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Bots, Webcrawlers, Spiderbots, Spybots and Botnets are commonly associated with website hijackers stealing data, identities, email harvesting and even credit card numbers or worse. But there are spider bots that also serve good purposes so separating a good spider bot from the bad can also make a big difference in how you protect your company's website and ensure that that your site gets the Internet traffic it deserves.

The following list below is well known Spider Bots, Bots, Webcrawlers, Spybots, index bots and botnets that are commonly associated with bad behaviour stealing data, eaiting up server resources and making way to many request at any one given time.

For a full list of spider bots to use in your robots text file click our robots.txt.gz file for an example.

[ IP Block List | Email Block List | Domain Block List | Spiderbot Block List ]

robots.txt.gz was last updated on: May 23, 2019 @ 14:22:42. or view the content of the robots.txt file?

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