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What is fashion designing? Fashion designing is the art of applying design and aesthetics to items of clothing or accessories. The designs are inspired and influenced by culture, the change in social attitudes and the changing taste of people.

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  • Gone are the days when it was the engineering's obligation to both outline and embellish a house. Throughout the most recent couple of years, individuals have begun regarding their homes as materialistic trifles and are prepared to pay gigantic cash for getting their home enhanced by specialists. Henceforth, inside plan as a profession has become enormously finished the most recent two decades, not simply in India, but rather comprehensively. Such a large number of young people are venturing into this profession and taking Interior Design Course. With a colossal extension in this profession, the significance of an Interior Design Course has expanded.
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  • Fashion Designing as an Art
  • We know fashion designing as the art of piecing in fabric or accessories, inspired by culture, trends, social attitudes, people and the changing seasons, but this art encompasses factors that are far beyond all these and involves a lengthy procedure. The process starts from the point an idea takes shape, or inspiration hits the imagination and then flows through the many channels of transformation to result in the item of fashion that we see people flaunting. We will look into the details of fashion designing and the process that is involved in this art. Fashion designing begins at the point of research and observation wherein a designer seeks inspiration and ideas from the mundane or the rich offerings from all around them. This could mean anything from a thing to art to music to dance to nature, etc. Anything that a fashion designer seeks an idea from can be the inspiration for them. This research is then sketched on a piece of paper to give it initial form. This way the idea is given an identity either in terms of a form of clothing or an accessory.
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  • Know about career opportunities in 3D Animation after 12th. Proficient 3D artists frequently seek after vocations in gaming and film, however openings are accessible in different businesses also. Employment titles incorporate idea craftsman, illustrator, character artist, storyboard craftsman, embellishments artist, visual impacts craftsman and amusement architect. 3D Animation in Film 3D illustrators in the film business make photograph sensible models and activitys for everything from landscape to animals. Information of acting, lighting, cinematography, storyboarding, creature and human movement, scriptwriting and life structures are all in the bailiwick of 3D film artists. Employments in the business may include the formation of 3-dimensional models, storyboarding or coordinate moving, which is the specialty of following a camera through a shot to permit 3D models to be embedded with the right situating and movement. 3D Animation in Gaming Another prominent profession way for 3D illustrators is in PC and reassure amusement generation. Almost all cutting edge electronic amusements depend on some type of 3D activity. While a portion of the ranges of abilities required in 3D movement for gaming, such as lighting and passing on creature and human movement, are like those required for the film business, others, for example, character plan and intelligent narrating, are one of a kind.
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  • Fashion Designing is all about Creativity & Hard work
  • Fashion Designing involves designers who with their ability to comprehend the contemporary art forms and translate them into pleasing and visionary items of both clothing and accessories. Fashion designing takes into account only what is presently accepted and liked in the market but also the ability to foresee what would work next or the foreseeable future. But despite all these factors, there are designers who have crafted a niche for themselves and are the market drivers when it comes to what would work and how to create a market for what they make. These trademark fashion products and clothing fall under the diverse genres of fashion designing that few know about. Modern fashion designing can be segmented into certain categories depending on their source of inspiration and the end results of their work. There are fashion designers who design specifically for display in museums and art houses. These fashion designing items are dedicated to modern artists and are not the traditional run of the mill designs. Their creations are greatly inspired by history, art and are aimed at pushing the limits of imagination.
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  • Events and occasions are a vital piece of human life. We can't go around them since they touch all properties of our social presence. Weddings, engagements, parties and birthday festivities are on the whole occasions which we frequently celebrate at the individual level. Occasion administration has sprung up as a standout amongst the most gainful and best vocation openings. The quantity of organizations/people sorting out and facilitating occasions has been developing quickly. It fluctuates from expansive scale universal occasions to little time private occasions. A vast group containing experts is required to imagine ideas, design planning, execute and compose occasions. By and by, the supply of qualified occasion chiefs is lacking to take care of the developing demand. This offers ascend to incredible business and procuring possibilities.

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The Sorcery Of Creative Thinking!

As a graphic designer…  German industrial designer Dieter Rams said that good design makes products […] The post The Sorcery Of Creative Thinking! appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

As a graphic designer…

 German industrial designer Dieter Rams said that good design makes products easy to understand. Yes! It has an effective design point that allows us to see or understand any concept, product, or anything the designer wants to convey… 

 When we say a good designer, we always think of promotion and publicity. The same is true for graphic designers. Graphic design uses visual combinations to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, images, colors, and shapes. There is no single way to do this, which is why there are multiple types of graphic design, each with its own field of expertise. 

 What is a graphic designer? 

 Graphic designers are creative people who use hand-drawn or computer-generated text and images to express ideas. They are mainly engaged in marketing, advertising, or publishing, working with writers, art directors, and sales professionals. 

 What exactly does a graphic designer do? 

 Graphic designers create visual concepts and convey information through photographs and art. 

 Graphic designers make posters, bus packaging, billboards, packaging, logos, and marketing materials based on industry graphic designers working in magazines, advertising, and marketing agencies. The choice of photographs and fonts, as well as the development of designs for advertisements, annual reports, brochures, magazines, and other projects, are also part of the program. Graphic designers do a variety of things, depending on the type of company they work for. 

 What skills are needed? 

 Graphic Designer can design eye-catching visuals that can be easily understood without much thought. Experience in typography, color theory, and web design also contributes to further progress. 

 Flexibility is also very important for any graphic designer. If the customer’s vision is incompatible with yours, you must make the necessary adjustments. And you must be able to accept criticism – customers are frank and sometimes indecisive. And graphic designers must be familiar with design software, especially Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, and InDesign. 

Are the work skills and responsibilities of graphic designers the same, or are they different from industry to industry? 

 Generally speaking, keeping up with design trends requires the same basic skills, knowing how to determine the direction, but there are also changes. 

 As a magazine designer, you don’t need to design a logo and brand like a graphic designer in an advertising company. There are some differences in the way you reach your customers and the final product. Government clients often prefer simple graphics to clearly explain a process. Many designs are similar to infographics, and design companies often let you take more risks. 

 Although they often overlap, each type of graphic design requires specific skills and design skills. Many designers focus on only one type; others focus on a group of related similar types. But because the industry is constantly changing, designers must be adaptable and lifelong learners so that they can change or increase their specialties throughout their careers. 

The post The Sorcery Of Creative Thinking! appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

What is Game Art? The Ultimate Guide for 2020

Game artist! Charming the designation is, isn’t it? The word artist makes it fascinating for […] The post What is Game Art? The Ultimate Guide for 2020 appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Game artist! Charming the designation is, isn’t it? The word artist makes it fascinating for a lot of budding game enthusiasts who wish to make it big in the booming gaming industry. But, there’s a lot that happens behind this glorified position. Is it a lot of hard work? Or, is it creativity? And what exactly is game art? Let us explore the answers to all these questions through this ultimate guide for 2020.

What is Game Art?

Game art is a concept associated with the visual elements of a particular game. A game artist is the one who visualises the various aspects of the game and then works with the team to execute them and transform them into a reality.

Some of the most common visuals game artists provide are character models, environments, sprites, concept art and many-many others. They are responsible for developing 2D or 3D animated characters, environments, and graphics for video games. Often, they are also involved in developing the storyboard, logo designing, developing market collaterals, and artworks for existing games.

Game designers work closely with other members of the game-making team such as the game designers, producers, and game writers, the characters of the games, and storylines to ensure that the game is made the way they’ve ideated and the way they’ve visualised effects of the game.

So, working as a game artist involves a lot of hard work as well as creativity to ensure a gaming product that isn’t just visually appealing but at the same time, engaging for its users.

Game Artist Attributes

Becoming a game artist requires you to be creatively as well as technically proficient. Here are some of the attributes of a successful game artist.

  • Creativity
  • Innovative thought process
  • The capability to visualise
  • Storytelling ability
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Understanding of the gaming market.

Besides, the above soft attributes, as a game artist, you must be proficient with a several software products, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, Flash, FLEX, and ActionScript.

Alongside, technical skills such as web development and cartooning skills also prove helpful in delivering better value to the overall gaming experience.  Some of the most successful game artists also possess art and design skills, including typography, colour theory, illustration, along with the ability to work in vector art style.

Game Artist Salary

The average salary of a game artist in India is somewhere around 47-48,000 INR per month. However, that’s an average. The salary, as in the case of all the other animation professions, is subject to the employer’s paying capacity, the game artist’s technical skills, success with the past projects (if experienced) and the projects the employer undertakes. So, while some companies offer a salary up to 50,000 INR per month, some pay remuneration as low as 28-30,000 INR as well.

Why take up VFX Learning through TTA’s Visual Effects Courses?

TTA is one of the best animation colleges in India. It offers comprehensive vfx course to serve the industry as well as that of the aspirant’s career needs. The course curriculum is regularly updated to ensure that the students learn what the industry expects out of them. Besides, the emphasis on practical learning through exposure to the latest industry software ensures competence at all times.

The post What is Game Art? The Ultimate Guide for 2020 appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Top 6 Interview Questions and Answers for an Event Planning Position

Top 6 Interview Questions and Answers for an Event Planning Position Event planning, as you […] The post Top 6 Interview Questions and Answers for an Event Planning Position appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Top 6 Interview Questions and Answers for an Event Planning Position

Event planning, as you know, is a challenging position, demanding a blend of soft as well as hard skills. As with the position, so is the interview!

If you are about to appear for an event planning interview, you must know the questions your interviewer is most likely to ask you, and their answers as well.

Reading through this blog will help you prepare better for your event planning interview, as it compiles six of the most commonly asked interview questions, along with the sensible answers to them.

6 Event Planning Interview Question and Answers

While some of the following questions will test your technical abilities, some will aim at evaluating your soft skills and approach. Remember, these aren’t ideal answers, as they don’t exist practically. However, they will serve as guidelines to help you frame your response sensibly and therefore, to stand a better chance of cracking the interview.

1) How do you prepare for the kick-off meeting of a project assigned to you?

Here, the interview is referring to your leadership skills, how organised you are, and the extent of responsibility you can handle, if the company assigns you an event project.

So, begin with researching the customer, preparing the agenda, and introductions. You must also talk about outlining the event’s purpose, timelines, objectives, as these factors will pretty much drive the discussion and its output.

Lastly, as a leader, you will also brief your team (if you are getting a team along with you for the meeting) on the communication flow, and who will step in when during the meeting.

2) What factors do you consider while selecting a venue for an event?

Venue selection is as critical as the objective of the event.

Before finalizing the venue, you must be mindful about the purpose of the event, the type of the event, and also the kind of audience you are expecting at the event.

However, considering the following factors too proves fundamental from the viewpoint of choosing an appropriate option.

Hence, also talk about considering a list of the best possible venues, based on various elements, including the client’s budget, target audience, the number of guests. Besides, other crucial ones such as parking space, and the amenities the venues offer must also constitute your choice.

Mentioning a personal visit to each venue will assure your employer about the personalised touch you give to every project and every detail associated with it.

3) How do you deal with last-minute changes or an unforeseen situation?

Event management deals with people, and when something is people-intensive, you are very likely to encounter last-minute changes or unforeseen situations.

Some of the most common challenges are the weather, sudden and unexpected influx of guests at the event, unreasonable guest demands (food, beverages, amenities, etc.)

Your interviewer will be eager to listen to your answer, as it will define your skills as an event planner, determine how prepared you are to face such challenges, and how you resolve them.

Begin with talking about your problem-solving skills, supported by a real-life situation that you handled successfully, without letting the event go for a toss. Your experience, along with the solution, and its outcome are crucial factors the interview will look for in your answer.

Talk about how organized, composed, and calm from within were you while dealing with the situation. Specify the process you followed, such as understanding the exigency or situation, informing your client contact about it, and your solution to it, without compromising the event’s objective.

4) How do you ensure you don’t exceed the event’s budget?

Money is an equally essential factor in event planning. You’ve got to give the best, but without exceeding the client’s budget, unless you want to compromise your profits for the excess amount.

Here, you must specify your budget planning and tracking process. Mention the budget sheet that you maintain, and which specifies the budget of every element of the event.

Specify that you refer to the sheet, and you monitor the budget while negotiating and closing a particular deal, which helps you stay within the budget.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to talk about flexibility. A 10-20% budget flexibility to choose something relatively better for the clients is necessary and seems practical, real, and sensible.

5) Which event types you like the most?

Be truthful, and mention the event types you love planning the most. It reflects honesty, and also your interests to help the interview to decide the event department you may fit the best.

6) How do you prioritize events?

The question, although it appears simple, can be quite tricky!

Over here, the interviewer wants to know if you are a multitasker, and how do you prioritize events while handling multiple events at a time.

If you talk about profits or the event’s financial value, the interviewer may question you about the event’s reputation. If you prioritize events by their imminence, the interview may ask you, what about the company’s profits!

You must compare important vs urgent, assess the value of the project, plan your workforce accordingly so that all the ongoing projects, irrespective of whether remunerative or not, run smoothly.


We hope this blog added to your confidence, and the guidelines will help you crack the interview. Courses such as Bachelor of Event Management cover these aspects. TTA’s Event Management Course too will help you prepare for your interview better, and transform you into the event planner the industry would want to work with. All the best!

The post Top 6 Interview Questions and Answers for an Event Planning Position appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Everything you want to know about becoming a Wedding Planner

These days, people take weddings seriously. They want everything to be perfectly planned, organised, and […] The post Everything you want to know about becoming a Wedding Planner appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

These days, people take weddings seriously. They want everything to be perfectly planned, organised, and executed. And, the expectations don’t stop here! You’ve got theme weddings, destination weddings, and many other ones developed in recent years to add to your wedding planning profile.

So, if you wish to become a wedding planner, remember, you’d be in some serious business of expectations, demands, and most importantly, emotions!

Although hectic, wedding planning is an exciting opportunity to help people plan those special moments meticulously, and make them memorable. So, if you are genuinely looking at wedding planning as a career, this blog will help you know everything about the profession.

Wedding Planner Attributes

Let us begin with some inherent capabilities you’ll have to have or develop to become a successful wedding planner. The most significant attribute is patience. Yes, you may not always deal with MBAs or engineers in this profession. So, the road may not always be smooth and blissful. At times, you may come across people who may fall asleep at the eleventh hour, and not respond to your calls! J

Nevertheless, wedding planning is a business, and when you talk about business, challenges are inevitable. Hence, developing these capabilities may not eliminate problems, but at least simplify them.

  • Sensitive to people’s demands and emotions.
  • Excellent (excellent!) communication skills.
  • Ability to think quickly
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Empathy!
  • Negotiation skills
  • Social networking
  • Time management skills
  • Planning and organising skills
  • Budgeting
  • Decision-making abilities
  • People-management skills
  • Co-ordination skills

Hmm… it seems you’ve got to be a perfect human being to be a wedding planner. But, as the profession human intensive, you must develop the above skills to achieve success in this industry.

Is there a Wedding Planning Course to become a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planning is a niche. Although, wedding planning has got humongous scope across the globe, you must not limit yourself to pursuing a wedding planning course or alike. Instead, going to an event management college, and pursuing an event management course will help you diversify your portfolio.

Event management develops the approach to plan events, rather than just weddings, and which is why going for an event management course benefits you in the long run.

How to begin working as a Wedding Planner?

Now, whether to work as an entrepreneur or an employee is up to you. Most of the wedding planners prefer working as entrepreneurs or freelancing wedding planners. However, a considerable number of fresh wedding planners work with the more prominent and established wedding planning companies.

Although you may choose what suits you, it is better to work as a wedding planning intern in the beginning, and then work as a wedding planner for a few years with a wedding planning company. It helps you gain an understanding of the industry, build your network, clientele, vendor-base, and most importantly, the ability to make decisions in those extreme, tough situations.

Wedding Planner Salary in India

As an entrepreneur, your income out of wedding planning will obviously depend on the volume of business you handle, and the profit you pull out after all the expenses.

However, if you opt to work as a wedding planner with a wedding planning, or an event management company, as a beginner, you may earn somewhere around 18,000 INR (average) per month. Now, such a salary may seem too low for a profile that demands 24/7 hard work.

Your salary will depend on the company’s paying capacity. Some companies may pay you a starting salary of up to 20-25,000 per month. But, with all the experiences you encounter, situations you handle, and the diversity of projects you handle, you’ll be eligible for a much-much higher salary in the future.

TTA Event Management Course

As one of the best event management colleges in India, TTA offers a comprehensive event management course that covers the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of wedding planning. The course provides exposure to a lot of events, thus helping students learn in real-time. Besides, the course doesn’t just offer 100% placement assistance but prepares you to become an event entrepreneur.

As a wedding planner, you’ll never have a dull moment in your professional life. So, if you wish to have a challenging yet enthralling and rewarding day at work, enrol with TTA and become a part of this exciting, and promising industry.

The post Everything you want to know about becoming a Wedding Planner appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Top 5 Tips to Write Better Event Descriptions

As students of event management courses in Pune, your trainers would ask you to write […] The post Top 5 Tips to Write Better Event Descriptions appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

As students of event management courses in Pune, your trainers would ask you to write an event description, aimed at increasing the number of registrations for the event, and its attendance.

Now, a description aimed at attracting an audience, must be intriguing, engaging, and informative. However, writing a compelling event description isn’t as straight forward. It requires you to follow a few tips to ensure you connect with your prospective audience.

So, keep reading, as this blog will help you unlock the secret to writing a better, and a more fruitful event description for your prospective event audience.

5 Event Description Tips to Engage your Audience

1) Know your Audience Well

At the outset, you must know for whom you are writing the description. It is essential to align your content, the pitch, and the overall tone of your description with your audience’s expectations.

For instance, writing an event description for senior citizens will be different from that of writing it for a teenage one. You must not ignore this element, as a mismatched description may drive people away from the event, as they wouldn’t connect with it, and form a wrong impression about the event.

2) Keep your Content Clear and Concise

Yes, you are enthusiastic about your event, and that’s understood. However, when you write something for your audience, you must have clarity in content, and you should keep it as concise as possible.

Ensure that you describe the event appropriately, and include the highlights of the event. The creative layout, font, and font size, and also the words you use must resonate with your prospective audience. Also, make sure you clearly communicate the event details such as a place, date, and time.

Avoid using heavy or overly decorative words. Keep it simple, clean, clear, and precise. Keep it informative and sufficiently salesy.

3) Answer their Questions Pro-Actively

Even after articulating the description well, your audience may have a lot of questions about the event. However, a lot of them may not connect with you to seek the answers, and thus, in such a situation, you’d only lose prospects!

The best way to retain your prospects is to answer their questions pro-actively. Create a questionnaire of the frequently asked questions relating to your event, and answer them well, so that your audience can refer to it, and connect with you to register for the event.

4) Highlight the Key Takeaways

While talking about the event details, don’t forget to focus on the key takeaways of the event.

For instance, if you are about to organise a motivational session, you must focus on the speaker, and include some essential achievements, popularity, and exclusivity of the speaker.

Besides, talking of how the session would benefit the attendees can make a significant difference, as the participants would be more concerned with what they’d get out of investing time in the session.

Ensure that you also highlight some freebies, such as free snacks, lunch, or dinner, souvenirs, certificates, free trial package, free demo, etc. These elements would drive a lot of participants in.

5) Add Visuals to your Description

At times, visuals talk about what words can’t. Hence, ensure that you add an appealing visual to your description so that it intrigues your prospective participants in going through what you’ve written.

However, ensure you don’t let the visual overpower your description, as doing so will distract the reader’s attention, and the purpose of writing the description may get defeated.


Remember, your objective of writing a description is to engage your audience, and encourage them to register for the event. So, to sum up, you must keep your description concise, clear, objective, and let it highlight the benefits to the participants. Make it more attractive through visuals. However, without dominating the description, or distract the reader.

If you wish to learn everything about event management, enroll for TTA’s event management course in Pune, and give your career the perfect beginning it needs.

The post Top 5 Tips to Write Better Event Descriptions appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

5 Reasons why you should pursue a Career in Event Management

If you are wondering why take up a diploma in event management, and pursue a […] The post 5 Reasons why you should pursue a Career in Event Management appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

If you are wondering why take up a diploma in event management, and pursue a career in event management, we’ll give you 5 solid and encouraging reasons for it. Actually, there are many! However, these five will prove helpful enough for you to make an informed career decision in event management.

What is Event Management?

Resist your temptation of jumping to the reasons directly. At the outset, understand what event management is, and what all the does the profession, in terms of professional abilities, and soft attributes would demand from you.

Event management, in the last couple of decades, has evolved from being a second profession (sort of an offbeat career) to a mainstream career option and serious business that involves of investment worth millions and billions of rupees.

The profession deals with understanding, planning, designing, organising, and executing events in a timely and professional manner. As an event manager, you will deal with a wide range of events, such as social events, weddings, corporate events, private parties, festive events, and many others.

You can either work as a specialized event manager, or deal with multiple ones based on your choice, experience, and abilities.

Further, as events have become a significant element of everyone’s life; their association with people’s emotions has strengthened over the years. So, as an event manager, you won’t just manage events, but contribute to people’s happiness. That makes your role even more critical and the event management an essential element of the modern-day society.

Event Manager Attributes

Take a look at what attributes you must have and you’ll have to develop to achieve success as an events manager.

  • People Management Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Listening Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Organised Behavior
  • Ability to under pressure.
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Decision-Making Abilities and Skills

5 Reasons to join the Event Management Industry

So, here we go with the top five reasons why joining the event management industry is one of the best choices you can make these days.

1) It’s growing!

Experts consider the events industry as a sunrise industry. It is owing to its exponential growth in the past few years, and in the years to come.

As per a report from the Events and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), the industry is expected to reach the 10000 crore INR mark by the year 2021!

Its expansion in the mini metros and tier 3 cities of India has boosted the industry’s growth across the country. Besides, the influx of foreign companies, along with the emergence of a lot of regional players in the corporate space, has proved momentous to its growth all through the years.

So, you will be a part of an ever-growing, promising, and lucrative industry.

2) The Excitement never ends here!

Regardless of whether you are handling a serious corporate event, or working for a birthday party, your life would always remain hectic yet exciting. You’ll have good and bad experiences at work. However, you’ll love the excitement, and you’ll keep working passionately.

Besides, events give you a chance to flaunt your creativity. It isn’t a mechanical or a monotonous job. You may have a list of birthday parties or weddings to look after. But, you’ll be dealing with different people for it, demanding different ideas, concepts, and which is where you get a chance to be creative.

3) You get to Travel a lot!

The farther your outreach, the better you stand a chance of working for outdoor projects. So, you get to travel a lot, visit different places, comes across different cultures, and most importantly, get paid for all of it! So, although for business, you’ll travel a lot and enjoy it.

4) You get a lot of Work Satisfaction

As an events manager, you’ll work on events projects for weeks, perhaps, in some cases, even months. Hence, it is immensely satisfying to see your investment turning fruitful and earning rewards for it in the form of customer satisfaction.

A lot of events professionals claim that pulling off a high-profile, critical, and expensive event well is a highly satisfying, gratifying, and pleasant experience!

5) You build High Profile Contacts

Imagine you discussing an event with the CEO of a company, and the CEO personally thanking for a well-managed event!

It seems incredible, isn’t it? But, that’s the beauty of the events industry.

You come in close contact with a lot of high profile people, celebrities, sportspersons, and politicians. Close connections with these people give you a chance to build long-lasting business relations with them, and get even more remunerative projects, and popularity.

Conclusion – TTA Event Management Diploma

So, you’ve got your five reasons to join the events industry. Now, the question, from where do you start your career in event management?

The answer is TTA, one of the leading event management colleges in Pune. TTA offers a competitive event management course and continues to build a lot of successful event management careers. It provides 100% placement assistance and transforms you into a comprehensive event professional.

The post 5 Reasons why you should pursue a Career in Event Management appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

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