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What is fashion designing? Fashion designing is the art of applying design and aesthetics to items of clothing or accessories. The designs are inspired and influenced by culture, the change in social attitudes and the changing taste of people.

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  • Interior Designing As A Career
  • Gone are the days when it was the engineering's obligation to both outline and embellish a house. Throughout the most recent couple of years, individuals have begun regarding their homes as materialistic trifles and are prepared to pay gigantic cash for getting their home enhanced by specialists. Henceforth, inside plan as a profession has become enormously finished the most recent two decades, not simply in India, but rather comprehensively. Such a large number of young people are venturing into this profession and taking Interior Design Course. With a colossal extension in this profession, the significance of an Interior Design Course has expanded.
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  • Fashion Designing as an Art
  • We know fashion designing as the art of piecing in fabric or accessories, inspired by culture, trends, social attitudes, people and the changing seasons, but this art encompasses factors that are far beyond all these and involves a lengthy procedure. The process starts from the point an idea takes shape, or inspiration hits the imagination and then flows through the many channels of transformation to result in the item of fashion that we see people flaunting. We will look into the details of fashion designing and the process that is involved in this art. Fashion designing begins at the point of research and observation wherein a designer seeks inspiration and ideas from the mundane or the rich offerings from all around them. This could mean anything from a thing to art to music to dance to nature, etc. Anything that a fashion designer seeks an idea from can be the inspiration for them. This research is then sketched on a piece of paper to give it initial form. This way the idea is given an identity either in terms of a form of clothing or an accessory.
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  • 3D Animation Career Opportunities
  • Know about career opportunities in 3D Animation after 12th. Proficient 3D artists frequently seek after vocations in gaming and film, however openings are accessible in different businesses also. Employment titles incorporate idea craftsman, illustrator, character artist, storyboard craftsman, embellishments artist, visual impacts craftsman and amusement architect. 3D Animation in Film 3D illustrators in the film business make photograph sensible models and activitys for everything from landscape to animals. Information of acting, lighting, cinematography, storyboarding, creature and human movement, scriptwriting and life structures are all in the bailiwick of 3D film artists. Employments in the business may include the formation of 3-dimensional models, storyboarding or coordinate moving, which is the specialty of following a camera through a shot to permit 3D models to be embedded with the right situating and movement. 3D Animation in Gaming Another prominent profession way for 3D illustrators is in PC and reassure amusement generation. Almost all cutting edge electronic amusements depend on some type of 3D activity. While a portion of the ranges of abilities required in 3D movement for gaming, such as lighting and passing on creature and human movement, are like those required for the film business, others, for example, character plan and intelligent narrating, are one of a kind.
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  • Fashion Designing is all about Creativity & Hard work
  • Fashion Designing involves designers who with their ability to comprehend the contemporary art forms and translate them into pleasing and visionary items of both clothing and accessories. Fashion designing takes into account only what is presently accepted and liked in the market but also the ability to foresee what would work next or the foreseeable future. But despite all these factors, there are designers who have crafted a niche for themselves and are the market drivers when it comes to what would work and how to create a market for what they make. These trademark fashion products and clothing fall under the diverse genres of fashion designing that few know about. Modern fashion designing can be segmented into certain categories depending on their source of inspiration and the end results of their work. There are fashion designers who design specifically for display in museums and art houses. These fashion designing items are dedicated to modern artists and are not the traditional run of the mill designs. Their creations are greatly inspired by history, art and are aimed at pushing the limits of imagination.
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  • Career Opportunities in Event Management
  • Events and occasions are a vital piece of human life. We can't go around them since they touch all properties of our social presence. Weddings, engagements, parties and birthday festivities are on the whole occasions which we frequently celebrate at the individual level. Occasion administration has sprung up as a standout amongst the most gainful and best vocation openings. The quantity of organizations/people sorting out and facilitating occasions has been developing quickly. It fluctuates from expansive scale universal occasions to little time private occasions. A vast group containing experts is required to imagine ideas, design planning, execute and compose occasions. By and by, the supply of qualified occasion chiefs is lacking to take care of the developing demand. This offers ascend to incredible business and procuring possibilities.

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Understanding Animation & VFX Software – Mudbox, Maya, Photoshop & After Effects

It’s been 5-6 years since the movies Gravity and Interstellar released, but we’ve neither forgotten […] The post Understanding Animation & VFX Software – Mudbox, Maya, Photoshop & After Effects appeared first on Times and Trends Academy...

It’s been 5-6 years since the movies Gravity and Interstellar released, but we’ve neither forgotten the special space effects from Gravity, nor Gargantua, the super-massive black hole from Interstellar!

Why do you think we still remember these movies?

Yes, the engaging storyline is one factor. But what proved more intriguing are the spectacular visual effects! You can’t get your eyes off the screen when you see the spaceships flying across interstellar and black hole space. Same is the case with milestone movies like Shrek, Jurassic Park, Avatar, and Toy Story. The animated characters and the special effects have become so much a part of our memories!

Yes, animation and VFX is a fantastic career choice. It gives you the chance to be technically creative, and create characters the world will resonate, love, and remember throughout.

But, what is that makes all of this exciting stuff possible? It’s animation and VFX software. Animation courses today include learning animation software, including Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, and After Effects to enhance the creativity of budding animators.

Let us glance through the features of these software products that have revolutionized animation!

1) Autodesk Mudbox

Mudbox is a 3D digital painting and sculpting software, enabling animators to create a broad spectrum of characters. Some of the fascinating features of Mudbox include,

  • The user-friendly, inherent toolkit that works in sync with Maya.
  • The capabilities to create detailed 3D geometrical textures and structures.
  • The facility to create meshes through advanced retopology tools.
  • The ability to paint directly on 3D assets or models.

2) Autodesk Maya

Maya enjoys widespread application and popularity among newbies, as well as seasoned animators, across the television, entertainment and video game industry.

  • The software allows for creating expansive environments, complex characters, and special effects.
  • Its interface is amongst the most preferred VFX and animation tools.
  • You can create real-looking effects and shape 3D objects, and scenes through 3D modelling tools.

3) Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a standard motion graphics, and visual effect tool. It helps create titles, credits and enables blissful transitions to animate logos and characters. Alongside Maya, it is one of the most widely used tools in the film and television industry. The software also allows you to venture in Virtual Reality videos, along with many other visual story forms.

4) Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop! Yes, we know, you know what it is. Perhaps, those billions of images, memes, and engaging Instagram snaps may not have been possible, if it wasn’t for Photoshop. The tool goes through continual upgrades and enhancements.

It simplifies a variety of tasks, including image editing, enhancement, website design, illustration, real-life painting simulations, app design, and many others. The software is every animator’s best friend when it comes to augmenting images, and graphics.

Times and Trends Academy –VFX Course and Animation Course after 12th

TTA offers some of the most comprehensive animation courses, including B.Sc in Animation, Graphic Design Course, Diploma in Animation, and VFX Course.

These courses involve learning the latest animation and special effects tools to help aspiring animators create the best of characters and visual effects. The courses also develop other skills such as communication skills and develop the approach to become a successful animator.

Besides, TTA offers 100% placement assistance with the most reputed animation studios. It constitutes another reason why TTA’s animation course after 12th is always in demand!

The post Understanding Animation & VFX Software – Mudbox, Maya, Photoshop & After Effects appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Use of Technology and Tools in Fashion Designing

When it comes to fashion, people have become more demanding than ever. They need something […] The post Use of Technology and Tools in Fashion Designing appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

When it comes to fashion, people have become more demanding than ever. They need something new, innovative, and attractive each day. Such a demanding nature of modern-day fashion consumers have made the fashion industry evolve to make it what it is today – an industry driven by technology, and propelled by creativity!

So, let us take a look at how fashion designers use technology and how TTA’s fashion designing course proves to be the foundation of a successful career in fashion designing.

How do Fashion Designers use Technology and Tools in Fashion Designing?

Today, customers need quick solutions, alterations, and modifications, and which is what makes the use of technology in fashion imperative. In this view, and to simplify fashion designing, fashion designers use technology for the following.

  • Work out quick modifications to an existing design.
  • Check how their designs look on virtual models.
  • Identify the right clothing material for a particular design.
  • Increase business through online platforms such as social media, etc.
  • Design clothes in 2D and 3D format for a better understanding of the design.
  • Use fashion designing software to add drapes, embellishments, and embroideries to the design.
  • Use automation to create quick designs using CAD!

How does Technology Benefit Fashion Designers and the Fashion Industry?

Here are some of the widespread benefits of the application of technology in the fashion industry.

  • The facility to make quick changes, and try color combinations, helps enhance customer service.
  • Fashion designers can take their business online and increase their customer outreach.
  • They don’t confine themselves to the local market but go international through the internet.
  • They can make intriguing videos and promote them on social media to create user engagement.
  • Fashion designers use wearable gadgets with their clothing line to introduce new fashion trends.
  • The gadgets include digital necklaces, digital rings, touch-screen watches, and other accessories.

Enhanced customer service, customer retention, quick customer services, and therefore happy customers are factors determining the success of technology in fashion designing. Concepts such as automation help fashion designers automate the non-productive tasks and create the bandwidth to think on the more productive ones, such as innovating designs or developing online selling strategies.

Times and Trends Academy Fashion Design Course

TTA envisions the fashion industry as one of the biggest industries in the world in the years to come. TTA’s expertise and experience in the fashion business and fashion academics help the academy to create industry-oriented fashion designing courses.  The academy offers two courses – Diploma in Fashion Designing and Fashion Styling and Image Design.

TTA’s fashion design courses are amongst the most highly valued courses in fashion designing education worldwide due to the following reasons.

  • Industry-relevant course curriculum.
  • Direct interaction with fashion designing experts and celebrity fashion designers.
  • Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest fashion designing tools.
  • A highly encouraging learning environment that fosters innovations and exceptional creations.
  • 100% placement assistance to ensure a place in the industry after course completion.

So, to enroll for the best fashion designing course in India, connect with TTA at +91 772 0094 514.

The post Use of Technology and Tools in Fashion Designing appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Top 6 Event Planning Careers for the Aspiring Events Professional

Event planning is a challenging career. No doubt! But, at the same time, it opens […] The post Top 6 Event Planning Careers for the Aspiring Events Professional appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Event planning is a challenging career. No doubt! But, at the same time, it opens the door to a never-ending, and in fact, the ever-expanding universe of opportunities in the event management business. If you are an event planner in the making, or already one, you’ve got several career avenues to choose from. Read through this, and explore the top 6 event planning careers for budding events professionals.

6 Event Planning Careers for Events Professionals

If you are pursuing any of the event management courses, you must know what the future holds for you, and in what all areas you can venture once you enter the industry. As an events professional, you don’t have to limit yourself to working as an events planner. You can take up many other career options you’ll be now looking at.

1) Wedding Planner

Concepts such as destination wedding, theme wedding, etc. have increased the demand for wedding planners in recent times. Besides, couples want to make their weddings special, unique, and memorable, and hence they hire wedding planners to manage everything right from the wedding venue to the wedding menu!

2) Catering Manager

Some of you may have an innate understanding of food. So, for such people, a career as a catering services manager can prove to be the right choice. The job, however, may require some pre-education on food production. If you’ve got that with you, and you learn people-management through your event management courses, you prepare yourself to become a catering services manager.

3) Volunteer Coordinator

This is quite a challenging job. At times, it may involve preparing a new set of volunteers for a particular event, and that too in a short period. Besides, you have to stay active and on your toes to ensure you don’t let any problems arise, and even if they do, you are prompt enough to resolve them.

4) Event Social Media Coordinator

Wondering what’s this? Here’s the answer. Working as a social media coordinator includes the promotion of social media events to achieve the maximum number of attendees and exposure for the event. It also involves preparing social media posts, digital marketing, hashtags, and employ many other social media marketing techniques to ensure the events’ success. So, here, you’ll have to develop some technology-related skills to ensure success.

5) Sponsorship Coordinator

If you’ve got a flair for social service events such as planning events for non-profit organisations, or donor events, working as a donor or sponsorship coordinator is the right job for you! As a donor coordinator, you will help solicit donations by arranging dinners, lunches, or fundraising events. This way, you think the donors, and keep encouraging contributions.

To be a successful donor and sponsorship coordinator, you must have a special knack of connecting with people, and exceptional people management skills.

6) Venue Managers

As the venue in-charge, you must be able to determine what ambience and layout will work with what kind of event. Besides, you don’t just manage events at your venue, but also promote the space to attract more and more events.

Times and Trends Academy Event Management Courses

TTA’s event management courses aim at developing the skills required to become a successful events professional. The academy continues to build great event management careers and is famous for placing its students with the most reputed event management companies in Pune.

The courses focus more on practical learning, and hence offer a lot of exposure to various types of events throughout the course duration. So, if a career in event management attracts you, and you think you can make it big in the events industry, enrol for TTA’s event management courses.

The post Top 6 Event Planning Careers for the Aspiring Events Professional appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Students Feedback From Fashion Design Institute in Pune – Times and Trends Academy

TTA – fashion design institute in Pune has empowered the fashion designing industry with thousands […] The post Students Feedback From Fashion Design Institute in Pune – Times and Trends Academy appeared first on Times and Trends Academy...

TTA – fashion design institute in Pune has empowered the fashion designing industry with thousands of creative, talented and amazing fashion designers. Happily, the trend continues, and the academy is slated to deliver many more fashion designing professionals in the years to come.

The success of every fashion designing institute is in the success of its students, their contributions to the industry, and the heights they’ve reached in their career. In this view, this blog compiles testimonials from some of TTA’s best fashion designing students. Enjoy reading!

Student 1

Honestly, before joining TTA, I wasn’t sure whether I’d make it big in the fashion designing industry. I mean, I loved fashion designing a lot, but I was sceptical if I will be able to turn my hobby into my profession. But, TTA stepped in my life as a saviour, honed my fashion designing skills, and gave me the confidence to deliver despite odds.

It helped me land into my dream job, and look at me today – I am successfully working with a reputed fashion house, handling all of their high profile clients, and creating happy customers! Of course, the credit goes to TTA. Thanks a lot TTA, and wish you a wonderful journey!

Student 2

I still remember, as an aspirant, I was searching for the best fashion design institute in Pune, and came across TTA. Until then, I had heard a lot about TTA and wondered if an academy can deliver so much, and create such great careers in real-life. But, when I enrolled with TTA and began my course, I understood why TTA is indeed the fashion designing academy.

The course curriculum, fashion designing infrastructure, faculty members, industry experts, and the learning environment – everything is just perfect! TTA helped me turn into a fashion entrepreneur, and I thank the academy for everything it did for me!

Student 3

Back then, when I joined TTA, I hailed from a financially poor background, with not much time, or funds to support my education. But, one thing I knew for sure, and that was pursuing a career in fashion designing. I wanted to begin my career at the earliest so that I could support my family financially. After visiting almost every fashion designing institute in Pune, I eventually reached TTA.

The staff at TTA explained to me the course options and recommended me TTA’s 1-year diploma course. The academy gave me the flexibility to pay in instalments, and hence, my family never felt the financial pressure while supporting my education with TTA.

I am proud to share, I now work as the creative head of a fashion designing house, and have prospered in my life. All thanks to TTA. You don’t just make great careers, but build great lives!

Student 4

I was a fashionista during my school days and aspired to become a fashion designer. TTA, through its fashion designing course, helped me develop my abilities as a fashion designer; improve my communication skills, and the right approach to becoming a successful fashion designer that I am today.

With TTA, I got to meet Chandrakant Sonawane sir, the man behind the beautiful, royal costumes of Padmaavat, and Bajirao Mastani! My interaction with him helped me understand a lot of essential industry facts and how to keep improving my fashion designing skills. I am genuinely thankful to TTA, and wish the academy super-success!

TTA offers some of the best fashion designing courses in Pune. It provides equal growth and development opportunities to all its students. The academy’s reputation in the industry, the latest course curriculum, and the learning platform that it offers make it the best fashion design institute in Pune. So, enrol for TTA’s fashion designing courses, and be an essential part of the fashion industry.

The post Students Feedback From Fashion Design Institute in Pune – Times and Trends Academy appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Know About Fashion Design Career Who Want To Join Fashion Industries

Are you a budding fashion designer looking forward to joining the fashion industry? If yes, […] The post Know About Fashion Design Career Who Want To Join Fashion Industries appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Are you a budding fashion designer looking forward to joining the fashion industry? If yes, this blog will help you know everything, right from the available fashion designing courses, fashion designing colleges, and the attributes of a successful fashion designer. So, keep reading, as TTA, the best fashion designing institute acquaints with everything you want to know about the fashion designing industry.

How big is India’s Fashion Designing Industry?

The Indian fashion designing industry is valued at over 40 billion dollars and employs millions of fashion professionals across the country. The industry grew exponentially during the last decade, owing to the growing demands and fashion appetite of the new technology-driven generation of the country.

It continues to grow at an even faster pace, with a lot of fresh fashion designer entering the industry and keeping up with the ever-increasing fashion demands of the new-age Indian citizens.

What does a Fashion Designer do?

If you are wondering, what is fashion designing, or what does a fashion designer do, here’s the answer. Fashion designers are creative professionals with a natural flair and understanding for fabrics, and fashion. They create intriguing designs, accessory designs, create prototypes, and ensure a perfect outfit for the fashion world and their clients.

However, working as a fashion designer isn’t the only option. With time, the fashion designing industry has evolved to offer many other fashion career avenues. So, you can choose to work as a fashion stylist, textile designer, retail manager, fashion buyer, personal shopper, accessory designer, or if you’ve got some skills with words, you may also work as a fashion blogger!

Fashion Designer Salary in India

As a fashion designer, your salary is subject to various factors, including your experience, designation, your expertise, your technological cognizance, your portfolio, and also the fashion house you work with.

If you begin your career as a junior designer, you may earn somewhere around 25,000 per month. On the other hand, if you start as a design assistant, you may draw a salary of about 15-20,000 per month. Remember, every company has got its pay scale. But, you may expect to begin with an average salary of 15-17,000 per month.

Fashion Designing Courses in India

The need for fashion designers is increasing and will continue to grow in the years to come. The industry welcomes entrants from various educational, financial and cultural backgrounds. Hence, fashion designing institutes in India have designed a wide range of courses to help every aspirant enter the fashion industry. So, here’s a list of some of the fashion design courses in India.

  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Certificate Course in Fashion Designing
  • BA in Fashion Design
  • Bachelors of Fashion Design
  • B.Sc in Fashion Design
  • B.Sc in Fashion and Apparel Designing
  • B.Des Fashion
  • Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design and Management
  • M.A. Fashion Design
  • M.Sc. in Fashion Designing
  • M.Des Fashion & Textiles

Which is the Best Fashion Designing Institute in India?

Times and Trends Academy, also known as TTA, is one of the best fashion designing colleges in India. TTA offers some of the most appreciated, valued, and competitive fashion design courses.

These include Diploma in Fashion Designing, and Fashion Styling and Image Design. Besides, the academy recently announced its affiliation with Pune University for B.Sc in Fashion Design course, which continues to receive a humongous response across the country!

TTA is known for its high profile connections in the fashion industry, including Bollywood. The academy offers 100% placement assistance to help its students find jobs with the best fashion designing houses of India. The industry experts at TTA design and update the course regularly as per the industry’s demands, and which is why TTA’s fashion designers never fail to deliver!


We hope we helped you with considerable insights into fashion designing as a career. The world of fashion designing awaits aspirants like you. TTA will hone your skills to help you become a successful fashion designer. So, enrol for TTA’s fashion designing courses if you wish to become the next big fashion brand!

The post Know About Fashion Design Career Who Want To Join Fashion Industries appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

How Technology Is Changing The Future Of Interior Design

From smartphones to talking assistants, technology has transformed our way of living and thinking. It […] The post How Technology Is Changing The Future Of Interior Design appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

From smartphones to talking assistants, technology has transformed our way of living and thinking. It has transformed businesses and manufactured several new ones. So, how can interior designing stay an exception to the tech-revolution? Technology continues to evolve in the interior designing space and is all set to change it in the years to come.

Let us take a look at some of the technological elements that are turning interior designing into a more customer, design, and service-oriented profession than ever. Also, let us check out on TTA’s interior designing courses towards the end of this blog.

4 Technology Elements Prepared to Change the Future of Interior Designing

1) Virtual Reality (VR)

These days, you don’t have to necessarily visit a space to find out how it is or to take a tour of the place. VR is a new-age concept that takes you through a virtual tour. So, while the designer explains everything about the site, you can feel you are there. But this is just the beginning. VR is slated to set new customer experience standards, and hence expect a lot of exciting stuff to happen in the future!

2) Tiny Houses

Considering the acute shortage of space in the years to come, and the sky-high property rates, a lot of people have already begun resorting to tiny houses. These houses are below 400 square feet. So, you use only the amount of space you require, and nothing more than that. It is turning out to be a hit in the United States, and as the land area continues to reduce, it will soon become a necessity in India as well.

3) 3D Printing

We can’t forget 3D printing when we talk about technology in interior designing. 3D printing helps interior designers quickly demonstrate their designs, and allow their customers to experience the design, and touch it through miniature designs. 3D printing reduces the time between ideation and implementation. This expedites design production and improves customer service.

4) Smart Homes

Smart homes already exist, although they aren’t as widespread yet. Smart homes comprise of a smart home center serving as a personal assistant, speaker and an alarm combined in one device!

Let’s say, you are playing your favorite tune on your piano, and wish to switch on the fan. At present, since the concept isn’t as common, you don’t have an option but to get up and do it yourself. But soon, you won’t have to do it. Devices such as Google Home are soon going to change your lifestyle.

 So, whether you want to listen to your favorite 70s hits, or you wish to switch off the AC while you continue working on your laptop, you can send a command to the device, and it will do it for you.

Times and Trends Academy Interior Designing Courses

Today, the interior designing industry needs new-age professionals that are creative, but at the same time, well adept at the application of interior designing technology. In this view, TTA offers two comprehensive interior design and decorating courses to ensure the industry gets what it wants, and students as well as excel in their jobs.

TTA’s interior designing course list entails two courses – Diploma in Interior Designing and Diploma in Interior Decoration Course. These courses comprise of learning the latest interior designing topics and therefore are well-designed to meet the industry’s needs. The academy nurtures a team of industry experts that decide the course curriculum, and guide students to a successful career in this profession.

The post How Technology Is Changing The Future Of Interior Design appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

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