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Rejection Reasons Summary

Rejection Reasons Summary – Why was my website rejected?

Web Domain Authority Directory, reserves the right to reject any website listing submitted for review for any reason. However, all submissions are screened by staff prior and while we may edit listings with grammatical errors, we will reject those that clearly do not adhere to our published guidelines. This page serves as an index for, although definitely not all, the most common reasons for rejection. When we reject your website, you will have received an email indicating the reason why your submission was not approved. Contained within that email is a rejection subject line which is referenced here, and we will give you details as to why the staff felt your website could not be included within our web directory. Using this page should help you prevent your listings from being rejected in the future.

Click on any of the following for further details as to why your website was rejected:

Website Incomplete.

Website Unavailable.

Copyright Infringement.

Duplicate Submission.

English Version Required.

Invalid Reciprocal URL.

Invalid URL.

Multiple Errors.

Not Allowed Free.

No Payment.

Private Website.

Poor Content.

Poor Description.

Redirection / Cloaking.

Suspicious Content.

Spam (automated submissions).

Unsuitable Content.

Unconfirmed Email.

Website Incomplete.

Your website will be rejected should it be found to contain, no content or newly created with lack of content. We require most websites to be of 3 months of age before being submitted to our web directory.

You will need to re-submit your website listing to our web directory after you have added enough content.

Copyright Infringement.

Your website will be rejected should it be found to contain, use, promote, sell, distribute or encourage the use of counterfeit replica goods, unlicensed software, warez, torrent or copyright theft. We will never knowingly accept these websites under any circumstances and should your description contain the use of certain words associated with copyright infringement, then it will be automatically removed or rejected without ever being seen by an editor.

If you are a licensed third party seller/trader with authorization to sell replicas, we will need evidence of the fact, such as a license agreement or similar license from the copyright holder authorizing you to sell or share the copyrighted information.

Duplicate Submission.

If your website submission is a duplicate, or mirror of a site already contained within our web directory or pending approval, it will not be accepted. This includes websites that may look different, but have exactly the same content, or websites with different URL, that point to identical looking websites. Submitting multiple mirrored websites may result in ALL of your listings being rejected and banned.

Invalid Reciprocal URL.

If you have chosen a reciprocal listing, your website will be rejected or removed if it is found that the website you submitted does not contain a valid link back to us. In order to be valid, your link to us must be contained on a page that is navigable from the index of your website and 'followable (i.e rel='nofollow' must not be set).

Any reciprocal links found to be located on hidden pages, or on pages with more than 100+ other links will be rejected. This also applies to having our link on another website other than the one submitted.

Invalid URL.

If you submit a free website listing, it will be rejected if the URL supplied does not point to the top level of your domain. For free listings, we will only accept domains that are generic (gTLD) or country-code (ccTLD) Top Level Domains in the following formats:

Some Examples:









Multiple Errors.

Your website submission will be rejected if it contains too many errors to reasonably correct. This can include one or more of the reasons listed on this page.

Generally for free website submissions, we will correct minor errors, such as erroneous titles, or incorrect category submissions, but if your website listing was found to contain significant errors it will not be accepted.

Paid / Featured website submissions will only be rejected for this reason under extreme circumstances and only if we cannot understand the message you are trying to communicate. If your paid submission is rejected, then a full refund will be given.

Not Allowed As Free.

For free website submissions, your submission will be rejected if it is found to contain, sell or promote the following content:

Loans / Credit-cards / Mortgage / Debt Management.

Pharmaceutical / Pills / Medicines / Supplements

Information only websites related to these subjects are generally acceptable as free listings, provided the content is of reasonable quality and do not serve just as a portal or gateway to another site selling such products.

We take pride in checking out the license status of websites selling or promoting such items and as such, we will only accept these types of listings as paid submissions due to the time taken to research them.

We also see alot of website listing submitted with no reciprocal link, but did not complete the payment process there for your website will be rejected.

No Payment.

Your website listing will be rejected if you have chosen a paid submission and we have not received payment for that website listing. Since no payment has been received, or no payment is pending, your website submission will have been completely removed from the pending queue and you will have to resubmit again.

The only website listings that do not require a reciprocal link back is paid submissions. All others free submissions must require a reciprocal link back as per our submission guidelines and your website listing will be removed and you will need to resubmit.

We are aware that payment issues can sometimes occur outside yours or our control, so please contact us if you experience problems with your chosen payment processor. We can usually see if you have attempted to make a payment and in such circumstances, we will resend and invoice to you. We will wait a few days, but if we do not receive contact or payment, we reserve the right to either downgrade your website listing to a basic free listing, or as is more usual, remove it completely.

Poor Content.

Your website listing will be rejected if it is found to contain content that is considered of an unacceptable quality. While we appreciate any effort you may have made to construct your website, we do not accept free website submissions to websites that are banner or link farms, or do not have any original content or design aspects. This will also include pages that contain only affiliate advertising or links, or sites specifically made to benefit from third party advertising.

In addition, we may reject your website listing if your website contains an unacceptable amount of errors.

Poor Description.

A common-sense approach is required when submitting your website description. Accurate, relevant and easy-to-read descriptions encourage users to visit your website. As such, your website may have been rejected for any of the following reasons:


Your description must be of reasonable length. Descriptions written effectively provide content and will encourage search engine spiders to index the page that your website listing is on, therefore making your website listing viewable to a wider audience. We do allow you a generous limit for your description, so please try and make use of it. An accurate and relevant description will assist users searching the Web Domain Authority Directory in finding your website. It will also allow proper indexing of your submission when the major search engines crawl the web directory. Short descriptions are often ignored or overlooked


Do not included profanities, swear-words, insulting or degrading comments in your description your website will be rejected.


While we may edit minor errors and mistakes, we will always reject website submissions that have descriptions that contain many grammar or spelling errors.


Your description must describe the content and/or function of your website accurately in a grammatical context. If your description contains inflated claims or slogans, your website submission will be rejected.


Your website description must not contain long lists of keywords or phrases.


In terms of SEO and SERPS, repeating the same keyword or phrase does nothing for either our web directory or your website listing. Generally, repeating the same keyword more than three or four times in a description may get your website submission rejected.


Only words at the beginning of a sentence, or proper nouns may be capitalized. Descriptions that contain sentences with all capital letters or with every first letter capitalized will not be accepted.


No contact details, including email address, telephone numbers, fax numbers or physical address should be included in your description. At the discretion of Web Domain Authority Directory, this can result in either those details being stripped completely, or your website submission being rejected. Contact details are available to paid website submissions only.

Paid submissions will only be rejected for this reason under extreme circumstances and only if we cannot understand the message you are trying to communicate. We will attempt to edit your website submission to reflect the message you are trying to convey, but if we find this impossible, we may contact you for clarification, or reject your website submission with a full refund.

Redirection / Cloaking.

For free website submissions, if the URL you submitted is found to be cloaked, masked or redirects to another URL, your free website submission will be rejected. This includes affiliate links, as well as URL's provided by redirection or URL shortening services.

We do accept some redirected and cloaked URL's for paid submissions. However, acceptance of these determined on an individual basis and if it is found that your supplied description does not reflect the content of the page that is eventually displayed, it will not be accepted. Further, if you have paid for a website submission and later changed the destination site to one that does not reflect your supplied description, we reserve the right to remove your website listing without notice and without any refunds.

This is done to protect our user base from websites that contain illegal or unsuitable content. We have had several website submissions in the past that later changed the destination page to content that could be considered unsavory. As Web Domain Authority Directory is for the general audience, this practice is not tolerated under any circumstances.

Suspicious Content.

Your website submission will not be approved if your destination website is found to contain viruses, Trojans, forced downloader's and other such threats. All submitted websites are regularly screened for such content and to protect our user base, they will either be rejected on submission or suspended/removed from our directory listings until these threats have been dealt with. This includes paid website submissions which will temporarily be disabled until you contact us to advise that the threats have been removed.

We do appreciate that sometimes websites can be affected by malicious content without your knowledge, but this is a policy we have to pursue in order to protect our users and to prevent viruses and threats spreading further.

Spam (auto-robot submissions).

Unfortunately this is our 2nd most common reason for rejection. It is our policy only to accept human submissions; only, submissions that are physically typed out or copied into our website submission forms. Submissions identified as not being made by a human will be rejected. We have several procedures in place to identify auto-submits, including, but are not limited to, using forms that have hidden values or use image captcha, as well as analysis of multiple submissions in a time that would be impossible for a human to achieve.

This information is shared across our network and as such, multiple instances will result in your email, IP and domain being banned from our entire network of sites.

Ironically, most autos-submits are also rejected automatically by our own robot process without a human ever seeing them.

Website Unavailable.

Your website will be rejected if it is found that your website is not available on the internet for more than a reasonable period of time. We do appreciate that downtime can occur outside your control, so we will generally wait for a few days before acting, but websites that are found to be constantly unavailable will be removed from our directory.

In the case of paid submissions, we will temporarily disable your website from our listings, but will endeavor to make contact with the website listing owner to advise them of the fact. As soon as you contact us again to say that your website is available, your website listing will be reactivated. If we cannot contact you, or you do not reply, we reserve the right to permanently remove your website listing from our web directory.

Unsuitable Content.

Under no circumstances will we accept websites that contain, promote, sell, sponsor or encourage the following activates:

Pornography / Nudity / Escort services / Indecent activity.

Hate / Crime / Violence.

Anti-religion / anti-semitic.

Pyramid / Ponzi / Scams.

Drugs / Narcotics / Drug Paraphernalia (whether legal in your jurisdiction or not).

If you make a paid website submission with the afore-mentioned content, your listing will be rejected with no refund offered.

In addition, we do not accept free website submissions containing the following:

Gambling / Paid Gaming / Casino.

Unconfirmed Email.

Our most common reason for rejection:

All free website submissions require confirmation of the email address you submitted as the owner of the website listing. As soon as you submit your website listing, an email containing a confirmation link that must be clicked, is sent to the address you have provided in the website submission form. Failure to act on this email, or a reminder sent out two weeks later, of your website submission will result in your website submission being treated as spam and automatically removed.

When you submit to Web Domain Authority Directory, please ensure that you do not filter emails from our domain to your junk or spam folders.

While it is not required to confirm paid submissions, it can expedite the review process if you do.

Private Website.

All websites must be open to the general audience and not require visitors to login or signup to see the content of the website. Any website that is marked private will be removed from our web directory until the issue is addressed.

This does not mean you can not have a members only area; however there must be some content clearly visible for general users.

English Version Required.

All websites must have an English version of their content. This is as simple as adding Google™ Translator or Babelfish to your website or installing a widget in your sidebar. This will also help increase your traffic and help your bounce rate as visitors to your website are more likely to stay and read the article that made them visit your website in the first place.

Once you have added a translator to your website resubmit for review again.

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