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If you are looking for credible health tips either home remedies or you required doctor or health expert help here then this blog is definitely for you only.

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    When do you need a dental implant?

    Dental implant surgery is a medical procedure in which the tooth roots are replaced with metal having screw-based posts. It replaces the missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth that [ … ] The post When do you need a dental implant? first appeared on Health...

    Dental implant surgery is a medical procedure in which the tooth roots are replaced with metal having screw-based posts. It replaces the missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth that function and look like normal ones. Compared to bridgework or dentures, dental implants are a better alternative as it fits the teeth better.

    It can also be used where the lack of natural teeth roots makes bridgework or denture procedures complicated. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account before deciding on dental implant surgery. It depends on the condition of your jawbone and the type of implant. The surgery also happens in a series of steps. Here in this article, we will go through the scenarios of dental implant requirements.

    The main benefits of dental implant surgery are that it provides solid support for your new teeth, which depends on bone healing tightly around the implant. Since the bone healing process takes time, the process can extend to many months. The dental implant’s age requirement is that the patient should be above their 20’s when their bone growth is complete.

    Pro Tip

    Dental implants are placed in your jawbone surgically to serve as the roots of missing teeth. The implants will not slip as the metal in the implant fuses with your jawbone. Therefore they do not cause bone damage or make noise in the way dentures or bridgework might do. Also, they do not cause tooth decay in the future. For your question, can anyone get a dental implant? The answer is that there are five scenarios in which dental implants make sense.

    People go for dental implants because it preserves the beauty of your face. Since it looks natural, no one will be able to see the difference. This is a durable option that allows you to talk, eat and live your lives just as you have a perfect set of teeth. Having dental implants can avoid side-effects that occur with other procedures such as infection and recurring headaches. How much bone is needed for a dental implant depends on age. On average, 1 mm of bone is required around the implant.

    If your dentures don’t fit properly due to your jaw size or shape, they can cause discomfort and pain. Dental implants are more secure and easily manageable because they function like normal teeth. Implants enable patients who are suffering from ill-fitting dentures to stay securely in place. This can reduce discomfort and prevent further irritation of gums. Dentures have higher longevity and can save you time.

    If you have tooth infections due to injury or periodontal disease, it is better to opt for dental implants. Sometimes infections are bad enough that dental implants are the best way to repair and heal. The implant can relieve the existing pain of infection and prevent further health problems due to untreated infection.

    If you have had missing teeth for a while, it can cause a recession and jawbone deterioration. Dental implants are better in this case as they can replace tooth structure and act as filler teeth. They stop further recession as they are directly placed into the jawbone. The patient risks additional jaw problems if they do not fix this. Implants can stabilize the jaw and stop the issue from growing.

    If the face is suffering from caved-in appearance, dental implants can help fix that. While dentures do not prevent the recession of bone, implants do. Dental implants can provide natural lift giving a youthful look to the face and improve the ability to speak and chew.

    Dental implants have a number of immediate benefits such as restoration and preservation of the facial structure, prevention of gum recession and bone loss, no use of glues, secure base for bridgework, support for remaining teeth, normalize speaking and chewing abilities, etc.

    They provide a permanent solution for missing/damaged teeth. How much time is required for dental implants depends on the number of implants placed and their location in the teeth. While there are some risks associated with dental implants, such as infection at the implant site, nerve damage, and injury to other teeth, the benefits outweigh the risks

    The post When do you need a dental implant? first appeared on Health Keeda.

    Which are most to Least Emotional Zodiac Signs

    Do you think you are a highly emotional person? Do you constantly think about how other people think about you? Do you worry about hurting others by your action rather [ … ] The post Which are most to Least Emotional Zodiac Signs first appeared on Health...

    Do you think you are a highly emotional person? Do you constantly think about how other people think about you? Do you worry about hurting others by your action rather than thinking about your own self? Then it may not be due to your shyness or high social awareness. Astrology tells us that certain individuals born in specific zodiac signs exhibit these characteristics.

    People born in these zodiac signs are detail-oriented and process the world in an emotional way. They also feel things deeply compared to others. Such a person is intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic to others. Overall they are wonderful human beings.

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    Most to least emotional zodiac signs

    Here is the ranked list of most to least emotional zodiac signs:

    People born on Pisces process things deeply and are highly sensitive. They are compassionate and intuitive to others. They care about other people and always think good about them.

    Pisces are highly sensitive as they tend to process things on a very deep level. They are the most emotionally intelligent zodiac sign.

    Is cancer the most emotional sign? Cancers have an issue with emotions. They shift from one emotion to another and hence have both positive and negative thoughts. They constantly think of what others think of them and try to please them. They are the second most emotional zodiac signs ranked in this list.

    The main characteristic of Libra is that they are indecisive. They carefully weigh every possible outcome and then only take a decision. This can make them unpopular among their peers. They are one of the most emotional zodiac signs

    Gemini takes things personally. If they are not able to connect with other people, they feel it is their fault. They also have a lack of direction and decision-making capability. They are sensitive to other people’s feelings that make them vulnerable to exploitation.

    Virgo is detail-oriented and is highly sensitive to relationships. They constantly scan their surroundings and try to fit in as much as possible. They are one of the most sensitive zodiac sign on the list

    Scorpio may not be highly emotional, but they are affected by noise and chaos. They are easily disturbed by too much activity around them.

    Taurus are secretive people and hence do not show their emotions. But they tend to have high emotional character.

    Capricorn constantly thinks about how other people think about them. If they did something wrong, they would constantly beat themselves about it.

    Leo hides their emotion in plain sight. However, they deeply care about others and are easily wounded by negative feedback.

    Sagittarius has less sensitivity to others. They do not consider the wellbeing of others when joking about them. They also do not care much about other’s privacy.

    While other zodiac signs are negatively affected by high sensitivity, Aries take advantage of it. They are confrontational and do not consider other people’s emotions

    Aquarius does not show concern for other people and are not empathetic. They don’t try to understand other people’s problems by putting themselves in their shoes.

    The post Which are most to Least Emotional Zodiac Signs first appeared on Health Keeda.

    Grow your new teeth in your Mouth – Dental Implants

    According to a Health reporter, nearly 26 percent of adults lose all their permanent teeth by the age of 75. The conventional method is to use dentures. However, they come [ … ] The post Grow your new teeth in your Mouth – Dental Implants first appeared on Health...

    According to a Health reporter, nearly 26 percent of adults lose all their permanent teeth by the age of 75. The conventional method is to use dentures. However, they come with several issues. It keeps the wearer uncomfortable by making it difficult for them to eat or even speak normally. Dental implants are not a good solution too, as they cannot be remodeled because, with age, the surrounding jaw bone changes. 

    They need surgery to insert the teeth, which has a certain level of health risk.  They can also cause bacterial infection at the implant location, nerve damage, injury to the surrounding tissue and sinus problems, etc. The healing process also can take months to repair the damage. Dental implants are also not covered by insurance hence making it a costly affair for people who desperately need them.

    However, Medical science has advanced a lot in recent decades, making new possibilities available for patients suffering from diseases. Research has focused on the regeneration of adult teeth with genetic technology.

    A recent invention uses stem cells to grow new teeth in a patient’s mouth, eliminating the need for complex and uncomfortable procedures such as implants and dentures. This invention is a boon to people who are suffering from tooth loss.

    The new method involves the use of monoclonal antibodies to trigger the growth of teeth. This method eliminates the need for teeth remodeling and enables people to regrow a new set of teeth. This is a more natural and safe solution to replace missing teeth by growing new ones.

    According to Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, genes can be triggered to create new teeth.

    By Blocking USAG-1 gene expression, it is possible to increase the proteins required for bone growth, especially teeth. With this technology’s help, these Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMP) have been induced in mice and found to grow missing teeth in them. The teeth can be induced to grow in an empty socket, enabling them to merge with the surrounding gum tissue.

    This technology has the potential to improve the lifestyle of patients who cannot afford dental implants. This is a very appealing dental treatment as it has a faster recovery time and a fairly natural process of regrowth. Since the growing teeth can adjust to the contours of the mouth, it can prevent discomfort and other side effects. This is a comfortable and healthier option for older patients.

    If the treatment proves successful with humans, you can grow your teeth in about 9 weeks without any side effects. Since the tooth are grown in their natural environment, it can be a cost-effective solution. Additional research is being carried out to evaluate safety aspects and bring this technology to a commercial scale. Rest assured, it is a wonderful time to be living with technology making life more comfortable.

    Now you have the choice of whether go for dental implants or regrowth of teeth… Depending on your health condition and choice, the doctor will suggest the best solution. Now you have the choice of whether go for dental.

    The post Grow your new teeth in your Mouth – Dental Implants first appeared on Health Keeda.

    Breast Tightening Workouts- Can Bench Pressing Lift your Boobs?

    Breasts are a very delicate part of the female body. Having a good breast not only looks great but also is a key to great confidence. The breasts do not [ … ] The post Breast Tightening Workouts- Can Bench Pressing Lift your Boobs? first appeared on Health...

    Breasts are a very delicate part of the female body. Having a good breast not only looks great but also is a key to great confidence. The breasts do not have any muscles and primarily, so they tend to sag faster. There are several exercises for lifting breasts or boobs. These breast tightening workouts, if done regularly, show remarkable differences. These workouts strengthen the connective tissues in the breasts and make them firm.

    There are many benefits of bench press for females when it comes to having a proper shape of the boobs. There are many chest exercises for girls in the gym, and one among them is the bench press. Many females might have a common question that does bench press increase breast size? Well, the answer is underneath. 

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    The basic bench press works on the pectoral area, which rests under the breasts. Nevertheless, the outcome that the exercise has on the chest muscle is restricted. When you do this basic benchpress, the muscle or the pectoral area is worked up, strengthening the area. The bench press can work well for you, provided you are not afraid of putting some muscle into your body. The result of this workout is that you will have more uplifted and firmer breasts; this also enhances the cleavage’s look. 

    The bench press is an activity where you are needed to lie flat on your back on a bench or a top where you are doing the exercise. Now take the barbell in a strong grip, push your shoulders wide, and push it up and down. While coming down, do not go beyond the bench level. 5 repeats are good enough.

    There are 3 kinds of bench press that falls under the essential chest workouts:

    flat bench press - breast tightening
    • Flat Bench press– The flat bench press is a much more common workout with comparatively easy movement. The Flat Bench Press does a fabulous work of focusing both the upper and lower pectoral area. It also works on the anterior deltoids along with the triceps. It’s a substantial upper-body activity that can be challenging for the shoulders if done with incorrect postures. It’s a better chest exercise for increasing mass and muscle. 
    Incline bench press - breast tightening
    • Incline Bench press– The idea of the incline press is to concentrate more of the work on the upper pectoral area. The principal advantage of performing incline presses is to form the upper part of the pectoral fibers. When the bench is placed at an inclination of 15 to 30 degrees, you stimulate your arms more because it’s similar to a shoulder press.
    Decline bench press - breast tightening
    • Decline Benchpress- The decline bench press is an outstanding exercise for increasing your lower chest muscle strength. It’s a modification of the flat bench press. This angle puts the chest area on a downwards tilt, stimulating the lower pectoral tissues as you shift weights away from your body. Working out at a declined angle also minimizes pressure on your shoulders, allowing you to focus on obtaining a good chest pump during the workout. 

    Adding weight to your breast lifting exercise should be advised by your trainer. Lifting heavy weight might cause internal injury. For women, a certain amount of weight lifting while bench press activity is fine, though. 

    There are no such disadvantages of bench press. Still, this is an exercise that, when done inappropriately, can cause severe harm and also cause unnecessary stress to the chest muscle. Sometimes when this workout is done wrongly, it can also cause shoulder muscle spasms; hence the technique is of utmost importance.

    • When you lift the weight, breathing in the right way is always recommended. Many people have a habit of holding the breath when doing a difficult part of the exercise. This is not the right thing to do as it causes pressure to create inside of your body. 
    • As breathing is a very important part, the correct way is to slowly inhale while lowering the bar towards your breast and exhaling, keeping the pace the same as you lift the bar. 
    • Also, flaring your elbow out too much might cause muscle sprain, which isn’t good. Keep your wrist stiff and straight. Bending it decreases the strength of your hand. 
    • Always guarantee that your scapula is withdrawn throughout the bench press workout. Do not straighten your shoulder blades.


    It is absolutely fine to touch your chest with the bar, but don’t bounce it. That’s deceiving the workout strain, and it’s risky—particularly as you start to raise heavyweight. If you have to bounce, then you require to use a lighter weight

    Several chest muscles under the breasts and the connective tissue inside the breasts holding their weight but do not add to their size. Hence, working out does not immediately affect the breast muscle, but stretching and strengthening the neighboring muscles can improve the breast’s appearance. So if you were thinking, does bench press make your breast smaller? The answer is a no; it will give them proper shape along with strength.

    Chest workouts will help a girl get firm, lifted breasts. Like in guys it make it stronger and firm. They won’t get bigger but become more noticeable. Now, if you work out to the point that you shed body fat, it might end up coming from the breast tissue, which is, essentially, fat. You can see breasts before and after pectoral exercises; they show some changes in appearance. 

    Hence, with the above-mentioned exercises to tighten the chest, a woman can easily be fitted and enhance the shape of her boobs and make them stronger. Just remember to do it properly and avoid mistakes.

    The post Breast Tightening Workouts- Can Bench Pressing Lift your Boobs? first appeared on Health Keeda.

    What are Dental Implants? Indian Celebrities having Dental Implants?

    The first impression in this world is primarily based on aesthetic value. Starting from the intellectual to the physical attributes, appearance is one of the main sources of confidence. A [ … ] The post What are Dental Implants? Indian Celebrities having Dental Implants? first appeared on Health...

    The first impression in this world is primarily based on aesthetic value. Starting from the intellectual to the physical attributes, appearance is one of the main sources of confidence. A dental mishap, for instance, acts as a major gap in the confidence of an individual. In situations like this, dental implants are the saving grace.

    In case of any periodontal diseases, accidents, and many more reasons, these implants are the closest for you to have healthy, natural-looking teeth. These dental miracles allow you to eat, smile, laugh, talk, and carry out daily activities confidently without worrying about how you look.

    Dental Implants are titanium screws fastened to the jawbone. A tooth or a set of artificial teeth are staged onto these metal screws. The implant is a surgical procedure that acts as an interface between the jaw bone or the skull, providing support.

    The process supports the dental prosthesis such as a bridge, crown, facial prosthesis, or a denture to act as an orthodontic anchor. It is commonly known as Osseointegration.

    The procedure for dental implants takes over several months apart to finalize. Before the procedure, you need to consult a dentist who shall suggest a comprehensive examination. There will be X-rays making way for a developed plan for the implant.

    Once the plan is established and examined to be in good health, a surgery appointment is fixed. The implant procedure occurs at a dental office, presided by a team of professional oral surgeons trained in restorative dentistry. The surgery takes place in several phases.

    • In the first phase, your mouth will be numbed with the help of local anesthesia or IV sedation to avoid extreme pain and discomfort.
    • To stage the tooth root implant, an incision is made in the gums. The implant is made into the jawbone in the location where the tooth is missing. Once this step is over, the surgeon covers the implant by closing the gums on it.
    • You’ll be advised to recover at home and be asked to return for the second phase of the procedure.
    • The recovery phase gives the jawbone time to grow around the implant, making it stable enough to stay put. This particular process is called Osseointegration, where the titanium combines with the jawbone.
    • Once the implant is determined to secure by the surgeon, a connecting piece called an abutment is staged over the post portion of the implant. This part will hold the new tooth.
    • The gums are left to heal. After the healing process, the dentist creates a custom tooth impression for replacement, called a crown. The crown is attached to the abutment. The crown is exactly like the natural tooth, including the surface texture, color, and anatomy.
    • After the crown placement, the surgeon explains the post-implant care instructions.

    The cost of dental implants depends on various factors which contribute to the price of the whole procedure.

    The implants’ brand type, the treatment procedure, bone grafting or the sinus lift, and the dentist’s skills determine the price factor of the whole implant procedure.

    The dental implant cost in India is much less than the countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. World-class healthcare technology and products in India at a comparatively cheaper rate make the procedure even more reliable.

    A dental implant cost in India will cost you 25,000 INR to 50,000INR, whereas in other countries, the price can cost up to 3000 USD, 2000 GBP, 6000 Dirham, and 4500 AUD  for the same procedure.


    A single tooth dental implant in India can cost between 20000INR to 45000INR, whereas the same procedures can cost up to 40000INR to 45000INR.

    Dental Implants Before and After Photo

    This estimate shall help you estimate the dental implant cost per tooth both inside and outside the country.

    The implant cost can vary upon various other factors such as the quality of the implant and requirements of the individual.

    Although dental implants can be a boon, there are various negative side effects of the procedure. A few of them are listed below:

    • The intricate procedure can lead to nerve damage which might cause pain, tingling sensation, numbness in the natural teeth and surrounding areas such as the gums, lips, and chin.
    • There are risks involving infection at the site of the implant.
    • When the implants are placed in the upper jaw, they might protrude into the sinus cavities causing pain and damage.
    • There are risks involving damage or severe injury to the surrounding areas, such as the teeth and the blood vessels around the implant.
    • Titanium in the screw is biocompatible. However, under acidic conditions, it may lead to inflammation, and you might experience galvanic corrosion.

    The health risks caused as an effect of the procedure are usually minor and easily treated. These treatments can be sustained with the proper care and instructions of the dental hygienist.

    The procedure of the dental implant is mainly broken down into two parts:

    The first part is the surgery, and the second is the recovery.

    The implants are put in by the dental surgeon, which requires cutting into gums. This sounds painful, but the procedure uses local anesthesia. The incision that exposes the jawbone is numb by the anesthetic, which causes no or less discomfort.

    After the incision is exposed, the area is drilled. While this sounds painful, the jawbone has no nerves, which induce the feeling of pain. You will not be able to feel the drilling except pressure on the area. You will feel no irritation and pain due to the local anesthetic in effect.

    The surgeon gives you medication before starting the implant. Thus, when the anesthetic wears off, there is enough pain relief. After this process, the healing begins.

    Some tenderness is felt after the anesthetic wears off, yet it is not too uncomfortable. Your dentist will recommend a counter pain relief medication to heal the area completely. The dental implant before and after overall does not involve excessive pain and irritation.

    However, you must consider medical attention for a follow-up after the procedure if any irritation persists or comes up. While the process is not known to be completely free of pain, it is much less uncomfortable than teeth being pulled out.

    The dental implant is a procedure that has been performed for more than 50 years. Thus it is considered to be a safe replacement process. The effects might differ with the health of the patients.

    The dental implants might leave a small risk factor which is why it is necessary to meet the eligibility criteria recommended by the dentist before engaging in the procedure. To be eligible for the process, you should have healthy gums and bone density to complement the implant. Being a non-smoker also works in your favor regarding the dental implant.

    The implant process is meant to replace the missing tooth safely, thus preventing your other teeth from drifting into spaces left behind. The dental implant problems are less compared to the other tooth replacement choices. Implants do not move around as they are custom-made to fit the shape of your mouth.

    In an industry where aesthetic value is one of the biggest selling points and attributes for the actors involved, cosmetic dental implants have made their way in. Celebrities all over the world have taken to this procedure and made the headlines with improved self-esteem, confidence, and skills.

    • Divya Dutta, an Indian actress, and model underwent dental implant surgery Zental gentle dental care with remarkable results.

    • Yuvraj Singh, the famous Indian Cricket player, underwent the process with The Dental Rooms.

    • Jassi Gill, the famous singer/actor, associated with Punjabi-Hindi language music and films, had the dental implant procedure with Zental gentle dental care clinic.

    • Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the Indian actress, singer, and film producer turned global icon, underwent the dental procedure.

    • Aditya Pancholi, the Indian actor, producer, and playback singer, took to the dental implantation with Zental gentle dental care clinic.

    • Bhagwant Mann, the Indian Standup Comedian, opted for the dental implant procedure with the Zental gentle dental care clinic.

    The key to a successful dental implant is a consultation with your dental surgeon to be advised upon the safest way to achieve a healthy dental prosthesis. Keeping a healthy gum profile, staying away from smoking are some of the key ways to prepare for the procedure.

    Invented in 1952, these revolutionary dental implants have come up to be a boon in orthodontal procedures. Safest of all the dental surgeries, cost-effective, involving minimal to curable solutions, the procedure has become a saving grace for people with dental mishaps.

    The post What are Dental Implants? Indian Celebrities having Dental Implants? first appeared on Health Keeda.

    5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Break Your Heart

    We know there can be several reasons for heartbreak, but the most painful is when you got dumped, or your love-partner leaves you. The word “Ex” might be quite annoying, [ … ] The post 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Break Your Heart first appeared on Health...

    We know there can be several reasons for heartbreak, but the most painful is when you got dumped, or your love-partner leaves you. The word “Ex” might be quite annoying, but according to astrology, some zodiac signs and heartbreaks can be governed beforehand.

    Will he/she break my heart?

    Which Zodiac Signs are Heartbreakers?

    Haven’t you ever thought about this question popping in your mind when you are with him?

    Though you can’t make predictions based on this data, in most cases, the 5 zodiac signs that are likely to break your heart are listed below:

    Zodiac Sign Heart Breaker Sagittarius

    Sagittarians are free-spirited beings who love adventures and do not like to be tied down by anyone. These people believe that the world is to roam and explore; thus hate to stay in one place or stick to one person. When it comes to zodiac signs and hearts break, do not rely on the people with this sunsign.

    Since they are the ones who will take no time to break your heart if they feel a little pressure to do something they want or not ready for, especially when it comes to commitments.

    zodiac aquarius

    Aquarians are born with a graceful personality and flirtatious nature. Due to their charm, it’s quite difficult for people with this sign to stay committed to just one person. They just can’t stay focused on one person when they think they have a lot to see and explore. They always seek attention and want to become the center of attraction, so flirting is their go-to sport if they don’t get it.

    zodiac leo

    People born under this zodiac sign believe they are the center of the universe. They behave as if the sun shines only for them and makes the most hurt zodiac sign. Leos break your heart brutally, and so being in a relationship is not easy with them. They will expect you to make your dreams, thoughts one amongst them.

    zodiac taurus

    Taurus people come with an unwavering determination to enhance every aspect of their life or relations. However, this determination can be a double-edged sword and would get colder if you broke their trust in the first place.

    zodiac virgo

    Virgos are gentle-hearted, loving people and cannot be associated with any heartbreaking abilities. But apart from their amazing qualities, sometimes being too honest proves to be fatal for them. This leads to an unsuccessful relationship. Knowingly or unknowingly, they can break your heart into several pieces with their honesty, only.

    Cancer is the most hyper-sensitive zodiac sign and feels bad about any actions. During arguments, it is recommended not to leave a cancer person alone because they won’t handle the situation mentally. You should always shower them with love and affection in your relationship!

    Virgos are so incredible in love that nobody would ever think of letting them go! People dating a Virgo will know that they have never experienced a relationship like this before and never will after.

    It is the hardest to get over Virgos because they are smart, artistic, and fun. Virgos are easy to trust, and you can open your true self to these people. If you ever happen to let go of a Virgo, luck surely didn’t give you a chance!

    The post 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Break Your Heart first appeared on Health Keeda.

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