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Helping parents make smart - and safe - buying decisions for newborns, toddlers and beyond.

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    A Daily Schedule for Kids Any Parent Can Use

    Kids love schedules. They like knowing what’s expected of them at any given moment. Schedules give children structure and predictability. But sometimes parents get caught up in their own busy lives and forget to set aside time each day for their child. Here are 5 ways to create a structured daily schedule for kids without … A Daily Schedule for Kids Any Parent Can Use Read More...

    Kids love schedules. They like knowing what’s expected of them at any given moment. Schedules give children structure and predictability. But sometimes parents get caught up in their own busy lives and forget to set aside time each day for their child. Here are 5 ways to create a structured daily schedule for kids without feeling overwhelmed by the task.

    5 Tips for Creating a Daily Schedule for Kids

    How do I keep my kids on track when it comes to their daily schedule? They seem to forget what they were supposed to do every day and then there’s no consistency between days.

    My children love routine so much that if we miss one thing out from their morning/afternoon/evenings routines, they will start getting upset. This means that even though I am doing everything possible to make sure they are well looked after, they still feel like something isn’t right.

    The first step towards creating a consistent daily schedule is to create a calendar which shows them exactly what needs to happen each day. Then, as soon as they wake up, ask them what activities they want to include in their day.

    If you have more than one kid, this can be tricky but try not to let yourself become too stressed about it. It may take some trial and error before you find an arrangement that works best for all involved.

    daily schedule for kids
    Daily Schedule For Kids Example

    Here are five tips for setting up a daily schedule:

    1. Start with a simple plan – If you don’t know where to begin, just pick a few things off the list that you think would work best for your family.
    2. Make it fun! – When planning your daily schedule, remember to add lots of playtime into the mix. Children need downtime throughout the day and having scheduled activities helps provide that balance.
    3. Include everyone – Don’t leave anyone out of the equation. Even toddlers should be included in the process because they also benefit from being part of a regular schedule.
    4. Be flexible – You might notice that your little ones aren’t always happy with how things go down during the week. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stick to your guns; instead, use these moments as opportunities to teach them new skills or reinforce old habits. For example, if your toddler has trouble remembering his homework assignments, he’ll probably enjoy helping you prepare dinner while learning important math concepts.
    5. Keep it short & sweet – The key here is to avoid making your plans overly complicated

    School-age Children: Ideas for Daily Routines

     Once children reach school age, there’s no reason why they can’t follow a similar routine every single day. Here are four ideas for developing routines at home:

    1. Wake Up Early – This will help kids get ready for the rest of the day without feeling rushed. They won’t even realize they’re getting extra time until later on when they look back over their schedules.
    2. Eat Breakfast Together – Eating breakfast together allows parents and children to spend quality time together. It gives families an opportunity to discuss what happened yesterday and set goals for today.
    3. Do Homework Together – Doing homework together provides another chance for parents and children to connect. Parents often find themselves doing more than one thing at once so this activity forces them to slow down and focus on each child individually.
    4. Have Family Time – Having family time means spending some uninterrupted time together.  

    Scheduling Your Child’s Day At A Glance

    The coronavirus pandemic has forced many schools across America to close temporarily. While most students have been able to continue attending classes online, others may not feel comfortable going into crowded classrooms where social distancing measures haven’t yet taken effect. If your child attends public school, chances are she’ll miss several days of class due to closures.

    If your child goes to private school, however, her daily schedule should be largely unaffected by the virus outbreak. In fact, since most private schools don’t require attendance in person, your child could still attend school virtually from anywhere. However, if your child does need to make up missed workdays, consider scheduling those lessons around other activities like sports practices or music recitals.

    Start The Day With a Good Morning

    A good morning routine begins with your child’s schedule. If Billy wakes up early every weekday, then his mornings should begin promptly at 6 am sharp. This means getting him dressed, fed, ready for school, and off to class. When he gets back home around noon or 1 pm, he needs to have lunch, take a nap if necessary, get changed into pajamas, brush teeth, read books, play games, etc., according to his own individualized timetable.

    Be Ready For After School

    When children have trouble getting their homework done, it often means they don’t know exactly what needs doing next. This lack of direction makes them more prone to procrastination. If this sounds like your situation, here are some tips to keep your child motivated while helping him stay organized:

    1. Set aside specific hours for each subject.
    2. Make sure assignments are due no later than the end of class period.
    3. Give yourself enough time to complete an assignment. Don’t rush through it.

    Make Dinnertime More Than Eating

    Dinner should be one of the few occasions where you have some control over what happens at home. It’s also a good opportunity to discuss any problems that might arise from day-to-day life. If there are issues, they need to be addressed now rather than waiting until bedtime. A dinner conversation like this helps set expectations for the next day.

    End The Day With a Bedtime Routine

    Bedtimes for kids (especially those with ADHD) tend to be erratic. They may go from bed early to late without rhyme or reason. A regular bedtime schedule helps keep everything running smoothly. Here are some tips to make sure your child gets enough sleep each night:

    1. Establish a set bedtime. If possible, try to stick to a specific hour every day.
    2. Keep lights out no earlier than 9 p.m., and don’t let anyone else use the room before then.
    3. Avoid naps during the afternoon unless absolutely needed.
    4. Don’t give your child too much sugar after dinner.
    5. Get Your Child To Sleep On Time

    It can be hard to tell when your child is tired because he doesn’t always complain about being sleepy. But if you notice signs such as yawning frequently, rubbing eyes, having difficulty focusing on tasks, or falling asleep easily, it’s probably best to put him down for the night.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you set a kids daily schedule?

    The first step in setting a kid’s daily schedule is determining how many days per week she will attend school. Then divide her total number of scheduled classes by seven to determine how many times per week she must attend school. Next, figure out which subjects she will study based upon her grade level. Finally, decide whether she will attend school full-time or part-time.

    What kind of schedule works best for my child?

    Children who struggle academically benefit most from a structured routine. However, parents shouldn’t force their children to follow a rigid schedule. Instead, encourage flexibility so that your child feels comfortable following whatever plan suits her best.

    Can I change my child’s schedule?

    Yes! As long as you work within the parameters established by the district, you can modify your child’s schedule whenever you feel it would help her succeed. You just need to talk to your teacher beforehand.

    What’s a good schedule for kids?

    Kids thrive under structure. That said, not all schedules are created equal. Some schools require students to arrive at 8:30 a.m. while others allow them to come in anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 6:45 p.m. So instead of trying to find the perfect schedule, focus more on finding a schedule that fits your family’s needs.

    When should I schedule homework time?

    Do homework right away. Homework isn’t something that should wait till dinnertime

    How do you plan a daily schedule for kids?

    First, establish what time they get up and eat breakfast. This way, you know exactly when they’ll start studying. Second, create an agenda for the rest of the day. For example, have your child write his assignments on paper and place them where he won’t forget them. Third, assign certain activities to particular hours throughout the day. Fourth, ensure that your child has plenty of breaks throughout the day. Fifth, avoid scheduling any activity that requires concentration until later in the morning.


    Schedules give children structure and predictability. Moreover, they provide families with peace of mind knowing that everything is going according to plan. In addition, schedules also make life easier for teachers since they don’t have to worry about keeping track of each student individually.

    In summary, there really aren’t any downsides to creating a schedule for your child. Just remember to keep things simple and flexible. If you’re struggling to develop a schedule, consider consulting with a professional near to you.

    The Best Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler

    Shopping for the best double stroller for infant and toddler is hard work. It can take as much research, effort, and time as shopping for a car. A great baby stroller that you can rely on makes going out with little ones a lot easier. Especially when you have two children. You’ll really appreciate something that … The Best Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler Read More...

    Shopping for the best double stroller for infant and toddler is hard work. It can take as much research, effort, and time as shopping for a car.

    A great baby stroller that you can rely on makes going out with little ones a lot easier. Especially when you have two children. You’ll really appreciate something that can take them with you quickly, safely and with the minimum amount of fuss!

    To make things a bit easier for you; here is our review for the best double strollers on the market today.

    Our Recommendations

    Editors Choice
    BRITAX B-Lively Double Stroller
    BRITAX B-Lively Double Stroller
    Best Value
    Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller
    Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller
    Best Budget
    Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer
    Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer

    Things To Consider Before Buying That Double Stroller

    If you want to buy the best double stroller, there are a few things you need to consider.

    Firstly, you’ll need to think about where you’ll actually be using it the most. If you reside mostly in the suburbs, making sure that it fits in the trunk will be an essential feature for you. Does it fold down compact enough to fit where you need it to go?

    Next, a key consideration is how well the double stroller maneuvers. If it’s too big and bulky to get through crowds, doorways and grocery store aisles, you’ll end up using it less.

    The best double strollers fold and compact nice and easily. A lightweight stroller that uses just one hand are the best, especially when you have two kids! Using both your hands means you won’t have one free for your infant – or to stop your toddler from running off!

    Strollers for Twins or an Infant and Toddler?

    Does your double stroller need two full-size seats? Or are you looking for one that can grow with your family?

    Parents of twins will need the two full-size seats in their twin stroller.  This is because their children will be at the same developmental stage at the same time. You can find a great twin stroller on our page “Choosing the best double stroller for twins“.

    Those with an infant and toddler should choose a model with a smaller second seat. If you’re looking for a baby stroller, a 5-point harness is also better than a 3-point harness.  It’s also important (especially with newborns) that at least one of the seats fully reclines, too.

    Some may wonder if they should just buy a triple stroller as they plan to have a third child. Our recommendation is nothing is guaranteed in life. Even if you got pregnant today, that’s 9 months of lugging around, folding and unfolding a heavy triple stroller. We say skip the triple stroller, even if you have that third child, to see if you really, absolutely, feel the need to have all 3 kids in a stroller at the same time.

    Is An Umbrella Stroller Good Enough?

    There are two kinds of strollers, a full-size or an umbrella stroller. We bought a full-size stroller at first and were very happy with it. That is until we traveled and went to Disneyland. We just didn’t feel comfortable having baggage carriers throwing around our $500 stroller, or letting it sit at the entrance to a ride at Disneyland totally unattended!

    Our recommendation, before you travel or go to a theme park, pick up the cheapest, well-rated umbrella stroller you can find. Buy a lightweight stroller that is cheap enough that you won’t be that mad that someone stole it at the theme park.

    Is The Double Stroller Safe?

    There’s no real way to tell by looking at a stroller if it’s safe, other than it having the JPMA sticker (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). 

    If that is on there, that is the best indication it’s gone thru rigorous testing. 

    Is the footrest safe?

    Whether you have a tandem or a side-by-side stroller, make sure the footrest goes across the entire width of the stroller. If you’re little ones feet dangle and can’t reach the ground, that doesn’t mean it can’t get snagged underneath the stroller. 

    They may try to climb out or do some awkward position, that extends their feet to the ground. And most shoes have some grip to them, making it easy to trap their foot between the ground and the stroller. Making for a very painful situation and a bunch of drama. 

    So for less drama and safety, just make sure the footrest goes across the entire width of the stroller.

    What Kind Of Terrain Will You Use The Stroller On?

    The common types of terrain your stroller may go over include hard terrain, grass, dirt, or bumpy. 

    If you plan to only use the stroller on hard terrain like hard floors, any sort of wheels will work fine. 

    But if you plan to be on grass, dirt, or bumpy terrain, it’d be ideal to get a double stroller with all-terrain type of wheels for grip, and possibly a suspension so the smooth ride is more comfortable for the infant and toddler. 

    Can The Double Stroller Carry Everything?

    This is one thing we never thought about when we bought our first stroller. Of course you’ll want to store the diaper bag on it. A way to hang your purse off the handles is something that we also wish we had. 

    And don’t forget about extra space to store shopping bags. If you walk the shopping mall you’ll end up with a bunch of bags, and you need your hands free to push the stroller! 

    Special Features Unique To You?

    Double strollers can be optioned out like cars, such as a cup holder, trays, and cell phone holders. 

    Like cars, you probably won’t find the one you want that has every feature you want! Or they may not have the quantity you need, such as a double cup holder feature on the handlebar.

    One feature you may not be able to get in a double stroller is a lightweight stroller. Just by it’s very function makes it heavy!

    We suggest you pick out your “must have” features and built a short list of strollers that have those features. 

    Does The Handlebar Height Fit Both Parents?

    If you expect both spouses to spend some serious time pushing the stroller, make sure the handlebar height is comfortable for both of you. 

    Most people will like the handlebars at waist level or somewhere near there. 

    If you find yourself in a situation where one spouse is 5′ tall and the other 6′ 3″, for example, you may not find a double stroller comfortable for both of you. So guess which one will push it 80% of the time, and go find one comfortable for that person. 

    Are The Brakes Good?

    Most strollers don’t have a brake system, but ones such as joggers do have them when you need that extra control. Test it and make sure it is easy to engage and disengage. 

    You may not need one with a single stroller carrying a single child, but when you have two kids in a double stroller, you could have up to 100 pounds of kid weight in there! So for a single stroller, no, you could get away without a brake on a jogging stroller, but we highly recommend a top notch brake on a double stroller.

    Also make sure when it’s fully loaded the way you like it, that you can still get to the brake handle. 

    Do I Need A Reclining Seat?

    This is one of those features that makes you wonder if the added weight and complication are worth it. But if you find a double stroller you love and it comes with a reclining seat or reclining seats, you might want to check if it’s a single reclining seat,  two seats that recline together, or two seats that recline independently. 

    Just by it listing reclining seats isn’t enough detail. This is just to make sure you know what you’re paying for and if it will fit your situation with your kids. 

    Does Folding A Double Stroller Give You Anxiety?

    One thing I hate about strollers is folding and unfolding them. I don’t know of any parent that says they love this chore! The best I’ve heard is, “it’s not bad”, which is about the best compliment you can give to a stroller. 

    When looking at double strollers, this is even a bigger chore than with single strollers. Pay close attention to this and what other reviewers have said before making a purchase. 

    Best Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler

    Britax B-Lively Review

    If you are having twins, you may want to pass on this one. However, if you are looking for a stroller for your growing family, the Britax B-Lively is perfect for you!

    This side by side double stroller can fit a toddler and an infant easily.  The only drawback is it can only fit one car seat adapter. This makes it a deal breaker for families of twins.

    Having said that, there’s a lot of storage for parents with multiple kids. Britax made the storage basket bigger and more accessible in the 2017 version. There’s also a lot of pouches and pockets for wipes, a cup holder for bottles and all the parent paraphernalia you need on a trip outside.

    Many parents love this model’s easy maneuverability, due in part to it’s super-lightweight aluminum frame. It can easily fit through doors and around tight corners. If you’re a tall girl or have a tall partner, there’s an adjustable handlebar to make things easier.

    This Britax double stroller also has a quick fold down design making it easy to compact and fold away. But as with many double strollers, it will need a large trunk space to be stored in.

    At just 26lbs, it could well be the best lightweight double stroller on the market today.


    • Lightweight
    • Quick Fold Design
    • Easy to Maneuver
    • 5-point harness and head pad
    • Seats can Recline
    • Lightweight
    • Storage basket


    • Can only hold one car seat
    • Bulky when folded

    Graco Modes Stroller, Duo Double Review

    The Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller was one of the top rated double tandem strollers by parents in 2020. The rear seat is especially handy.

    One of the best things about this design is it can be folded easily using only one hand. It also has stadium-style seating to ensure that both children have a good view especially the one in the rear seat.  Another great feature is the extra storage, which is really desirable when you are out with two little ones.

    Unfortunately, this model only features a 3 point harness. While this may be okay for older children, many with infants prefer a 5 point harness as it helps keep them secure and in place better. As it is a front to back double stroller, it should fit in most SUVs and vans, but it might not fit smaller sedans.

    You need to take all this into consideration, but no stroller is perfect. At its current price point, the Graco DuoGlider is still a good buy.
    You can find today’s price on Amazon here.


    • Top rated by parents
    • One hand folding
    • Extra storage space
    • Stadium-style seating
    • Rear Seat Reclines Flat


    • Hard to fit into smaller trunks
    • 3 point harness

    Baby Trend Sit N Stand Review

    The Baby Trend Sit N Stand is great if you have twins or if you just need it for your growing family.

    There are multiple riding positions making it accommodating to your older child at any age or developmental stage. Older kids will love the ability of the sit and stand feature.  They can easily walk if they want to or hitch a ride on this tandem stroller.

    The drawbacks with this model are the same that many front to back double strollers have. While you don’t have any worries about getting through doors or around people, the turn capability and maneuverability is a bit more difficult.

    The Sit N Stand stroller is definitely not one that you would be able to push with one hand. It also doesn’t compact down as neatly as one would like making it too bulky to fit in some trunk spaces.

    At a fraction of the cost of other strollers on the list, we believe this is one of the best budget double strollers. You can click here to check today’s price on Amazon.


    • Allows older child to stand on the rear platform
    • Multiple riding positions
    • Accepts a big range of car seats
    • Large Storage basket
    • Both seats have snack trays
    • Tandem Stroller


    • Does not compact and is bulky
    • A bit harder to maneuver
    • Basket is large but can be hard to access

    Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat Review

    For a versatile, double jogging stroller that has great maneuverability, it’s hard to beat the Baby Jogger. It has a generous 16 different configurations! This will allow you to mix and match different seats, bassinets, and even car seats.

    You can also place the seat so you can look at your baby or they can see where they’re going. This is an important feature that a lot of tandem strollers just don’t have.

    The Baby Jogger is truly designed with the growing family in mind. It has a telescopic handle bar for better comfort and convenience. This is another great feature as it adjusts to your height when pushing the double jogging stroller. Which is great for you if you have a partner on the tall side! It also compacts very slim and can fit in most trunks of cars.

    The biggest drawback with this double jogging stroller is it’s still a bit bulky and a hassle to fold down. This is because you need to remove the seats completely to fold it.

    The other major drawback is the price. It’s much more than others on our list, but should last until your eldest is 4 years old (or around 45 lbs ).


    • Mix and Match seats, bassinets, and car seats
    • Quick Fold Technology
    • Telescopic handle bar
    • Large canopy
    • Compact when folded and fits in most car trunks


    • Very heavy
    • Hard to fold

    Delta Side by Side Review

    If you are looking for the best lightweight double stroller for travel, this may be the perfect model for you.

    In general, umbrella strollers are great for airports and theme parks. They are lightweight, compact and easy to tote around.

    The Delta Side by Side Stroller has all the great features of a regular umbrella stroller and more. It has a 5 point harness and two storage bags which are uncommon with umbrella strollers. It’s probably the best lightweight double stroller for travel. Though it has its drawbacks!

    One is that the visor is too small. The canopy barely covers the seat. Another is that the seats are not anchored to the stroller. If you have a restless child who is always looking for a way to break free, they can easily pull themselves forward even though they are strapped in.

    Still, for its budget price, the Delta Side by Side double stroller is perfect for travelling tots!


    • Lightweight and easy to travel with
    • Two storage bags
    • 5 point harness
    • Folds Easily
    • Economical Price


    • Visor is too small
    • Seats not anchored

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do You Need a Double Stroller?

    If you have an infant and a toddler, two separate strollers are ideal. One spouse can push one and the other spouse can push the other. 

    But if you’re like most families, mom runs errands to the grocery store, post office, toys-r-us and other stores all by herself. No way she can manage having the kids in two separate strollers with only 2 hands. So if you find yourself in this situation at least once a week, we recommend you also have a double stroller that can seat an infant and a twin at the same time.

    What is a double stroller for infant and toddler?

    This type of stroller is pretty common if you see a double stroller. You just need to make sure it is sized to fit both an infant and a toddler! 

    How Many Wheels?

    Strollers come in single wheel per axle or double wheels per axle. In our testing, if the load is light such as a single child and no diaper bag or other accessories loaded on to the stroller, single wheels work the smoothest and best. There’s less effort steering especially in tight situations. And there so much lighter when you have to fold and unfold. 

    On the other hand, if you have an infant and toddler in the stroller at the same time, with your purse, diaper bag, and other required baby things, that stroller is heavy. Stability and steadiness are top concerns and we’ve found that having double wheels is the best design. 

    That’s why our #1 Editor’s Choice has dual wheels on the two front axles. 

    Best Double Stroller Summary

    Double strollers come in various configurations but when you’re shopping for one that can fit an infant and a toddler, things get a big trickier. They can be categorized as Side-by-side, tandem, as well as umbrella and joggers.

    In our brief product review, we lumped all the different types of double strollers together, and came up with the 5 best we could find.

    Our Top 3 recommendations listed at the top of the article have been re-posted below. We think you can pick any one of these 3 confidently.

    Editors Choice
    BRITAX B-Lively Double Stroller
    BRITAX B-Lively Double Stroller
    Best Value
    Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller
    Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller
    Best Budget
    Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer
    Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer

    Newborn Baby Bottle Sterilizer Reviews

    A good baby bottle sterilizer protects your newborn from harmful germs and bacteria. Bacteria can spread easily on milk that has been left at room temperature for just 2 hours!  Bottles and teats are not correctly washed and sterilized are hazardous for your baby. And all Moms know, newborns are especially vulnerable to illness. Their immune … Newborn Baby Bottle Sterilizer Reviews Read More...

    A good baby bottle sterilizer protects your newborn from harmful germs and bacteria. Bacteria can spread easily on milk that has been left at room temperature for just 2 hours!  Bottles and teats are not correctly washed and sterilized are hazardous for your baby.

    And all Moms know, newborns are especially vulnerable to illness. Their immune systems aren’t yet strong enough to fight off bacterial infections like oral thrush. That’s why many parents invest in a good bottle sterilizer to help reduce of bacterial infection.

    There’s many different types and brands of baby bottle sterilizers on the market today. We hope our reviews  of the best models on the market will make things easier for you!

    Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers

    Editors Choice
    Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer for Baby Bottles
    Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer for Baby Bottles
    Best Value
    Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer for Baby Bottles
    Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer for Baby Bottles
    Low Price Favorite
    Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Bottle Sterilizer
    Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Bottle Sterilizer

    Types of Baby Bottle Sterilizers

    There are 3 main types of bottle sterilizers:

    1. Electric Steam Sterilizers
    2. Microwave Steam Sterilizers
    3. Cold Water Sterilizers

    Each different type has its own pros and cons. We shall take a look at them in turn now.

    Electric Steam Sterilizers

    With most electric steam sterilizers, you simply need to place the bottles in upside down and add water. After around 10 minutes the sterilization process will be complete. Most of these sterilizers will sound an audible alarm and shut-down automatically. Providing the bottles aren’t removed, they’re kept sterile for up to 6 hours.

    Most of these sterilizers will sound an audible alarm and shut-down automatically. Providing the bottles aren’t removed, they’re kept sterile for up to 6 hours.


    • Easy to use.
    • Efficiently Kills 99.9% of germs.
    • Quick at under 10 minutes.
    • No prep time needed.


    • Most expensive type of bottle sterilizer.
    • The inside of the unit can get hot enough to burn hands.
    • Need for descaling.

    Microwave Steam Sterilizers

    The bottles are placed in the microwave sterilizer unit and a small amount of water added. It’s important to ensure the lids are all on tight before putting inside the microwave. From there, you need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, but the sterilization again takes around 10 minutes.


    • Convenient & can sterilize with your existing microwave.
    • Space Saving.
    • Fast and Simple.
    • Relatively Cheap.


    • Some sterilizers only fit 4 bottles.
    • Some are too big for smaller microwaves.
    • A burn risk from the hot water inside the sterilizer.

    Cold Water Sterilizers 

    Cold water sterilizers (a.k.a “Chemical Sterilization”) may sound the least effective of the three, but they are used in hospitals to sterilize baby bottles. This method uses sterilizing tablets or a special liquid that is mixed with cold water in the sterilizer’s tank. The liquid contains a form of diluted bleach. The baby bottles are then completely

    This method uses sterilizing tablets or a special liquid that is mixed with cold water in the sterilizer’s tank. The liquid contains a form of diluted bleach. The baby bottles are then completely submerged in the solution.

    Great care needs to be taken that there are no air bubbles created. Bacteria and germs can survive inside the bubbles. You need to be especially careful when the bottles are lying on their side.

    The cold water process takes about 30 minutes. Once completed, the bottles need to be rinsed out completely in hot, boiling water. Ensure that there’s no sterilizing solution left on the bottle.


    • No burn risk as no heat required.
    • Suitable when traveling as doesn’t need electricity.
    • Bottles are still sterile when you open the lid.
    • Lower carbon footprint.


    • The Solution needs changing every 24 hours.
    • Up to 3 times slower than the Electric / Microwave method.
    • The bottles, solution,  and sterilizer are heavy to move when filled.

    The Boiling Water Method

    If you don’t want a baby bottle sterilizer or are only sterilizing the occasional bottle, the boiling water method could be appropriate for you. It’s cheap, effective and relatively quick.

    To sterilize a bottle in boiling water, you need to set aside a dedicated pot or pan for this task alone. First, place the feeding accessories to be sterilized into a boiling pot or pan of water. Then, bring the water back to the boil and let simmer for 10 minutes. Remove all the items afterward with a pair of metal tongs.


    • Quick – Almost the same time as the electric steam method.
    • Easy – Just like boiling an egg!
    • Cheap: No need to buy a sterilizer, just a cheap pot or pan.


    • Rubber teats can become swollen and spongy through boiling.
    • You need a big, dedicated saucepan.
    • Increased risks of burns.

    You need to put the bottles somewhere to dry off.

    Do you really need a bottle sterilizer?

    There is a lot of debate among pediatricians and parents whether a baby bottle sterilizer is all that necessary nowadays. Many people regard them as left-overs from our grand-parents and parents generation when hygiene standards weren’t as high as today.

    The argument goes that as long as your drinking water is safe to drink, you can get away with washing bottles in hot, soapy water. This also assumes that you follow a rigorous handwashing regimen too. The FDA found that many parents forgot to wash their hands after changing diapers,

    The FDA found that many parents forgot to wash their hands after changing diapers, petting cats and dogs and handling raw meat. With or without a bottle sterilizer, this is essential advice.

    Do I have a bottle sterilizer?

    Yes, I do. An electric steam one. And here’s why.

    When you have your first baby, you’ll know that parents and grandparents provide a lot of support. It can be a bit smothering at times! They might not understand your decision to forgo a bottle sterilizer.

    You can also bet that if your newborn becomes sick, the fingers will be pointing at where the bottle sterilizer should be. And those fingers are usually attached to the in-laws…For around $30 you can get a top rated bottle sterilizer and reduce the risk of bacterial infection. A lot less hassle in the long run!

    I have to say though after reviewing the evidence, the hot water method does seem safe enough. We just enjoy the convenience and peace-of-mind of using our sterilizer. Plus, there’s usually a lot of things going on at our house. I’d rather keep both eyes on the baby than juggle hot water at the same time…

    Baby Bottle Sterilizer Reviews

    Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer Review

    If you’re searching for a top-of-the-line baby bottle sterilizer, the very latest Wabi Electric Steam sterilizer could well be it.

    Steam sterilizers are criticized because bottles are often left sopping wet and can’t be used immedialtey. Well, with the Wabi this does not happen.  It has an inbuilt drier and you can choose to dry for 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending how much of a rush you are in.

    If you choose 45 minutes, the complete cycle will take 1 hour. The sterilizer can fit 8 standard size bottles. It can also sterilize all the baby essentials like nipples, teethers, breast pump parts, plates, bowls, and cutlery.

    What I really like about this sterilizer is the “One button descaling” feature. This removes a lot of hassle associated with steam sterilizers. Usually, you have to mix a vinegar and water solution every 4 weeks to do this. Many sterilizers have been returned due to brown spots appearing on the heating plate, so it’s reassuring to know the Wabi sterilizer addresses this common problem.

    If you’ve got the money (or a dear friend wants to buy you a really, really nice gift) the Wabi Sterilizer and Drier is a great investment.


    • Has A dryer – Makes things quicker, more sterile and convenient.
    • Easy to use – Just add water and press a button.
    • Large Capacity – Fits up to 8 baby bottles of any brand.
    • Countdown Timer – Many steam sterilizers don’t have this feature.
    • Automatic Storage – Automatically dries the bottles every hour for 10 minutes.
    • Automatic Descaler – No need to manually descale the sterilizer.
    • Sterilizes Everything – Teethers, Breast Pump accessories, and dinnerware.


    • The Price

    This model is almost 3 times more expensive than other top rated steam sterilizers (without dryers admittedly).

    Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer Review

    The Tommee Tippee steam sterilizer is a really innovative design that promises to remove 99.9% of all germs in 5 minutes flat. A great feature of this sterilizer is it has a top tray for all the small things that you need to go in like plastic nipples, teethers and pump parts.

    The sterilizer takes 6 bottles of any brand. If they are a bit tall you can just remove the top tray so everything will fit. You can also use it plates, bowls, spoons, forks, etc, etc. So you can continue to use it when your little one becomes a toddler.

    Also, the lid is reversible so you have a sterile prep area, too. If space is at a premium in your kitchen, this is a big plus. Tippee also include some free gifts. You get a sample 5oz bottle, a formula dispenser and nipple tongs.

    For parents looking for an easy-to-operate “Worry Free” sterilizer, the Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer is a great choice at this price point.


    • Easy Operation – Just push a button and off it goes.
    • Large Capacity – Fits 6 Bottles of any brand.
    • Fits All Sizes – Remove top shelf to fit taller bottles.
    • Quick Cycle Time – Takes just 5 minutes.
    • Reversible Lid – Flips over to double as a sterile preparation area.
    • No Residue – No dishwasher or detergent residue.
    • Multi-functional – Can sterilize nipples, teethers and breast pump parts.
    • Easy to clean – Easy to de-scale & no water in hard-to-reach places.
    • Sterile 24 Hours – Keeps the bottles under the lid sterile for 24 hours.
    • Free Extras – Tommee 5oz Bottle, Formula Dispenser, and Tongs.


    • Still need to wash bottles before sterilization.
    • Sterilizer doesn’t dry bottles.

    AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer Review

    The Avent 3 in 1 is a compact yet versatile Steam Sterilizer that many parents love. It’s called “3 in 1” because it has an adjustable size. The smallest size can be used for nipples, pacifiers, and teethers. The second for breast pump parts and toddler plates, bowls, etc, etc. The largest size is for the baby bottles.

    The sterilizer is very easy to operate. Just push add water, push a single button and wait for the 6-minute cycle to finish. It’s very easy to clean, too. There’s only 3 pieces to wash – the cover, the big compartment, and the small compartment. The unit itself can be easily wiped down with a hot, damp cloth.

    The Avent 3 in 1 is available for about $50. You can check today’s price here and get a great deal on an Electric Sterilizer.


    • Fast – The cycle takes just 6 minutes.
    • Effective – Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
    • Easy to Use – Just press one button and wait.
    • Adjustable Size – 3 sizes, pacifiers right up to 11 oz Bottles.
    • Big Capacity – Can hold six 11 oz bottles.
    • Any Brand – Will work with any brand of bottle.
    • Wide Neck o.k! – Can sterilize both wide & narrow neck bottles.
    • Easy to clean – The heating plate and filament easily wipe clean.
    • Compact – Smaller than other Electric sterilizers so saves space.
    • BPA-Free


    • Doesn’t fit tall bottles.
      Some bottles like the Dr. Brown 8oz bottle are too tall for this sterilizer.
    • Doesn’t dry bottles.
    • Scale Build-Up.
      The sterilizer needs to be de-saled once every 4 weeks. Philipps recommend 100ml white vinegar and 200ml of cold water for this.

    Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer Review

    If you’re looking for the best microwave sterilizer for the money, the Munchkin Steam Guard could well be it.

    Just add water, place in the microwave for around 4 minutes (depending on the wattage output of your microwave), wait for two minutes afterward and that’s it. So at around 6 minutes it’s as fast as an expensive steam sterilizer.

    The sterilizer is good for all bottle brands like Avant, Dr Brown and Playtex Ventair. It holds four small 4oz bottles standing up, or 4 larger 9oz bottles lying on their side. It’s also super-easy to clean as it’s dishwasher safe.

    The cheapest sterilizer on our list, the Munchin Steam Guard is superb value-for-money. Check today’s price here.


    • Quick – The whole process can take as little as 6 minutes.
    • Easy – Just add water and put in the microwave.
    • Cheap – Around $15!.
    • Any Brand Bottle – All brands bottles up to 9 oz are o.k.
    • Familiar – Very similar to standard microwave operation.
    • Easy to Clean – Can be put in the dishwasher.
    • Portable – Can be taken out when visiting friends, relatives, and hotels.
    • Tongs Included – Tongs that attach to the sterilizer are included.
    • BPA Free


    • Need to follow instructions carefully.
    • Hot Water can pour everywhere when the lid is removed and you don’t follow instructions.
    • The unit gets very hot.
    • Tongs are included to handle the unit but a burn risk is still present.

    AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer Review

    The AVENT microwave bottle sterilizer is incredibly fast and easy to use. It takes just 2 minutes for a 1100 W microwave and 4 minutes for most other models.

    You can sterilize up to four 8oz bottles at one time. Or three bottles and their plastic nipples and other feeding accessories. Any brand of bottle is compatible with this sterilizer.

    Avent has also made a nice, secure lid for this unit. Some other brands we checked out had problems with their lids staying shut. The sterilizer’s lid is nice and tight so the steams stay in and the germs stay out.

    • Incredibly Fast – Just 2 minutes in a 1100W Microwave.
    • Clear and Concise Instructions included.
    • Any Brand – Fits and brand of bottles as long as 280ml / 8oz or less.
    • Fits up to 4 * 9oz Bottles.
    • Not just bottles – can also be used for nipples, teethers and breast pump parts.
    • Lockable Clips – ensures the bottles remain sterile for up to 24 hours.
    • BPA Free.
    • Made in the USA.


    • Bulky
      Takes up the space of about 12 stacked plates.
    • Not Very Portable
      It won’t fit in some hotel’s smaller microwaves.

    Milton Cold Water Sterilizer Review

    A lot of parents prefer cold water sterilizers like Milton’s instead of expensive steam sterilizers.

    One of the main reasons is that they find the process a whole lot easier. Just immerse the bottles and baby paraphernalia under the solution and wait around 15 minutes and that’s it. No microwave, no steam and no descaling to deal with.

    Another reason is once the lid is opened, steam sterilizers lose their sterile environment. With the Milton Sterilizer, you can open and close the lid as many times as you want.

    The submerged bottles will be good for up to 24 hours. This really suits us Moms as you the process only needs doing once-a-day. And the bottles and nipples will keep sterile for when we really need it.


    • Fast – Completely Sterile in 15 Minutes.
    • Easy – No complicated instructions, simply immerse the bottles.
    • Any Brand – Any bottle is o.k as long as they ft!
    • Large Capacity – 5L capacity can fit up to 6 bottles.
    • Multi-Use – Suitable for pacifiers, teethers & breast feeding equipment.
    • No Burn Risk – This method doesn’t use heat so much safer.
    • No De-Scaling – No rust, no need to descale every 4 weeks.
    • Power Saving – Doesn’t rely on Electricity.
    • Perfect for Travelling – Can even take to remote camp-sites.
    • Used in Hospitals.


    • You need to keep buying the sterilizing tablets or fluid.
    • Hard to retrieve bottles.
    • The bottles just float around in the liquid. This means sometimes you have to fish them out and get liquid on your hands and arm.

    Be sure to check out our reviews on the best baby bottle warmers, too!

    What’s The Best Nursery Glider

    As parents ourselves, we understand that the first few months are one big blur of late nights, early mornings and lack of sleep! Getting your child down to sleep becomes one of the most important parts of the day. This makes a nursery glider a real godsend! Of course, gliders / rockers have been lovingly … What’s The Best Nursery Glider Read More...

    As parents ourselves, we understand that the first few months are one big blur of late nights, early mornings and lack of sleep! Getting your child down to sleep becomes one of the most important parts of the day. This makes a nursery glider a real godsend!

    Of course, gliders / rockers have been lovingly used by parents for generations. Gliders provide a relaxing and calming motion that soothes your baby to sleep. They’re also great for nursing your baby, too.

    best nursery glider

    As with all baby products, gliders can be very expensive which makes choosing the best one really important. To help, we try to find the best nursery glider on the market right now.

    The Best Nursery Gliders

    Low Price Favorite
    Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman
    Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman
    Best Value
    Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman
    Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman
    Best Swivel Glider
    DaVinci Swivel Glider with Ottoman
    DaVinci Swivel Glider with Ottoman

    Nursery Glider Reviews

    Here are six of the best nursery gliders on the market today.

    Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

    Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman
    • Colors: 18 different colors
    • Frame: Wood
    • Item Dimensions: 21.5 x 38.5 x 25.5 inches

    The Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman is this years Low Price Favorite award winner. It comes as two separate pieces, backed by a well known baby brand, and is extremely popular. It also comes in so many color choices, I’m sure you’ll find one that will fit the theme and color of your nursery. 

    A more traditional glider set, the Storkcraft Premium Glider features a wooden frame, generously padded cushions and adjustable footrest. The cushions are not machine washable, however, they are stain treated so you’ll be able to spot stains away easily.

    This nursery glider set has also been accredited by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association,  meaning it’s been tested to ensure its safe for both your and your child.

    During our tests, we found the Stork to be a nicely made (although very traditional) piece of furniture that should last the test of time. It proved to be quite comfortable for hours of sitting.  The rocking motion was also smooth and gentle.

    Overall, we were quite impressed with the Stork Craft Hoop Glider given the price. We would recommend it to parents who are looking for the best glider for the money. You can find today’s price here, and see if you agree!

    Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman

    The Storkcraft Tuscany is very similar to the Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider above, so I won’t go into much detail here. I would summarize this as a more upscale version of the Hoop Glider with better cushioning.

    Windsor Glider and Ottoman

    Windsor Glider and Ottoman
    • Colors: 16
    • Frame: Wood
    • Item Dimensions: 24.75 x 25.75 x 39.5 inches

    The Windsor Glider and Ottoman looks extremely similar to this years Low Price Favorite, the Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman. It’s slightly more expensive, but a very popular glider. 

    DaVinci Swivel Glider with Ottoman

    DaVinci Swivel Glider with Ottoman
    • Colors: 5
    • Frame: Wood
    • Item Dimensions: 31.5 x 25 x 39.25 inches

    The DaVinci Swivel Glider with Ottoman has won this year our Best Swivel Glider. It’s a great chair, comfortable, and comes in beautiful colors. 

    We got used to our glider in the nursery so much, we decided to go shopping to put a few in our living room. We like to watch movies with Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and found our couch to be so uncomfortable.

    We really like the idea of a reclining chair like a La-Z-Boy, but the styling was so dated to us. Thru all of our research, it led us to re-think this glider review, and it brought us to our new favorite chair.

    The DaVinci Piper Reclining Glider is a great glider for the nursery. It looks modern, is solid, without being overly heavy. And when it’s no longer needed, it can find a second home in the living room.

    Some of the requirements we had:

    1. Swivel: This is so we can have a living room conversation with family and friends. And when we want to look at the TV, we can easily swivel the chair.
    2. Glider: There’s nothing more soothing that being able to rock back-and-forth. Let’s be honest, it’s nice to rock your baby with a glider chair, but we parents enjoy it just as much for ourselves!
    3. Recline: Not a necessity for a nursery, unless your a dad that likes to let a baby sleep on your chest. But in a living room, kicking back with a recline and footrest (like you pay for in a premium movie theater), is downright awesome. We have our TV mounted above the fireplace, so it’s a bit high. With the recline, it’s easy to watch it now.
    4. Fabric: We love leather seats in our cars, but in our homes, found it to be cold in the winter and stick-to-legs in the summers. So fabric seating was a must, for comfort.


    • 100% soft and durable heathered polyester fabric
    • Smooth reclining function with plush pop-up leg rest
    • Hidden reclining mechanism for a streamlined look
    • Metal base that allows for a smooth and gentle 360 degree swivel motion and forward and backward gliding
    • Firm back with lumbar pillow included for extra lower back support

    The DaVinci Piper met all of the requirements above!


    • Fabric came in beautiful grey and cream.
    • While the pictures show the round base, in real-world use, you barely see it
    • Swivel action is solid and smooth
    • Recline action is easy with the hidden lever. It’s easy to get it to a perfect recline position. And if you want nearly flat, it can go that far too.
    • Glider action is smooth, smooth, smooth. Effortless to rock.
    • Fits great for any height. We tested it with someone 5′ 0″ and 6′ 2″. All found it very comfortable.


    • Its heavy enough that most people will need 2 to carry it into the house
    • To return it to a non-reclined position, it takes some leg muscles (or technique) to get the footrest to “catch”. Once you figure it out though, its easy.
    • Kids will be able to swivel and recline by themselves. But their legs will most likely be too short to glide. They also most likely won’t have the leg length to put it back to a non-recline position

    We highly recommend the DaVinci Piper Glider for nursery and living room!

    Evolur Raleigh Basic Glider

    Evolur Raleigh Basic Glider
    • Colors: 10
    • Frame: Metal
    • Item Dimensions: 30″ L x 29.5″ W x 40″ H

    The Evolur Raleigh Basic Glider is another popular swivel glider like the Davinci. It has a simple push back against the backrest and it’ll recline. To work the footrest there’s a convenient lever on the side to raise it but it can take quite a bit of force to close it. 



    Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman

    Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman
    • Colors: 1, White
    • Frame: Wood
    • Item Dimensions: 39.50 x 24.80 x 25.80 inches

    The Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman is a similar look to the popular Storkcraft we recommended above. It only comes in white with a light gray cushions, so style selection is a bit limited. It’s a decent glider for the price and has plenty of positive comments about it. 

    Previously Recommended

    Dorel Living Baby Relax Mikayla Review

    This chair split opinion amongst our testers! Some liked the design, finding it comfortable and easy to use. Others hated the look and compared it to furniture found in seniors homes and care facilities.

    Yes, the Dorel was the most “discussed” design of all our tested chairs!

    On the subject of features, it has a few that set it apart from other nursery gliders. It has an adjustable footrest (not a stand) and is also the only swivel glider chair on our list. The mocha-colored fabric and cushions are extremely well made, too.

    The gliding movement was smooth and gentle. It also reclined fully and one of our fathers fell asleep in this chair!

    Overall, we found the Dorel extremely well made, easily rivaling the Stork Bowback for its quality of construction.

    The cushions and adjustable foot support provided hours of comfort. The swivel feature is great as you can give your baby a different view of the nursery.

    We feel this would be the best nursery glider for plus size mothers due to its great construction and cushioning.

    Our main concern was the negative reaction some parents had to the design. However, searching on google tells me gray recliners are in demand – so what do I know?!

    The Dorel Relax is also the most expensive chair on the list so not great for those on a budget. However, if you’re looking for a well-made swivel glider this is the one for you.


    • It reclines! Super comfy, Nursery Swivel Gliding Recliner with track arm design
    • Elegant welt trim detail – Button tufting on the backrest;Sturdy construction
    • Enclosed ball bearing mechanism for both a rotating swivel function & smooth gliding motion
    • Supportive spring core foam filled seat – Recliner size: 41.75 x 30 x 37. Maximum Weight Capacity: 225 pounds
    • High-quality nursery and baby room furniture delivered to your door. Easy assembly

    Naomi Home Sleigh Glider And Ottoman Review

    Another more traditional design comes courtesy of Naomi Home.  For our tastes, it’s a more pleasing set of furniture to look at than the Stork unit.

    Once again, it features a solid hardwood construction with generously padding cushions and a fully adjustable footrest. The gliding movement was extremely smooth, beating the Stork hands down.

    The back is extra tall so you won’t be hunched over when you breastfeed. There’s also a lever to lock-in one of the three positions to help you and your baby feel more comfortable.

    However, we found that after a short period of usage the chair did begin to squeak slightly. We solved this by spraying a lubrication oil on the glider mechanism. Thankfully, this cured the issue but we have read other reviews that also mention a squeaking noise.

    Something to take into considering when using this chair for the first few weeks.

    Lubrication issues notwithstanding, we like the Naomi Home Sleigh very much. Comfort is easily up there with the other gliders tested and the construction has a quality feel to it.  If it wasn’t for the squeaking this could be the best nursery glider out there.

    We found the Naomi Glider easy to assemble and reasonably priced considering the quality of materials featured. It was a joy to sit in for hours at a time and our child easily drifted off to sleep whilst using it.


    • Color Cushion Color: Cream. Finish: Espresso
    • Product Dimensions Glider: 39.5 H x 25.75 W; x 24.75 D; Weight: 38 lbs. Ottoman Dimensions: 14.5 H x 16.0 W x 20.5 D; Weight: 12.0 Lb.
    • Material / Construction Solid wooden frame makes Glider and Ottoman stability and durability. Closed Ball-bearings for smooth gliding and rocking motion.
    • COMFORT: Generous seating room with thick cushions for maximum comfort and pockets to hold your belongings. Comes with matching Ottoman. Fill Material: 100 % Polyurethane Foam Easy spot cleanable.
    • Assembly Beautiful and easy to assemble furniture that is ideal glider rocker for your nursery. Required tool set included.

    Beige Bowback Glider Rocker Chair Review

    Another Stork product, and following in the same footsteps as the Craft and Hook glider reviewed earlier. With this model, the quality is slightly better and we feel this chair can really rock!

    The design is somewhat traditional and may not be suitable with more modern nurseries. However, it’s a quality item made from solid wood, good fabrics and has a smooth rocking mechanism.

    We found the Bowback Glider to be a very nice piece of furniture to use every day. It was comfortable to sit in for moderate lengths of time.

    The adjustable foot stand was really appreciated by our tester parents. It made things much easier while breastfeeding and cradling babies. Assembly is nice and easily, guided by quite a decent set of instructions and quality assembly tools.

    The only issue we had was the price, however, you’ll be hard pressed to find a glider with a  higher quality of finish!

    If you’re looking for a high-quality nursery recliner with an ottoman, be sure to check out the Beige Bowback from Stork Craft.

    SoBuy Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair Review

    The SoBuy glider has a very modern, northern European look and is made from a very strong frame. The cover is manufactured from laminated fabric, providing a fully washable chair that’s comfortable to sit in for lengthy periods.

    It also features an adjustable footrest, side pockets, and special mats to stop the chair damaging wooden flooring. Very convenient if your home is not carpeted.

    We found the SoBuy chair extremely comfortable, easy to use and keep clean. It’s a stylish design and would fit into a modern nursery quite easily without standing out. It’s easy to move and carry, so switching rooms with your rocking chair should be a breeze.

    We worried about the design of the chair at first, wondering how such thin pieces of wood could possibly survive the weight of mother and child. Needless to say, we were proved wrong! Northern European furniture design is widely regarded as the best in the world and that’s very true of the SoBuy glider.

    And the best thing about the SoBuy – the price!

    What is the Best Baby Jumper?

    The Best Baby Jumpers Babies absolutely love baby jumpers because they’re a lot of fun! Parents love jumpers too. They keep our little bundles of energy happy and entertained. And hopefully, they can burn off some energy for a good night’s sleep! With the many varieties on the market today, it’s hard to know what is … What is the Best Baby Jumper? Read More...

    The Best Baby Jumpers

    Babies absolutely love baby jumpers because they’re a lot of fun! Parents love jumpers too. They keep our little bundles of energy happy and entertained. And hopefully, they can burn off some energy for a good night’s sleep!

    With the many varieties on the market today, it’s hard to know what is the best baby jumper. On this page, we’ll take a look at some of the best jumpers available today.

    Best Door Jumper
    Bright Starts Playful Parade Door Jumper
    Bright Starts Playful Parade Door Jumper
    Best Jumper With Stand
    Jolly Jumper with Stand
    Jolly Jumper with Stand
    Best Value
    Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper
    Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

    What is a baby jumper?

    A baby jumper is basically a seat that your child sits in that is attached to an elastic strap. It relies on your little one to use their feet and toes to push off the ground. This creates the movement that keeps your baby having fun.

    What age is safe for a jumper?

    Your baby can use a jumper as soon as they can support their head unassisted. Naturally, all babies develop differently but this can be as early as four months old. As always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for height and weight guidance.

    How does a doorway jumper work?

    Door jumpers have an elastic cable and a clamp at the end to attach to your door frame. Many parents prefer this type because they take up less space. They can easily be removed and put away if need be.

    Can I buy a baby jumper with a stand?

    Some parents prefer to buy a baby jumper with a stand. They are much more portable so they’re much more convenient. Unfortunately, they are also much more expensive!

    Baby Jumper Reviews

    We took a look at the best baby jumpers on the market right now. Here are our reviews of 5 jumpers to suit your budget and baby!

    Bright Starts Playful Parade Door Jumper

    Bright Starts Playful Parade Door Jumper
    • Age Range: Older than 6 months
    • Mount: Doorway
    • Max Weight: 26 lbs

    The Bright Starts Playful Parade Door Jumper is this years Best Door Jumper award winner. It is super popular and sells 3x more than any other jumper (doorway or stand mounted). 

    It features a clamp-n-go feature making it easy to move from room-to-room or house-to-house. The frame is super lightweight and easy to pack and travel with. 

    Without a doubt, this is my recommendation for a doorway jumper!


    Jolly Jumper with Stand

    Jolly Jumper with Stand
    • Age Range: 3 months to just before walking age
    • Mount: Comes with stand
    • Max Weight: 28 lbs

    The Jolly Jumper with Stand is this years Best Jumper With Stand award winner. It is the most popular jumper that uses a stand. I really like a free-standing jumper as it allows use indoors or outdoors. When indoors, you’re not restricted to just doorways, that could block access to a room, you can place it anywhere!

    The stand folds flat for easy storage. It may not be the most portable option outside of your home, but it’s a terrific solution in your home and absolutely worth it over a doorway jumper. 

    If I were in the market to buy a new one today, I’d buy this one. 

    This model  is perfect if you’re looking for a baby jumper but don’t have a suitable doorway.

    This great alternative to a door jumper helps improve a baby’s balance and develops their coordination. The seat provides great back support and it has enough spring for your little one to do some fun jumps.

    As it’s on a stand, you can move it all around your house without the limitation of needing a door frame. You can even take it outside. This means you’ll actually use it more and your little one will get a welcome change of scenery!

    Many parents also prefer this type because you don’t have to worry about the clamps breaking. You also don’t have to worry about older children accidentally shoving their jumping younger sibling. This does sometimes happen with door jumpers.

    A drawback on the Jolly Jumper is that it is a high price point compared to others on our list. It also takes up a lot of space and cannot be used unless you have a good area somewhere around your house to set it up.

    If you’re looking for a jumper for a baby that can be taken outside, this is the one for you!


    • Helps improve balance and develop coordination
    • Provides great back support
    • Comes with a stand so you don’t need a door frame
    • It can go anywhere – Indoors or Outdoors
    • Great jumping spring


    • Higher price point
    • Takes up a lot of room

    Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

    Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper
    • Age Range: Over 6 months
    • Mount: Doorway
    • Max Weight: 5.5 to 25 lbs

    The Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper is this years Best Value award winner. It costs more than the Bright Starts Playful Parade Door Jumper recommended above, but it does come with a few more features that just make it an overall better buy. 

    It has a unique no-mark doorway clamp system so damage is minimal and oftentimes non-existent. It also has a play tray that allows baby to keep things nearby to entertain them. There also 2 hanging play toys to keep them visually interested while jumping. 

    I really like this jumper and for the money, think it’s a terrific upgrade from the Bright Starts Door Jumper. If you have a few extra bucks to spend, this is the one I’d get. 

    The Graco Bumper Jumper is great for a baby who is learning to sit up all on their own. They’ll love bouncing up and down and be entertained for quite a while.

    What makes this Graco model stand out is that it has a built-in toy tray. This also comes with several interactive play toys. These toys attach at each side with a ring making it easier for them to play with. It’s easier for you to as you won’t have to always pick up their dropped toys!

    The high back seat is very comfortable and provides a lot of support. It’s also machine washable, making it even easier to take care of. The clamp to hold it in place is spring loaded.  So it’s really easy to install and you don’t have to worry about it leaving a mark on your walls or door frames. This is a godsend if you are living in rented accommodation.

    One of the biggest complaints is the height adjustment. Some parents report that their child had outgrown the Graco Bumper too quickly.

    However, what actually may be happening is that they may not be using the height adjustment correctly. Read the instructions carefully as the adjustment buckle can be a bit confusing.

    Also, measure the door frame where you are hanging the product. If your molding is higher than 6” from the door, the clamp will probably not fit.

    This is probably the best doorway jumper for infants around the 4 – 6 month age.


    • High back seat
    • Spring loaded clamp
    • Washable seat
    • Built in toy tray and has interactive play toys
    • Mark free door clamp


    • Cannot be used for a wide doorway
    • Hard to adjust for height

    Jolly Jumper The Original Baby Exerciser

    Jolly Jumper The Original Baby Exerciser
    • Age Range: Less than 18 months
    • Mount: Doorway
    • Max Weight: 28 lbs

    The Jolly Jumper Original Baby Exerciser is an expensive but very well loved doorway jumper. While it didn’t win any awards from us this year, it is #4 on our Best 5 Jumpers list. Even with the high price compared to other doorway jumpers, parents have expressed much love for this product, using phrases such as, “buy it now”, “worth every penny”, and “cheaper ones aren’t worth it”. 

    It indeed has superior quality to any other doorway jumper on the market. It’s well built and a doorway jumper we’d definitely consider if we had extra coin in our pocket and felt like our little one was worth splurging on.

    Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper

    Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper
    • Age Range: from 4 months to walking age
    • Mount: Doorway
    • Max Weight: 24 lbs

    The Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper is a nice doorway jumper made by one of the most popular baby brands. It requires no tools to install, has adjustable straps to grow with your child, and is super lightweight making travel easy. 

    This Evenflo model is perfect if need a portable jumper.  You can hook and unhook it to any door frame with its secure door frame clamp and it packs small giving you the ability to take it with you anywhere.

    Its seat is fully framed giving your baby great sitting support. The spring is enclosed to help prevent your child from touching it, which is a great safety feature. The framed seat pad is also completely removable making it easy to clean. You can easily wipe it down or put it in the wash.

    One of the drawbacks is that it is not as bouncy as others on our list. There isn’t much spring in the bounce that your little one can use. It is also hard to get your child in and out of it.

    Taking that into account, we still believe this the best portable baby jumper around.


    • Fully framed seat
    • Fully enclosed spring to prevent child from touching
    • Easy to travel with
    • Easy to clean
    • Secure door frame clamp


    • Not as bouncy
    • Hard to get in and out of

    If you’re looking for a stable doorway jumper that has sounds, you’ll love this one from Little Tikes.

    The Cozy Coupe is easy to attach to a standard doorframe (8ft high) with included clamps. The clamps will not mark the doorframe so you can use the “Cozy Coupe” if you’re traveling or visiting friends and relatives. The harness is also adjustable so you can move it to the most comfortable height for your baby.

    What sets this Little Tykes jumper apart from others is the removable dashboard. It has music, a horn, and a mirror to entertain your baby. Babies love to jump along to music so this will really encourage them. And of course, you can use the dashboard when the baby is not using the jumper, too!

    Something that’s on all parents mind is “Safety”. It’s important that the jumper is stable and doesn’t flip over for obvious reasons! Other parents that have reviewed this product have praised how stable it is.

    Little Tykes advise parents to start using the Cozy Coupe at 4-months old. Some parents have been using it from 3-months but the leg holes are a bit big. To get round this, they plug the holes with cloth or clothes.

    A downside to this product is you have to completely remove the dashboard to stop the music. This means you have to stop your baby jumping and makes things a bit fiddly.

    The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is a very cute, stable doorway jumper with sounds, but the price might put some parents off.


    • Car-themed
    • Stable
    • Easy to clamp to door frame
    • Adjustable harness
    • Has music, mirror & a horn
    • Removable dashboard


    • Need to remove dashboard to stop music

    Previously Recommended

    Merry Muscles Jumper Review

    The Merry Muscle is an ergonomically-designed jumper and was created by an occupational therapist.

    The Merry Muscles Jumper keeps your baby in the most optimal position to learn how to walk. It does this without putting any harmful pressure on vital organs so it’s more comfortable.

    It also allows your baby sit at an angle where they use the soles of their feet to push off rather than their toes. This helps prevent tip-toe walking later on.

    This Merry Muscle  jumper provides full head and spine support. This allows your baby to use it from as early as 3 months old. The weight of your child is supported by their buttocks and upper thighs so it really prepares their little legs for walking.

    A drawback with this one is that you do have to screw in the hook for installation. It is a more permanent fixture in your home so you can’t take it down as easily or bring it with you to other homes. A doorway clamp is available as a workaround.

    Like many jumpers, it also takes a while to get the hang of placing your baby correctly in the carrier.


    • Designed by an occupational therapist
    • Is set at the angle where baby uses the soles of his feet
    • Offers full head and spine support
    • Can start using as early as 3 months
    • Weight supported only on buttocks and upper thighs


    • You have to screw in the hook for installation
    • Hard to get baby in and out of

    If you enjoyed this post, you’ll also like our review of the best exersaucers, too!

    How To Find Housing for Single Mothers

    Being a single mother can be hard, especially when it comes to finding affordable housing for you and your children. Help is out there; however, you need to know where to look and how to apply. Housing assistance from the government is available in most states, as well as help from private organizations. Here are … How To Find Housing for Single Mothers Read More...

    Being a single mother can be hard, especially when it comes to finding affordable housing for you and your children. Help is out there; however, you need to know where to look and how to apply.

    Housing assistance from the government is available in most states, as well as help from private organizations.

    Here are some ways you can find housing as a single mother.

    1. Emergency Housing
    emergency housing

    Emergency housing is for those who find themselves with no place to live. This is temporary housing, but it is worth to take note of in case of an emergency situation.

    Emergencies can include such incidents as a fire or a case of domestic violence. Emergency housing includes shelters, group homes, boarding homes and sometimes, hotel rooms.

    Where do I look?

    If you need emergency housing, social services along with private, non-profit organizations such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill, can help. Doing a quick Google search of “I need emergency housing” will bring up results for safe places closest to your current location.

    2. Affordable Housing

    Affordable housing is housing with low monthly payments, being rent or mortgage. This type of housing is granted with Section 8 vouchers or can be found in neighborhood, low-income apartment units.

    How do I apply?

    The first step to applying is finding the right organization for you. Here are several to start off with.

    The Family Unification Assistance Program

    This program assists with housing vouchers for low-income families and single mothers. The amount you will have to pay will be based on your income. You can find more information here.


    The CoAbod program helps single mothers to find suitable housing and help with child care. It entails sharing a home with another mother and splitting all the expenses.

    For more information, look at their website.

    Social Serve

    This service is a non-profit organization which aids single mothers in finding affordable housing. Their website is updated daily and lists accommodation opportunities in every state.

    Habitat Humanity

    This worldwide organization builds and repairing houses for individuals in need. To apply for this benefit, go to their website

    3.  Low-Income Housing

    This kind of housing is only for people who have a low income. There is usually a maximum amount of money that you can earn to qualify for these programs.

    How do I apply?

    Several organizations provide low-income housing:

    Public Housing

    Each state has HUD, or a PHA (the Public Housing Administration). With this program, low-income housing is available in a wide range of areas for low-income families, people with disabilities and the elderly.

    Income allowance is determined according to each state and goes by your gross, annual income. To apply, go to their website:

    (Section 8) House Voucher Program

    This program offers low-income individuals and families a safe and sanitary place to live at a reduced price based on their earnings. The home that a person desires to live in has to be included in the program. It must also meet the Section 8 guidelines.

    To qualify, you must meet the annual income restrictions. You can learn more and apply here.

    The Vision-House

    This non-profit organization provides in-between accommodations to single mothers and their dependents who don’t have anywhere else to live.

    It is a 2-year program. Vision-House requires single mothers’ income to be thirty percent below the overall income of the community in which they want to live. They must be considered homeless at the time of enrollment. To learn more, go to their website

    The Nurturing Network

    This 501(c)(3) non-profit, charity organization helps women who are challenged with an unexpected pregnancy. They provide provisions during the pregnancy, and well after the child is born.

    Services can include medical services, counseling, housing, legal assistance and help with locating employment. To learn more, visit their website

    Low-Income House Coalition

    A national agency that seeks to expand housing accessibility for people across the U.S. To find out more and to let your voice be heard click here.

    (LIHTC) Low-income House Tax Credit Assistance Program

    This agency gives property renters a tax credit if he or she offers affordable housing. With this program, the property owner reduces his tax liability. To learn more about qualifying as a property owner or as a low-income individual looking for housing, visit here.

    4. Rental Assistance

    Rental assistance programs are intended to help people with their rent. They either give people an allowance to use towards their rent or give money directly to the landlord to assist with rent.

    home renting
    How do I apply?

    Several agencies help single mothers with rental assistance:

    The Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army aids people in a lot of ways by using the money that they make in their stores. They help with housing for single mothers.  They also provide food, rehabilitation and disaster relief. To learn more and see if you qualify, visit their website.

    The Catholic Charities

    The programs that this charity offers include providing info on food aid, support for finding affordable housing and reintegration to allow people to qualify for higher-paying jobs. You don’t have to be a Catholic to be eligible for their services. To learn more, visit here.

    The YWCA

    The YWCA advocates for women’s rights. They believe in justice, peace, dignity, and freedom for all women.

    They offer programs and aid in housing, domestic violence cases, women’s health plans, job training, primary childcare programs, literacy programs, veteran’s programs and women’s scholarship awards. To learn more about how the YWCA can assist you, go to their website.

    We hope you found this listing of housing assistance for low-income mothers helpful. You might also like our page “Help & Assistance for Single Mothers

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