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As a tech-savvy company who lives and breathes technology, we do more than speak the language – we pass the word on. This is our forum for shining light on the tech we use and the culture we love. (By the professionals at ArcStone Technologies.)

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Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

What can a digital marketing agency mean for your business?  Hiring a digital marketing agency can pay enormous dividends to your business but can be a daunting task. With digital transformation changing the industry at an ever-increasing rate, it’s more important than ever to have an agency to help you with online strategies, increasing your […] The post Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency appeared first on ArcStone...

What can a digital marketing agency mean for your business? 

Hiring a digital marketing agency can pay enormous dividends to your business but can be a daunting task. With digital transformation changing the industry at an ever-increasing rate, it’s more important than ever to have an agency to help you with online strategies, increasing your digital footprint, monitoring your SEO placement, and controlling your social media presence.

Tech companies are often tempted by in-house marketing teams, but those teams are often inefficient and expensive. An outside firm just concentrates on one thing, making your business shine! But finding the right firm can be complex. This guide will tell you why tech businesses need marketing agencies the most, what to look for in a digital marketing agency, red flags that tell you what agencies to avoid, and tips for hiring the right agency for you.

Why SaaS / tech-driven businesses need help

Businesses that deal with technology and software are often the same companies that need a digital marketing agency the most. This fact seems paradoxical until you consider:

  • The ever-changing market: More than any other business tech/SaaS businesses have the most difficulty staying relevant. With the digital landscape changing every day, it is all too easy to become spread too thin without worrying about marketing needs.
  • Core competencies: Technology and SaaS companies tend to have workers that specialize in specific areas. If you are having them working on marketing, they are not attending to their core competencies, and that is inefficient. There is not enough time to excel in everything. Leave the marketing to firms that focus on just that.
  • Don’t have the expertise on staff to execute the work: Keeping an in-house team to market your product is much more expensive than finding an excellent outside firm to do your marketing for you. Tech companies spend enough on salaries without a marketing team.
  • Not cost-effective for c-suites to handle marketing work: Executives have their own work and their own areas of expertise. It simply isn’t cost-efficient to have high-level managers concentrating on marketing as well.
  • A change in perspective: When you’re in a tech industry, you can get stuck in a particular worldview. Hiring a marketing team from outside your company can give you a perspective on marketing your business that you hadn’t considered.
  • Increasing your SEO ranking: One of the goals of any marketing agency is to drive more people to your website. By increasing your SEO ranking, a marketing agency may make it easier for customers to find you.

Things to look for in a digital marketing agency

Every company has its own needs where marketing is concerned. Still, there are specific benchmarks of an excellent digital marketing agency that should not be ignored. For example:

  • Experience: Look for a team with a proven track record, especially one in your field. If they’ve helped other organizations similar to yours, chances are they can help you too.
  • Consistent processes: Good agencies find good techniques and then stick to them. Choose a marketing agency that has consistently good practices.
  • Staying current: Just like you have to keep on top of the latest technology or software trends, you want to find an agency that has a practice of staying on top of current marketing trends.
  • Taking an audience-first approach: When it comes to marketing, an agency should consistently be placing a focus on your customer’s experience. If they don’t keep your clients in mind, you will be the one to suffer.
  • Web design expertise: If this is the team that is going to market you on the web, they should have a basic understanding of how web design works, or at least have someone on their team who does. Otherwise, they may not be delivering feasible solutions to you.

Common problems with poor digital marketing agencies

Just as there are certain activities suitable digital marketing agencies always do, there are red flags that should tell you that this is not the agency for you.

  • Overpromising results: Anyone can promise anything. If an agency promises something that is too good to be true, especially at a reasonable price, it probably is. Often the sales team for an agency works on commission and is over incentivized to make the sale without caring if the agency can actually deliver. Digital marketing agencies that promise you everything will probably deliver nothing.
  • Poor communication: Marketing agencies are supposed to be communication experts. If they can’t communicate with you, they won’t be able to deliver your message to your clients. Instead, find agencies that provide prompt, clear, and consistent messages.

Tips for Hiring an Effective Digital Agency

  • Clear communication: Be transparent and honest about your needs. This includes the time and energy you’re able to devote. It’s better to make your expectation known and find out that the agency does not meet your needs before you’ve hired them.
  • It takes a team: Aim for getting a team instead of a one-person band. There’s a lot of tactics that make up digital marketing. These tactics require vastly different skill sets. One team member may be an expert in social media, another may specialize in reports and analytics, and another in UX.
  • Don’t go with the cheapest solution: Of course, you don’t want to break the budget, but you want to find the digital marketing agency that best meets your need, not the cheapest one.
  • Make sure that there’s a culture fit: Every organization has a corporate culture. Ensure that your corporate culture is compatible with the digital marketing agency you hire.

Have a project in mind? Let’s chat!

The post Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency appeared first on ArcStone TT.

6 Quick Fixes to Boost Your SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a combination of tactics that boosts the chances of a website ranking better in search results. Websites that invest sufficient efforts in SEO improve their ability to attract traffic, increase the conversion rate, and overall brand awareness. So, what are the quick fixes that can boost your SEO?  The post 6 Quick Fixes to Boost Your SEO appeared first on ArcStone...

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a combination of tactics that boosts the chances of a website ranking better in search results. Websites that invest sufficient efforts in SEO improve their ability to attract traffic, increase the conversion rate, and overall brand awareness.

Some of the components of page SEO include content or on-page attributes, technical aspects, and a high-quality link profile. A website owner can improve SEO qualities by enhancing site speed, eliminating errors, or fulfilling search engine warnings.

Did you know SEO is a game-changer that can transform your online presence? The boost in organic traffic that comes with effective SEO can also reduce the need for other more expensive marketing initiatives.

So, what are the quick fixes that can boost your SEO?

1. Fix Broken Links

A broken link is a link that doesn’t lead to any content or destination. Broken links impact negatively on the user’s experience, which leads to de-ranking in Search Result Pages (SERPs). Users get a 404 error whenever there’s a broken link, which means the content has been deleted or relocated without a proper redirect.

Here’s how you can fix the broken link:

  • Update Content: If there’s a need to create fresh and updated content, it’s advisable to update the existing pages. It eliminates instances of broken link errors and losing the search engine ranking that the page had acquired.
  • Utilize 301 Redirects: You can use 301 redirects to direct users to a new page location if the old content is still available.

2. Review and Optimize Page Title Tags

A title tag is part of HTML code that labels a web page with a title. It is located on either a web title bar or Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). An optimized title tag is one of the key areas that positively impact page SEO. Consequently, optimized title tags help content to rank better, improve page Click-Through-Rate(CTR), and drive more traffic to a site.

Here’s how optimized title tags can improve page CTR:

  • Including Primary Keyword: A title tag that includes a primary keyword and the brand name fulfills searcher intent and marketing needs. It’s also important to keep in mind Google’s limit of 50-60 characters.
  • Meta Description: It’s also prudent to insert a compelling web copy that accompanies the title tag. Surprisingly, users are likely to avoid reading content if the description doesn’t compel them to click.

3. Link to Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content is a collection of web pages that define or set the direction of the site’s purpose. They comprise core product pages and any comprehensive knowledge that your audience needs to know. Linking subsequent pages to cornerstone content impacts a site’s SEO positively.

Here’s how cornerstone content improves site SEO:

  • Attracts Massive Traffic: You’ve already invested a lot to improve the SEO profile of cornerstone pages. Linking to these pages will leverage the traffic, subscribers, and superior ranking on SERPs.
  • Leverage on Outbound Links: The pages are already benefiting from the existing outbound link profile. New pages that link to cornerstone content will gain massive traffic and exposure, boosting your SEO.

4. Update Meta Descriptions on Key Pages

A meta description is a blurb of text that best describes a webpage. Google rewards site pages that have simple, concise, and compelling meta descriptions with high rankings. They also improve the Click-through-Rate of a page, which is essential in boosting site traffic.

Here’s why you should prioritize meta description to boost SEO:

  • Improves Sites Visual Impression: A hurriedly created meta description contains errors and incomplete intent. As a result, it minimizes CTR, brand perception, and overall site SEO. You should therefore create a tidy meta description to enhance your site SEO.
  • The Meta Description Is Quick Ad Copy: It’s also a great opportunity to compel potential readers to click on your content using an updated and error-free meta description.

An updated meta description improves CTR and traffic to your site. Consequently, Google receives signals of a highly important page and ranks it better in SERPs.

5. Add External Links

Quality and informative external links add credibility and trust to your site, whereas low-quality external links hurt your site. An external link increases the value that you’re offering to the readers and translates to superior SEO. That said, it’s important to provide sufficient external links from authoritative sites that offer relevant content.

Here’s how external links transform your SEO:

Qualities external links are all about relevant content, choosing a  quality site, and complementing the information on your page. As a result, users get maximum value and encounter minimal lags, contributing to a positive user experience.

Search engines pick the positive user experience and reward it with a superior Google ranking. Equally, Google associates high-quality external links with great content, a component of excellent SEO traits.

6. Enhance Site Mobile Responsiveness

As of January 2021, 92.6% of 4.7 billion internet users access the internet using mobile devices. The vast mobile penetration made Google and other search engines focus on mobile fast internet capabilities.

Typically, mobile fast or responsive sites offer a great user experience for site visitors. Google picks signals of a seamless user experience from such sites and rewards the website with a superior ranking in SERPs.

Here’s how you can fix your mobile site responsiveness:

  • Resize Your Images: Multi-media files that are not optimized load slowly on mobile devices. Ensure you resize or compress large images, infographics, and videos to fit in mobile devices like phones or tablets.
  • Format Your Content: Work on the format of your content to offer the best user experience. Avoid large chunks of text by creating small sentences and paragraphs. Equally, you can create a short form to moderate-sized content to maintain the attention of readers.
  • Links: Maintain a healthy spacing between the links to minimize users clicking on the wrong one. It’s also important to link out to pages that are optimized for mobile devices.

Let Us Work on Your Site SEO

Site SEO is crucial for brand visibility, attracting traffic, and revenue growth and it’s vital to work on mobile aspects, external links, content, and meta descriptions.  Contact us today to learn how we can help!


The post 6 Quick Fixes to Boost Your SEO appeared first on ArcStone TT.

Getting Started with Account-Based-Marketing (ABM)

If you’ve been in the B2B marketing world, you’ve likely come across the term account-based marketing or ABM. So, what exactly does ABM entail? ABM is a focused approach to B2B marketing where the sales and marketing team creates a personalized buying experience for best fit accounts to turn them into customers. With an ABM […] The post Getting Started with Account-Based-Marketing (ABM) appeared first on ArcStone...

If you’ve been in the B2B marketing world, you’ve likely come across the term account-based marketing or ABM. So, what exactly does ABM entail? ABM is a focused approach to B2B marketing where the sales and marketing team creates a personalized buying experience for best fit accounts to turn them into customers.

With an ABM strategy, your marketing team interacts with high-level accounts as if they are individual markets. They achieve this by personalizing the accounts’ buying journey and tailoring all the relevant communications, campaigns, and content to the accounts.

ABM offers an impressive ROI compared to most other marketing strategies. Recent research by the ABM leadership Alliance and ITSMA indicated that those organizations that had adopted ABM as their primary marketing strategy in 2020 had a 71% increase in business relationships, 55% increase in revenue and 34% increase in brand/reputation.

What Are the Benefits of Account-Based-Marketing?

  • Short sales cycles. Multiple stakeholders make the purchase decisions in most companies and this slows the sales process. ABM helps to shorten the sales cycle as all the stakeholders are nurtured at once.
  • Alignment between sales and marketing. Typically, an ABM program is formed through a collaboration between the sales and marketing executives. The teams work together in selecting the best fit accounts, and they also collaborate in creating strategies to attract the target accounts.
  • Marketing is tailored for the unique needs of the customer. Instead of a generic approach, ABM enables the marketing team only to make personalized communication with their target accounts. This includes meaningful and relevant campaigns.
  • Clear cost of sales. ABM focuses time and resources only on high-value accounts that are most likely to close deals.
  • Better customer experience. ABM enables you to contact the clients who need your products and services. These clients are responsive and collaborative and this, in the end, helps create a good customer relationship.

Examples of ABM


In-person events enable the sales and marketing team to interact with prospects directly. In the ABM approach, the marketing team can create personalized invitations for best fit accounts. The team can also invite the clients to special VIP dinners or offer them customized gifts. Keep in mind that it’s vital to carry out a personalized follow-up after the event.

Webinars and Virtual Events

Just like in-person events, you can use ABM’s marketing strategy for webinars and virtual events. The marketing team creates webinars and virtual events that are tailored for a specific group. The content should be timely and relevant to the audience, similar to in-person events it’s also important to do a follow-up after the event.

Email Marketing

One of the most popular methods of communication today is through email. Using the ABM approach, you can create tailored email messages for the best-fit accounts.

Paid advertising

Most of the social media sites today allow free posts and paid ads. Your marketing team creates ads tailored towards a particular group of prospects by using the ABM approach. The social media platforms enable you to select the target location, and through this, you can target your campaigns towards the area of the prospects rather than casting a wide net.

Getting started with ABM

Step 1: Identify Your Key Accounts

The first step is for your marketing team to use all their business intelligence to identify the key accounts that align with your organization’s business goals. When selecting those accounts, some of the factors to consider are the potential of the account to generate higher than average profit margins, the possibilities of making repeat purchases, and their market influence.

Step 2: Create Personas (Or Refresh Your Existing Personas) And Map Out Customers’ Journeys

Gaining insights into the customer’s journey enables you to learn about the challenges they have been facing. This helps you optimize and personalize their experience in the future. At this stage, identify how your target accounts are structured, including where they gather their information, who their decision-makers are. As mentioned earlier, the sales and purchase decisions in a large company involve more than one stakeholder. Through ABM, the marketing team can identify the stakeholder involved in the buying decision at this stage.

Step 3: Segment Your Audience Data

The success of your ABM program largely depends on segmentation. It involves identifying subgroups within the target accounts to deliver more tailored communication for stronger relations. You can segment your target accounts based on factors such as the sales stage, the customer’s lifecycle, or by industry.

Step 4: Determine Channels and Budgets

Segmenting your audience in terms of sales stage, purchase behaviors, and industry will help you determine the most effective communication medium to use. You can also research the channel of communications that your target audience likes using. Depending on the channel, identify the budget you will need to give the campaign a chance to work.

Step 5: Create Content and Messaging

Create the right content that addresses the business challenges that your audience could be facing.

Step 6: Set Up Your Campaigns

Launch your campaigns to the target customers through the communication channels you selected. Avoid making any significant changes to the campaigns within the first two weeks. With time, you will be able to learn what’s working and what’s not.

Step 7: Measure effectiveness and refine

Be sure to test and measure the effectiveness of your ABM marketing campaigns. You can use the data at the account level to determine what worked and what to improve in your next campaign.

What Are the Elements of a Complete Featured ABM Platform?

A full-featured ABM platform has;

  • Account targeting and selection
  • Audience segmentation
  • Account-based web personalization
  • Account-based advertising
  • Sales intelligence
  • Real-time behavioral data
  • Reporting and analytics

Examples of Full-Featured ABM Platforms

Some of the standard full features of ABM platforms include;

  1. HubSpot. You can use HubSpot’s software to create a campaign in your CRM. This involves creating a customer profile (ICP). The software then automatically selects the prospects that match your profile. The platform contains other valuable tools, like ads, social media posts, and web pages essential when creating campaigns.
  2. Terminus. The platform comprises ABM software that enables you to build account lists and create vital, personalized data. Terminus also allows you to locate accounts and send personalized campaigns.
  3. Demandbase. Demandbase is another platform that is compatible with ABM programs. It has a user-friendly interface and thus makes it easy to identify potential accounts and launch personalized campaigns.

Last Thoughts

ABM offers a personalized and focused approach to marketing and sales. The strategy also has a more significant ROI than other market strategies. Contact us today to learn about the account-based market!

The post Getting Started with Account-Based-Marketing (ABM) appeared first on ArcStone TT.

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