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Todays Woman Blog - is a blog promoting products on various scales, everything from household items to children's toys and even men's products. Find out the good the bad the ugly of each product and determine what works for you. We have weekly giveaways and product recommendations from Todays Woman Social Community. So check out our blog for what's hot and not this year!
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WEDGiTS Building Blocks – Stem Toy

Perfect for pre-school and elementary school aged children, WEDGiTS multi-dimensional building sets are a STEM toy consisting of blocks that can nest, stack, link, and actually wedge together in both vertical and horizontal directions. Winner of several awards these colorful stacking blocks help teach even children basic building and engineering skills. Some of their most impressive honors the include the 2002 Learning Magazine Teachers Choice Award; the 2001 Parents Choice Silver Honor Award...

Mega Mermaid Makeover

Little girls love mermaids. This upcoming holiday season let her transform herself into a beautiful mermaid with an easy mermaid makeover you can do at home. Make It Real’s Mega Mermaid Makeover makes a great gift for young girls and tweens. The kit includes all the essentials for mermaid makeup styling, along with an instructional Dream Guide for inspiration. With a wide palette of makeup options in the Mega Mermaid Makeover kit, she can experiment with colour and learn the basics of...

Party Popteenies from Spinmaster

Launched this past summer comes a brand-new line of collectible dolls and accessories from Spin Master. If your child hasn’t mention Party Popteenies yet they eventually will and it will most likely be prior to Christmas. The Party Popteenies come in a pink surprise popper. Each Surprise Popper is easy to open and pop. With a few pull, twist and pop your child will find out which celebration is inside all with a burst of collectable confetti! There are three different party themes to pop,...

Sticky the Plunger Target Set

Apparently poop is a theme and kids think its funny. Who knew? Obviously toy manufacturers know as there is a wide variety of potty-related toys hitting the toy and game market. With the holiday season soon upon us, Kids won’t be getting coal from Santa this upcoming holiday season. They will be getting poop, because suddenly poop is funny. Hog Wild Toys has gone to the toilet with the new game Sticky the Plunger Target Set. The Sticky the Plunger set comes with two sticky plungers, one...

Matador wooden construction sets

When one thinks of toys they are flooded with a million choices. KSM Toys plays homage to the classic wooden toy of the past. Matador wooden construction sets have literally stood the test of time and for some of us bring back fond memories of our early childhood. Panted in 1904 by Austrian engineer Johann Korbuly, came a wooden toy construction set made of blocks that you connect with wooden pins. In the 1930’s Matador toys was seen as the ideal educational tool in schools across Europe....

KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker

In the early 80’s friendship bracelets were all the rage. The 90’s brought you slap bracelets and let us not forget the rainbow loom craze. Every few years, a new bracelet craze peaks into the lives of young adolescents. Fast forward to 2018 and we once again see the return of friendship bracelets.  Perhaps they never really left us. Weather you are learning to make friendship bracelets from A Klutz book, a YouTube video or on a friendship bracelet maker such as the KumiKreator...

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