusedjp

Mini trucks are the perfect blend of practicality and affordability.

These small trucks are incredibly popular throughout Asia as they can effortlessly transport goods in dense cities and towns. The Subaru Sambar is a kei truck, a distinctive class of practical pickup trucks in Japan.

When the Subaru Sambar came out, Subaru marketed the vehicle as the first ever kei vehicle. This meant that the vehicle managed to pass the strict Keitora vehicle requirements in Japan. While this made the mini truck instantly popular, it was its practicality that allowed it to become one of the best-selling mini trucks in Asia.

Interested in learning more about the Subaru Sambar? You’re in the right place. Here’s a complete Subaru Sambar review.

What Is a Kei Truck?

Japan has very strict rules and regulations when it comes to manufacturing and producing vehicles. While all countries in the world have strong safety regulations, Japan also introduces class regulations to help categorize the various kinds of vehicles on the road.

A kei vehicle is one of these categories. This category refers to a light automobile that passes specific requirements to be practical and safe to drive in the city. This is a very important metric in Japan as many of their major metropolitan cities are incredibly dense.

Because of this, vehicles should be both safe and compact. This is a growing trend in other major cities around the world as there is simply not enough space to park massive SUVs on the road. A kei truck takes this same concept and extends it into the trucking segment.

In this way, a kei truck is a compact truck that offers the practicality and utility of a flatbed truck but in a smaller form factor. The smaller form factor is what allows it to be perfect for city driving. This means that people can use kei trucks to deliver and pick up items in major cities without the hassle of having to block off roads in the process.

While kei vehicles have been around for a while, the Subaru Sambar was noted by Subaru to be the very first pickup to meet the kei regulations. Subaru was aware of this beforehand and invested heavily into creating a vehicle for this exact purpose.

History of the Subaru Sambar Truck

Known as a cab over truck or a microvan, the Subaru Sambar was the first official kei truck in Japan. This mini truck came with the looks and practicality to be the perfect truck for inner-city logistics. This is why the Subaru Sambar became an instant hit in Japan from the very first model.

The first generation of the Subaru Sambar was released in 1961 with a rear engine. The first models also came with rear-wheel-drive and an air-cooled engine. This engine and many engine components came from the Subaru 360, allowing Subaru to save on development costs.

This was an important aspect of the development process as Subaru did not just want to create the most practical mini pickup, they also wanted to keep it affordable. In this way, Subaru knew its market and wanted to build the best vehicle for inner city transportation.

The First Generation Subaru Sambar

The first generation of the Subaru Sambar was released in 1961, with production running until 1966. This first model was released at the 1960 Tokyo Motor Show in the passenger and commercial vehicles section. The Sambar included a few impressive features that managed to catch the public’s eye immediately.

The Subaru Sambar was introduced with individual-wheel suspension, rear-wheel-drive, and a one-box design that was based on the Subaru 360 platform. As stated above, the Sambar shared many internal components with the Subaru 360, allowing the company to focus on the practicality and design of the vehicle.

Subaru Sambar Specs

The first generation of the Subaru Sambar came with an 18 HP engine that was paired with a 3-speed manual transmission. The Sambar did come with a bit of power since the entire vehicle only weighed around 871 lbs.

The Eighth Generation Subaru Sambar Truck

The best way to understand the popularity of the Subaru Sambar is to look at how it has evolved over the decades. Subaru updated the Sambar in 1996 with a 20 HP model before giving the brand another upgrade in 1973 with a 28 HP engine.

Subaru kept much of the design the same but made major strides within the interior of the vehicle. The Japanese automaker developed modern engines that managed to produce even more power while remaining efficient. They also introduced automatic gearboxes to make driving the kei truck easier in cities.

The latest version of the Sambar is the eighth generation. This model was released in 2014 and came with a modified front end along with a few minor upgrades under the hood.

The eighth generation of the Sambar was introduced in September 2014 and was refreshed in 2022 with a facelift. While this is listed as the eighth generation of the Sambar, the vehicle is a rebranded tenth-generation Daihatsu Hijet Truck.

Subaru Sambar Specs

This new model came with the latest safety features in mind, making it the most efficient and reliable Sambars ever made. These vehicles were efficiently made and sold under the Daihatsu brand, known as the Daihatsu Hijet Truck Extra.

These vehicles come with a CVT gearbox and rear-wheel drive. This allows the vehicle to achieve incredible efficiency figures while remaining smooth on the road. However, if you want an all-wheel-drive system, you can choose that option when configuring your mini truck.

Subaru Sambar Features

The biggest new features of the eighth generation Sambar are in the safety department. Subaru and Daihatsu went all out to create the most comfortable and safe mini truck in the world, and they managed to pull it off.

The latest model comes with crash-avoidance braking. The car is fitted with several sensors to keep a safe distance from the car in front. These sensors also enable a wide range of comfort driving features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and lane-departure warnings.

The new model also comes with a smart rear-view mirror. This mirror can double as a screen that displays whatever is captured from the rear camera. This way, you can have a clear view of whatever is behind you no matter how full your payload is.

The mini truck also includes the latest Daihatsu Connect features. This allows you to connect your phone to the infotainment system to have a seamless experience. The system also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it one of the most advanced systems on the market.

There are tons of different models of the Subaru Sambar available today. If you’re looking for the details for a specific model, you can get model information here.

Kei Trucks Around The World

Kei vehicles are still incredibly popular in Japan and across Asia. However, these vehicles are slowly growing in popularity around the world. Japanese brands are consistently increasing their production numbers every year to ship these vehicles to major cities in Europe, Canada, and even the United States of America.

In some countries, manufacturers have developed their own version of the kei truck. These are known as mini pickups or utility pickups. Manufacturers like Ford, Opel, and Chevrolet have all produced models for the African and Australian markets.

However, Japanese kei trucks are still the more popular options. This is due to the practicality and affordability of these vehicles. The Japanese models are significantly more affordable than the other options on the market.

Where To Find Used Mini Trucks For Sale

As mentioned above, mini trucks have grown in popularity around the world. This is true for several Japanese cars from various manufacturers as well. The best way to find a mini truck for sale is to go directly to a trusted dealership.

It’s incredibly important that you work with a trusted dealership because these cars may need to be imported into the country specifically for you. Importing vehicles can get complicated, and you don’t want to make a mistake during the process. Luckily, platforms like Carused.jp are there to make your life easier.

Mini Trucks In Japan

Mini trucks provide you with the same practicality but in a smaller and more affordable form factor. These trucks are incredibly popular in Japan but are increasing in popularity around the United States as well. The Subaru Sambar may have been the first kind of vehicle in its class, but it has still managed to remain one of the most popular mini trucks in Japan.

Thinking about getting a Subaru Sambar? Check out our website for the latest mini trucks we have available.

The post Small But Mighty: A Subaru Sambar Truck Review appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

How Mini-Trucks are Used in the U.S.

Last Updated on 9月 29, 20 ... Read more The post How Mini-Trucks are Used in the U.S. appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

Last Updated on 9月 29, 2022 by Carusedjp

Are you a small business looking to use Japanese used mini trucks to help your business operations? Do you want to know the benefits of using this type of truck instead of its larger pickup truck counterpart?

Although it may seem like many people don’t know too much about these trucks, the mini truck market is excepted to grow to at least eight million units by the end of 2022! If you want to know what the craze is about these vehicles and how they can benefit your small business, continue reading below. We will cover all you need to know about these mini trucks, how they’re used, and who you can contact for further guidance.

What Are Japanese Used Mini Trucks?

Japanese used mini trucks are smaller versions of a pickup trucks. When compared to a pickup truck, the engine, cab, and bed are smaller. A mini truck typically can only hold two people and the average bed length is about four to five feet long. On average, a mini truck can carry between seven hundred to eight hundred pounds of cargo.

What Are Mini Trucks Used For?

Mini trucks are used to transport props for production films. Some also use them for landscaping and gardening. They can’t hold many large or heavy items, but they are helpful for those who need light hauling. Some others use these mini trucks to transport bicycles on a truck bed or for hunting.

Benefits of Mini Trucks

There are so many great benefits that come with using Japanese used mini trucks. For example, they are excellent on gas. These trucks are designed to be excellent on gas. Although the gas tanks are smaller, you can still get hundreds of miles on one fill-up.

Excellent for Local Transportation Needs

Mini trucks are an excellent alternative to pickup trucks when it comes to getting around the city. If you have a large campus or warehouse for your business, you can use your mini truck to get around to the various parts of your business efficiently.

If you need to pick up items from a shop near your business, you can use the mini truck to lug around your supplies while saving on fuel. As mentioned earlier, these trucks can hold a significant amount of weight, even though they are small. This makes them excellent for taking care of local pickups and deliveries for your small business.

Great Way To Advertise Your Business

Mini trucks aren’t common to see around in America, so they tend to attract attention. You can take advantage of this attention by using the mini truck for advertisement. You can order a custom-made magnet and stick it to the side of the truck while you drive around and run errands.

As a bonus, you can write off all the miles you put on the truck when you use it for advertising purposes. You also have the opportunity to write off any maintenance expenses related to the vehicle.

If you want to use your truck as an additional stream of income, you can hold space on your truck for other businesses to advertise their companies. You can charge them per mile or day, depending on how often they use your truck for advertisement.

Low Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, these trucks have smaller engines and beds, so they have less maintenance. Of course, you will have to undergo your standard oil change and other types of vehicle maintenance, but they won’t be as extensive.

For example, the tires on these mini trucks aren’t like standard passenger tires. Instead, they are harder than the standard passenger tire, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. You can pick up the tires you need for your truck at any local tire store.

Cheaper Than Pickup Trucks

Generally, a used pickup truck can cost you about $20,000 to $50,000 depending on who you buy the truck from and if there are any specs on the truck that drives up the cost. The average price of a mini truck is about $1,200 to $10,000. You save more than half of what you would spend on a used pickup truck.

Easy To Use

Driving a mini truck is relatively easy, and they are easy to steer thanks to its compact size. Most trucks have long beds, making it hard to cut corners or get into narrow streets, busy business areas, neighborhoods, and apartment complexes. Mini trucks are much smaller and easy to navigate, making them the best option for deliveries or for getting to your clients in specific neighborhoods.

Best Mini Trucks for Sale

There are several different mini trucks you can purchase to use for personal use or your business. There are five top mini trucks that we will list below for you to consider.

1. Honda Acty

The Honda Acty is a very reliable mini truck to purchase because of its affordability and reliability. Created by a well-known automaker, Honda, you are sure to receive a high-quality truck that will last a long time, so long as you properly maintain the vehicle.

The truck comes in several colors and has excellent cabin space for you and your associates. The vehicle is powered by a 545cc 2-cylinder engine. If you are looking for the top-rated Honda Acty, you can reach out to a reputable mini-truck dealer for more information.

2. Suzuki Carry Minitruck

The Suzuki Carry Minitruck is a sturdy yet very economical mini-truck commonly used in certain small businesses. There are two different engine variants available for purchase. You have the ability to choose between a 658 cc R06A 13-T or the 658cc R06A 13.

When driving down bumpy roads, you can rest assured that this truck will stay sturdy and with minimal movement in the cabin. Most people purchase these trucks to transport their business goods from one place to another. They also use these types of trucks to handle pickups and deliveries in the city or suburban areas.

3. Suzuki Carry Dump

The Suzuki carry dump is a unique type of multipurpose vehicle that many clients use to transport their business goods over long or short distances. The main difference between the carry dump, and other truck types is that this truck has an open-box bed. This means that if needed, you can drop the goods on the ground instead of having to haul them out yourself.

When compared to larger pickup trucks, the Suzuki Carry Dump is relatively affordable and easier to handle due to its compact size. You have the option to choose between a five-door van or a two-door pickup truck. There are two engine variants for the Suzuki Carry Dump. The first option is a 685cc R06A I3-T. The other available option is the 658cc R06A I3.

4. Daihatsu Hijet

Another mini truck you can purchase that is reliable for everyday use is the Daihatsu Hijet. This mini truck comes in several different body style variations and is well regarded for its functionality and performance.

This truck has a flatbed, but you can use it as a micro van if needed. This makes it easy for you to transport produce and goods. The Daihatsu Hijet comes with a comfortable interior and plenty of space.

5. Mazda Scrum Minitruck

The Mazda Scrum Minitruck is a fan favorite amongst small business owners. Most clients who purchase this truck use it to transport their goods to their clients, and it boasts a 660cc three-cylinder engine.

You have the option to buy a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive. The great thing about this truck is that it has excellent handling on the highway and is equally exceptional off-road.

When looking to purchase a Mazda Scrum mini-truck, there are additional specialty options you can opt to have added to your truck. For example, you can get a truck with enclosed refrigerated beds, power lift gates, hydraulic scissor lifts, and more.

Best Mini Truck Dealer Near Me

If you are in the market for Japanese used mini trucks, there are several mini truck options available for you to choose from. These mini trucks are excellent alternatives to their larger truck counterparts for many excellent reasons.

Not only are they a cheaper option, but they also have the same capabilities as larger pickup trucks. If you need to purchase a used mini truck, and you are looking for the best deal possible, check out our inventory today. If you have questions about which truck is best for you and your business, our team is here to answer your concerns and point you in the right direction.

The post How Mini-Trucks are Used in the U.S. appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

A Guide to the 2nd Generation Honda Acty Truck

Last Updated on 11月 25, 2 ... Read more The post A Guide to the 2nd Generation Honda Acty Truck appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

Last Updated on 11月 25, 2022 by Carusedjp

▼Many mini trucks under $1,000 in stock▼

Search used mini trucks for sale

If you’re a fan of Japanese car culture, you’re likely familiar with the classic Kei car. But do you know anything about Kei trucks? One of the best mini trucks ever produced is the Honda Acty, a small but sturdy and versatile truck made for country roads.

If you’re a fan of interesting cars or just Japanese imports in general, keep reading to find out more about the 2nd gen Acty and how you can get your hands on one.

What Is a Kei Truck?

If you’re unfamiliar, Kei trucks, sometimes referred to as mini trucks, are small vehicles that feature right-hand drive and are made to be both durable and versatile. Although they come in various sizes within this restriction, no Kei truck can be wider than 58 inches, longer than 134 inches, or taller than 79 inches. Which, for reference, is only a little longer than two rakes put end to end.

These have gained tremendous popularity in the import market over the years due to their compact designs, affordability, and options for both rear and four-wheel drive.

History of the Honda Acty Truck

Although mini trucks in Japan debuted in 1949, the Acty was unveiled in 1977 on July 27. They were made to take the place of Honda’s previous Kei trucks, the TN series.

With only 28 horsepower and 30 lb ft. of torque output from the 545 cc engine, these certainly weren’t going anywhere fast. But the first-gen sold well enough to last until 1988, with a van model based on the truck platform being manufactured starting from 1979.

The 2nd Gen Acty Truck

This generation took the helm in May 1988, with a brand new E05 SOHC 3-cylinder engine. As Kei class regulations changed, so did the Acty, keeping up with the times and new developments in the Japanese car industry. And in 1990 the 2nd Gen got a major upgrade with the E07A 656cc engine.

The 2nd gen also came with a few other improvements. This included an option for a radio, a 3-speed automatic transmission, and styling updates that changed the square headlights of the previous generation to rounded ones.

Some of the 2nd gen special trim levels were the Acty Attack and Acty Crawler. The Attack handled off-roading with ease, and it had a 4-speed manual and 4WD with locking differentials to prove it.

The Crawler was a limited edition model sold only in 1995. It came with six wheels as opposed to the traditional four and tracks that wrapped around the rear tires to assist in snow and mud.

The 3rd Gen Acty Truck

From 1999 to 2009, the 3rd gen was king. There were a few marked improvements such as increased power, power steering, and increased fuel efficiency. Safety laws passed by the Japanese government influenced the redesign of the Acty, as this was the first generation that had airbags for the driver as a standard inclusion, and there was an option for passenger airbags as well.

4th Gen Acty Truck

Even with how long the Acty was produced, Honda continued to develop and update the model until its discontinuation. The fourth generation in particular kept the exterior look as close as possible to the previous generations. It used the E072 engine with 44 hp and its wheelbase was shortened to 6.2 ft, the same as the 2nd gen, to increase cabin space.

What Is So Special About the 2nd Gen of Acty Mini Trucks?

So why should you consider buying a 2nd gen over the other generations of the Acty? Well, that mainly comes down to unique utility.

One of the star benefits of the 2nd gen is the option of an automatic transmission, making it more accessible for drivers who can’t drive a stick shift. But the advantages don’t stop there.

Honda is an innovative company and that was the case back in the early days of the Acty as well. This generation was the first of the lineup to feature Realtime 4WD. And it had a number of trim levels for nearly any use, whether as a hauler, off-roader, or daily driver.

Another is that the models from 1993 and on are fuel injected, although these engines were only available on the Fox and Xi trims. And although it’s a small truck, the bed has plenty of space for most light to medium loads you may need to haul.

Plus the sides and back of the bed folding down rather than only the tailgate. And due to their age, you can get these unique trucks for around $2,000-$6,000 on average including delivery costs.

What to Know About Buying a Mini Truck Now

Like most older vehicles, buying a mini truck from over 20 years ago comes with some caveats. Since they’re designed to be workhorses, even with such small statures, they most likely have some significant wear and tear to contend with, along with any preventable damage caused by previous owners. But there are some other important aspects and warning signs to watch out for.


Although the Acty was ahead of its time in many regards, one of the main downsides to buying a car this old is the lack of safety features. With newer models this isn’t as much of a problem, however, 2nd gen Actys were made long before the requirement of airbags, seatbelts, and other vital safety equipment.

This means that even though they’re legal to drive in the states due to the U.S.’s 25-year rule on imports, you’ll need to understand the disadvantages of driving a truck like this. Because Actys are older and so small, they’re at an even greater risk of being damaged beyond repair in an accident.

This issue is somewhat reduced on city streets where you likely won’t be going faster than 45 mph, which the Acty can handle. But if you’re intending to take this on the highway, especially more than once in a blue moon, you’ll need to know what you’re getting into.

Kei trucks are, by design, compact, with engines made for the Japanese market. So in stock form, they aren’t meant to withstand the speeds that you may reach on an American highway, and because of their size, they’re much more susceptible to wind and air resistance.


Another major factor to consider is the issue of maintenance. Since these trucks are so popular, there’s a wealth of information surrounding how to take care of them, especially if you’re a particularly skilled mechanic. But these mini trucks still come with their own set of problems.

Some of these are well-known, such as weak timing belts, electrical issues, and passenger-side engine mount failures. Many cars across various manufacturers have problems with their timing belts, and the Honda Acty truck is no exception. It’s a noted problem with these trucks that the timing belts wear disproportionally and tend to fail long before they’re expected to.

This is a several thousand dollar repair waiting to happen. Once the timing belt breaks, everything it’s connected to will stop and run into one another, causing the entire engine to fail and be completely unable to run until it’s fixed.

Over time, the electrical system in an Acty decays and wears out, usually the ECU capacitors, which can leak, swell, and even explode. Repairing this is an annoying but not necessarily tough task, but it’s something to know about.

The engine, due to age and use, will eventually sag and press down on the mounts, particularly the passenger side. This can lead to disastrous effects if left unrepaired.

Finding parts can also be difficult for older cars, especially foreign ones. Although Actys weren’t discontinued until 2021, the parts you’ll need to properly upkeep a truck from, at minimum, 23 years ago may be difficult to find.

Other Issues

But those are only a couple of things to factor in when you’re debating whether or not to buy a mini truck. If you have the opportunity to inspect the truck you’re thinking about buying in person, there are several things you’ll want to pay attention to.

You should do your due diligence on inspecting the body and frame, which includes checking for rust in the undercarriage or anywhere in the bed, as well as bubbles that may indicate that rust is forming beneath the paint.

When checking the undercarriage, the normal used car checks still apply. You should watch for any leaks, loose junctions or fixtures, and check if the cv boots or other parts of the suspension are torn or otherwise damaged.

Another issue you should check for when inspecting the body is mismatched paneling since this could signal that the truck had been previously totaled or severely damaged, and you likely won’t have any way to check if that damage was properly repaired or not.

Buy a Honda Acty of Your Own

Getting a Kei truck imported from Japan can be a bit of an undertaking, but the reward is a fantastic truck that although it isn’t fast, can handle a hard day’s work.

If you’re ready to import a 2nd gen Acty, browse Carpaydiem’s catalog. We have plenty of used mini trucks for sale and a quality track record of over 10 years in the import business. And each truck we sell is professionally inspected, so you know when you buy from us, you’re not just getting quality service, but a certified quality truck as well.

The post A Guide to the 2nd Generation Honda Acty Truck appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

Why Japanese Used Mini Trucks Are Popular in USA

Last Updated on 9月 29, 20 ... Read more The post Why Japanese Used Mini Trucks Are Popular in USA appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

Last Updated on 9月 29, 2022 by Carusedjp

Two years ago, pickup sales in America surpassed passenger car sales for the first time ever. And this iconic American staple is only getting more and more popular.

But there’s one type of pickup that’s been steadily gaining popularity over the last century while staying under the radar. Introducing: the Japanese mini trucks.

These compact, affordable vehicles are complete opposites to the huge trucks taking over the US.

Mini trucks are small, slow, usually imported, and aren’t very comfortable. Most available models are also very old. Nonetheless, there are still thousands of used mini trucks for sale nationwide.

Why are these basic vehicles still so popular, despite their limited availability? The simplest answer is that Japanese mini trucks are used in a completely different context to American pickups. They serve a different purpose which a large American pickup never could.

Read on to find out how these vehicles became so popular, and why they’re staying that way into the 2020s.

What Is a Mini Truck?

What exactly counts as a mini truck? It’s not just a small pickup truck.

The classification “mini truck” is more specific. It refers to 2-door imported Japanese pickup trucks. Also called Kei trucks, which means “light” in Japanese, these vehicles are the furthest you could get from an American pickup.

So how did they become popular in the USA?

How the Mini Truck Revolution Began

Mini trucks slowly made their way over to the States soon after they were first manufactured. But it wasn’t until the 70s that the vehicles really made their mark on the American scene.

With the gas crisis of 1973 hitting everyone hard, people needed a cheaper truck option. Not only were Kei trucks cheaper to fill up, but they were also cheaper to buy and maintain. This made the transition a no-brainer for many businesses.

Mini Trucks Vs. Pickup Trucks Today

Mini trucks – as the name suggests – are far smaller than American pickups. It’s not just that they only seat two people. The interior itself is far smaller than a 2-seater American pickup.

That’s all to do with their history. “Kei” is a specific classification of vehicles in Japan that limits the dimensions. Originally, these were:

  • 9.2 feet long
  • 3.3 feet wide
  • 6.6 feet high

This kept costs down back in the 50s and 60s when they were first built. The dimensions have increased slightly since then, but they’re still very limiting.

Their small size has a knock-on effect on the overall specifications of the vehicle. Mini trucks generally have much lower horsepower than the average American pickup. Therefore, their top speed is also lower.

Japanese mini trucks are the opposite of luxurious vehicles. Where American pickups are designed to be comfortable, spacious, and come with the latest tech, mini trucks aren’t. Manufacturers deliberately kept the design simple.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that mini trucks aren’t sounding too good right about now! But the key to remember is that mini trucks aren’t meant for residential use.

Where pickups used to be designed for cargo, they’re now often used by families and for suburban commutes. Mini trucks on the other hand have stayed true to their roots, and are still all about functionality. Therefore, they’re bought by businesses, not really individual consumers.

Why Mini Trucks Are Popular Today

Kei trucks are hugely popular with many small-to-medium-sized businesses today. Here are the top reasons why.

Purchase Price

Kei truck manufacturers design them to be affordable. Even a brand new Kei truck will put you out thousands of dollars less than an American pickup.

This makes them an affordable investment for businesses. They’re cheap to buy, so even brand new businesses can invest in a few of them at once.

Availability of Second-Hand Mini Trucks

Even better, most mini trucks in the US are second-hand. That’s due to complicated import regulations that affect the age of foreign cars that can be legally driven on US roads.

Without going into all the details, it means a Kei truck that’s over 25 years old is the easiest to buy and use. So these are the trucks most common in the US market.

Many of these simple vehicles still run well after a quarter of a century. And due to their age, they’re incredibly affordable.

Better Miles to the Gallon

Whether bought first or second hand, it’s not just the purchase price that’s cheap. Mini trucks are super cheap to run.

Their small engines and lightweight bodies help them achieve very good miles to the gallon. Even a second-hand, lightweight American pickup can’t compete with their rates.

For a business that’s operating several vehicles, that adds up to huge savings over the fiscal year.

Affordable Maintenance

The biggest advantage of simple design is simple maintenance.

Kei trucks, especially the older models popular in the US, are products of big-name manufacturers. That means their parts are easily accessible and affordable across the country.

Therefore, routine mini truck maintenance and unexpected repairs are both budget-friendly. That makes them not just an inexpensive investment upfront, but cheap to run long-term.

Compact Design

The small frame of a Kei truck, almost impossible to find in American pickups, makes it a more versatile machine. In day-to-day business usage, it is easier to drive and park.

While this may not be such a pressing issue in rural areas, it’s a game changer in big cities. Being able to pull up for a delivery or find a parking space on a New York City street isn’t always doable for a large pickup. But maneuvering and driving mini trucks is as easy as a small car.

Off-Road Capabilities

While they’re as small as a car, they have more applications. Despite their cheap design, they have impressive off-road functionality. Where a car would struggle on the uneven terrain of a construction site or a national park, mini trucks take it all in their stride.

Many mini trucks are even 4-wheel drive for this express purpose. That makes them almost as hardy as an American pickup, for a fraction of the size and price.

Quiet to Drive

Traditional American pickups run on V6 or more often V8 engines. These powerful machines are beneficial, but also hard to miss with how loud they are.

By contrast, Kei trucks run very quietly. That means they can drive around quiet areas without causing too much disturbance.

Of course, they pay for this with reduced horsepower, so they’re not ideal for everyone. But many businesses happily trade off the engine power for quiet.


The popularity of pickups is likely due to how versatile they are. Whether you need to chuck a surfboard in the back or move sandbags on a construction site, a pickup is the best vehicle for the job.

Kei trucks are popular for the same reasons. They’re just as versatile as a pickup but more compact and affordable.

Easy to Customize

As if they weren’t versatile enough already, mini trucks are easy to change. Converting the bed to a dump truck bed is relatively easy, as the base design is so simple.

Other popular modifications include installing seats to transport people, like a golf cart. This is useful for resorts that need to move guests and their suitcases, as well as for tours of national parks.

Some individuals have even converted the bed into a custom RV!

Recognizable Design

While they’re subtle because they’re quiet, a Kei truck is actually quite recognizable. If a business is buying a fleet of small transport vehicles, they’ll favor one that will get them noticed. Mini trucks draw attention with their unique shape, which helps a business’ advertising.

Cult Popularity

Finally, mini trucks are so popular because of their cult following. Being such an iconic vehicle, many enthusiast groups have popped up all over the country dedicated to continuing their legacy. For that reason, they won’t be dying out any time soon.

Popular Uses for Mini Trucks

All of these factors make mini trucks the ideal vehicle for many situations. Here are a few examples of specific groups that keep used Kei trucks for sale so popular in the US.

Construction Companies

Mini trucks’ affordability and compact size make them ideal for many construction needs.

On small construction sites, businesses have often converted mini trucks to small dump trucks. They can move medium-sized loads of heavy materials like sand and gravel around the site with ease.

Large sites where standard dump trucks carry these loads are used as convenient transport vehicles. They can move materials such as wood and metal around the site with ease as the need arises. Their small size makes it easy for them to reach awkward spaces that heavy machinery can’t.

Delivery Services

As a delivery vehicle, a mini truck is far cheaper to run than a traditional American pickup. If a company’s deliveries can all be handled by a mini truck, it’s definitely the best option. Mini trucks work as delivery vehicles for all kinds of goods, such as:

  • Online shopping deliveries
  • Restaurant food deliveries
  • Local furniture deliveries
  • Bicycle or motorbike order deliveries

As long as the goods are well secured, a mini truck is just as useful as any other traditional delivery vehicle.


Mini trucks are incredibly popular with landscapers and gardeners. This is true for those on small and large grounds.

For a local one-man operation, a mini truck is the perfect size. It can carry everything they need from tools to bags of soil. Its affordability makes it the best choice for a small gardening business that travels from client to client.

Mini trucks also work well on large grounds that require constant landscaping. Parks, gardens, and private estates all use mini trucks. They help move landscaping gear and materials around the grounds.

Their quiet design also means they keep disruption to a minimum. And their tight turning circle is ideal for maneuvering on small paths and into tight spaces.

Their impressive off-road capabilities extend their application to national parks. They allow rangers to reach isolated areas. At the same time, they are quiet enough to keep wildlife disturbance to a minimum.


Being quiet to drive comes in particularly handy for hunters. Going off-road to approach prey while staying undetected is something many larger pickups can’t pull off.

Once they’ve hit their target, a mini truck’s design is also perfect for taking the haul back home. The bed is low to the ground which makes it easy to load larger animals onto. And the bed’s size is ideally suited to these needs.

Furniture Movers

Just like a furniture delivery, a mini truck is a convenient size for moving furniture. Moving companies may offer mini trucks as an option for smaller residential moves. They also come in handy for businesses that need to move equipment between locations.

Buy Japanese Mini Trucks

If all of these pros sound perfect for you, you might be interested in buying Japanese mini trucks. But considering the age of most of the trucks on the market, it is difficult to know if you’re buying a reliable vehicle.

That’s where it’s best to buy through a trusted dealer. We always have a variety of used mini trucks for sale, whatever your mini truck budget, and each advert is complete with all the information you need about the vehicle.

Check out the latest import mini trucks available near you today.

The post Why Japanese Used Mini Trucks Are Popular in USA appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

Popular Japanese Used Cars and JDM that are Importable to the US

Last Updated on 1月 17, 20 ... Read more The post Popular Japanese Used Cars and JDM that are Importable to the US appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

Last Updated on 1月 17, 2022 by Carusedjp

As JDM has become popular in the USA, many of you would look up Japanese used cars when you find cars in the USA.

However, it would be difficult to find your ideal one because a limited number of Japanese cars are available in the USA as an import rule, so-called 25-Year Import Rule, regulated so.

Our company would help you find your ideal car, especially for Japanese used cars by providing pictures with details and clear explanations.

Let’s take a look at our highly selected Japanese used cars.


What is the 25-Year Import Rule?

The 25-Year Import Rule is an import rule. This regulation stated that any car that imported 24 years or younger cars is against the law of the USA. It means that any car that is 25 years or older is legally importable without the necessity to meet the United States vehicle regulations.


Honda Acty Truck

Honda Acty Truck is one of the most famous JDM because of its durability and reliability.

In addition to these attractive points, Honda Acty Truck is valued as an economical vehicle because Honda Acty Truck has features as a truck that has minimum fuel consumption and inexpensive parts. Our company deals with such highly selected Honda Acty Truck that includes HA4 which is the most popular model. If you want to find Honda Acty for sale near you, take a look at our website!

Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero, also called as Mitsubishi Montero in the USA, has been favored by people around the world as the legendary classic SUV and JDM, and Mitsubishi Montero is one of the most popular cars among the Japanese used car market. This is because of its luxurious features, assertive styles and off-road capability. All the points make Montero attractive and unique 4WD cars. Our website will show you how Mitsubishi Pajero, Mitsubishi Montero, is seductive car with clear explanations and pictures.

Subaru Sambar

Subaru Sambar has been favored by people for its special features. Subaru Sambar is the first Kei truck that is still in production. The biggest reason why Subaru Sambar is popular as a Japanese old car is its selectable 4WD with a 57-horsepower supercharged engine version that enables to run fast. If you look for a Kei truck and Japanese used car for sale, here is the best one to buy!

Mitsubishi Pajero mini

If you look for cheap Japanese used car for sale but has wonderful features, Mitsubishi Pajero mini would be the one. Mitsubishi Pajero mini-SUV that has stylish and sport-utility wagon body shape. Like Mitsubishi Pajero, also called as Mitsubishi Montero, Pajero mini has the awesome off-road capability too. You would get such a car that is cool and has off-road capability for fairly cheap price! Our website would be helpful to find Mitsubishi Pajero for sale for the best price.

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny is one of the most fascinating cars. Suzuki Jimny, also called as Suzuki Samurai, is mini-SUV marketed by Suzuki. What makes this car so attractive is its off-road capability that can tackle any terrain and hill with a small form factor. In addition to the incredible ability, Suzuki Jimny, Samurai, has high reputation for its sophisticated design, so it came as no surprise that the car won Good Design Award 2018 in Japan. If you want to get stylish and off-road Japanese used car for sale, you should look Suzuki Jimny in our website!

The post Popular Japanese Used Cars and JDM that are Importable to the US appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Carused.jp Blog.

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