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The blog Tools & Tips provides tips for the daily online life. Helpful tools for different purposes - such as tools for calculating, creating images or process texts - are presented. Additionally one can learn more about special online tools including tricks and tutorials for some of them.

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Replace in multiple office documents (docx, pptx & others) with online tool for free

You want to replace terms in several files at once? In this article I introduce a helpful online tool for replacing in files. The popular Der Beitrag Replace in multiple office documents (docx, pptx & others) with online tool for free erschien zuerst auf Tools &...

You want to replace terms in several files at once? In this article I introduce a helpful online tool for replacing in files.

The popular office software packages such as Microsoft Office, Open Office and Libre Office provide all a function called “find and replace”. For example in Microsoft Word you can use [Ctrl] + [H] to open the find and replace dialog box.

But these find and replace functions have a disadvantage: What if you want to replace several terms in several files at once? They mostly support just replacing one term in one file. Although some addons for the office software packages provide additional features, you can not replace easily in documents with different file formats.

Easy replacing in several documents at once

An easier way saving your time is the free online tool Re:File. You can define several find and replace-commands and choose many files, in which the tool should replace.

The most important file types are supported. Starting from Microsoft Office document types: Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), Microsoft Powerpoint (.pptx). Up to Libre Office and Open Office document types: Writer (.odt), Calc (.ods), Impress (.odp). Last but not least XML and text files are supported. For the current supported documents type just check the tool website.

Just keep one thing in mind: Using an online tool, you send your documents to other servers, although 60tools promises strong data protection and deletes your data a short time period after you used the tool.

How To: Replace in documents

Screensho of the Online Tool Re:File
Re:File Screenshot
  1. Visit Re:File (by clicking the link or the screenshot above).
  2. Choose the files you want to replace in. Click on the dialog and choose multiple files by clicking and holding [Ctrl]. You can also upload ZIP files containing other files. Please keep in mind there is a file and file size limit.
  3. Determine the terms you want to replace. There is a maximum count of replace terms, until you reached this limit you can add lines by clicking “+” or delete lines by clicking “-“.
  4. Make further settings. In the English version of the tool not all settings shown in the screenshot may be available for free.
  5. Click the button.
  6. Done! Now you can download your files as a ZIP file.

Additional settings

At the moment the additional settings are only available in German and not for free anymore. But one day these additional replace features may be available in the English version too.

For example you can do replace with PCRE regular expressions, which you can test for example on regex101.com. You can generate and download a PDF report of the replacing and can also replace in unknown text files (for example HTML files).


But also without these additional features, the replace tool is very helpful. While you can use your office software to replace in each document separate, you can use this tool online tool replacing several terms in several documents at once.

Der Beitrag Replace in multiple office documents (docx, pptx & others) with online tool for free erschien zuerst auf Tools & Tips.

7 Surveys and Polls Online Tools

Due to the internet surveys are a lot easier. In this article I will present you 7 online tools you can use for your online Der Beitrag 7 Surveys and Polls Online Tools erschien zuerst auf Tools & Tips.

Due to the internet surveys are a lot easier. In this article I will present you 7 online tools you can use for your online surveys and polls.

Advantages of surveys

The people always want and wanted to know how the other people think about something. For example for political elections prognosis and their causes can be interesting. If you know as a politician what are the important political issues you can react on this.

Nevertheless in the most cases surveys are conducted for economic interests. According to the feedback of its customers a company can learn how to optimize its marketing and products.

Even in other cases surveys may be helpful, if you just want to get feedback of multiple users/customers.

10 Tips for creating surveys

The best survey tool does not help if you make mistakes in creating your survey. To prevent this, here are 10 composed tips for creating surveys:

  1. Keep it short (only necessary questions)
  2. Avoid leading questions (your questions should be as neutral as possible)
  3. Use response scales whenever possible (instead of just yes/no, read more at tip 7 of this website)
  4. Consider your audience (read more at tip 8 of this website)
  5. Explain why (for example improving a product, read more at tip 4 of this website)
  6. Conduct background research (helps for formulating questions, read more at tip 3 of this website)
  7. Find similar surveys as examples (read more at Harvard Tip sheet on questions wording)
  8. Group questions according to topic (read more at tip 3 of this website)
  9. Ask sensitive details at the end (for example age, read more at tip 4 of this website)
  10. Test your survey (for example: observe 3 persons while answering your survey)

The 7 surveys and polls Online Tools

Now that we know how to create surveys for the best results, we should consider which tool you can use. There are so many survey tools on the web, I can not present them all in one article. I have chosen 7 of them with the intention of presenting a good mix of free, really popular and creative/innovative tools.

1. Beautiful forms with Typeform

Screenshot of the survey provider Typeform.com
Screenshot of Typeform.com

Typeform describes itself as tool for “free & beautiful forms”, how true. Already on the home page you can imagine how creative and beautiful the surveys of typeform can be. See their Wall of Love on Twitter with many user feedback.

Customers of the free version can access up to 100 responses per month and each survey may contain at most 10 fields. Unlimited responses and advanced question types are included in the PRO and PRO+ plans starting at 25 € per month. A fair deal for an innovative product.


+ Beautiful forms and maybe more success with your surveys

+ Innovative company

+ Really easy to use

+ Free plan


– only limited responses and fields in the free plan

– payment only with credit cards (e.g. no PayPal)

2. Classic & popular: PollDaddy

Screenshot of Polldaddy.com
Screenshot of Polldaddy.com

Another really popular survey tool is Polldaddy. Automattic, the WordPress.com company, is the company behind Polldaddy. If you already use WordPress.com you can register for Polldaddy with your account and can easily integrate your polls and surveys in your WordPress.com website.

A big advantage of Polldaddy is the free plan: Unlimited polls, surveys in many languages and unlimited responses for free with yourdomain.polldaddy.com. If you want white label surveys, full customizing, export functions or maybe access to an API you have to pay 200 $  respectively 900 $ per year.


+ unlimited surveys and responses for free

+ many languages supported

+ customize your surveys for free

+ acceptable survey layout

+ real time layout


– for example Typeform (see above) more innovative

3. Free Surveys with Google Forms

Screenshot of Google Forms
Screenshot of Google Forms

We know Google as search engine, email provider, office product provider and much more. But Google offers also a basic solution for your own forms: Google Forms.

As far as can be seen Google Forms is completely free. There is no limit in accessing answer or fields per survey/form. You can edit your forms as WYSIWYG and choose between the most important question types.

As interesting feature you can take a form as a quiz and make the users able to reach a good score.


+ completely free

+ quiz mode

+ lots of settings (e.g. collect email addresses)



– Privacy: Your surveys data at Google

– not the most beautiful tool, surveys may look really similar

– Google branding on the survey page

4. The “classic” and popular survey portal SurveyMonkey

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey.com
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey.com

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular tools for online surveys. All types of forms you can imagine can be used on SurveyMonkey, such as: quizzes, academic research surveys, customer satisfaction and much more. For every purpose there are the right options and a big choice of question types you can use.

As on TypeForm (see above) the free plan allows only access to 100 responses per month and one survey may contain at most 10 questions. The other plans starting at approx. 33 € per month paying annually allow access to unlimited responses and unlimited questions per survey. Additionally you can customize your survey, export it in different formats and can use great survey logic features (e.g. A/B testing, randomization, quotas).


+ popular tool with 16 million responses per day

+ free plan available

+ lots of survey and question types possible

+ good export and analysis functions

+ help center with lot of articles


– free plan with limited responses only

– complex/professional tool needs training period maybe

– not as innovate as for example TypeForm

5. Another modern one: Checkbox

Screenshot of Checkbox Survey-Software
Screenshot of Checkbox Survey-Software

Checkbox has also a modern look-and-feel. It is especially interesting for companies, because there is no free plan. You have a lot of question types and settings for your surveys.

The hosted surveys/survey online tool starts at 450 $ per year with unlimited surveys and responses. If you want to install the survey software on your own server you can obtain a server license starting at 3,450 $ per year.


+ lots of features and interesting for companies

+ impressive layout of the surveys

+ possibility to install the software on your own server


– no free plan, other plans more expensive than others

6. For Business: GetFeedback.com

Screenshot of GetFeedback.com
Screenshot of GetFeedback.com

To present an innovative, modern survey tool especially for business customers also, here is GetFeedback.com.

GetFeedback offers lots of different integration possibilities for its surveys. For example you can easy integrate rating stars in your business’ emails. The cheapest plan starts at 50 $ per month including 1,000 responses per month.


+ really modern layout and look-and-feel

+ lots of survey features and question types

+ creative integration features (for example include survey in an email)


– only for companies, no free plan

7. SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo Screenshot
SurveyGizmo Screenshot

SurveyGizmo is also an interesting survey solution for companies and individuals. It supports lots of question types (25+) and features, such as the other tools for creating surveys.

The free plan includes 3 active surveys at a time with 100 responses per survey. Professional plans start at 25 $ per month up to no limit in case of an individual offer for enterprise users.


+ modern look-and-feel

+ free plan

+ lots of features and question types


– free plan with limited responses for each survey

– other sites more clear (for example table comparing plans)


As seen there are lots of different survey and poll online tools and all are providing similar interesting features, but the differences are in the details.

If you just want free surveys with unlimited responses Google Forms or PollDaddy may be a good choice. For beautiful surveys Typeform may be a good choice, while big companies may be more interested in the enterprise plans of SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo or GetFeedback.

I wish you successful surveys and polls, whatever survey tool you choose!

Der Beitrag 7 Surveys and Polls Online Tools erschien zuerst auf Tools & Tips.

7 Online Calculators (Math)

It is mostly installed on every device (for example the Ubuntu calculator on the screenshot) and there a lots of websites providing a similiar service: Der Beitrag 7 Online Calculators (Math) erschien zuerst auf Tools & Tips.

It is mostly installed on every device (for example the Ubuntu calculator on the screenshot) and there a lots of websites providing a similiar service: a calculator for doing mathematical calculations. In this article I present 7 online calculator tools.

Advantages of online calculators

Online calculators can be used on any device, but – of course – you have to be online. If the calculator tool is down, such as Web2.0Calc a few days ago because of it’s SSL certificate, is the only solution to use an offline tool.

Online tools may be updated more often, whereby math does not change so often an update would be necessary 😉 Nevertheless the most online calculators provide more features than the simple offline ones and can implement new features simple.

Another reason using an online tool for that purpose could be the community. For example (again) Web2.0Calc has a forum for discussing and solving mathematical problems.

Last but not least most of the online calculators have a good, userfriendly layout.

1. Web2.0Calc

Screenshot of Web2.0Calculator.com showing it's calculator
Screenshot of Web2.0Calculator.com

Maybe you noted I mentioned already two times Web2.0Calc – not for nothing. This calculator has a pretty and clear layout, it has lots of features and it’s fast.

Additionally it’s more than just a simple calculator on your computer or smartphone. As an scientific calculator you can not only solve simple math, but also mathematical equations. Large numbers are also supported.

The display of the calculation and the result looks beautiful and one can say definitely that this calculator helps to have fun with maths.


+ user-friendly, easy-to-use layout

+ lots of features (supports also solving equations, large numbers and graphs)

+ community (forum for discussing problems with other users)

+ widgets for embedding a calculator on your own website


– needs JavaScript

2. Mathway

Screenshot of Mathway.com (Asks what he should do)
Screenshot of Mathway.com

Mathway is build as a chat. It asks you: “How can I help you?” and is pleased to do you calculation or solve your mathematical problem. You can chat with him (for example “Hi” – “Hey”, “How are you?” …), just enter a math problem or enter a math problem with additional text.

If Mathway is unsure how he could help you, he asks what he should do. For example if he should solve or just simplify it.

There are a lot of operations and calculations supported, for example one can simply calculate the radius of a circle or solve an mathematical equation.


+ Chat as good idea (because you can see easily the history)

+ Lots of features (for example equations & much more)

+ Symbols for calculating circles or others

+ Good presentation of numbers and calculations


– sometimes he misunderstands you (often in case of easy calculations)

– needs JavaScript

3. WolframAlpha


Screenshot of Wolfram|Alpha showing the start pagea
Screenshot of Wolfram|Alpha

Wolfram|Alpha is more than just a calculator, maybe it’s more precise to call it a search engine or a “computational knowledge engine”. Just type in a query to ask the engine something.

Really complicate mathematical problems can be solved. Because it is not only for maths you do not have the normal number keyboard.

To learn more about the possibilities of Wolfram|Alpha and how to use it you can have a look at the examples or try out its web apps.


+ most features for calculating

+ lots of different representations of the result (incl. step-by-step-solution for pro users)

+ related queries such as search engine

+ lots of mathematical web apps


– no mathematical keyboards

– slower than just simple calculators

Other Online Calculators

  1. Calculator.net
    Calculator.net is not really beautiful, it’s only a simple (online) pocket calculator. If you do not need that much features or a special, modern calculator layout, you can use this calculator for easy calculations. Besides the basic arithmetic operations also calculations with sin/cos etc. are supported by this javascript calculator.
  2. Online-Calculator.com
    The Scientific Calculator of Online-Calculator.com looks a bit better than Calculator.net. But it provides the same functions: basis arithmetic operations and additional functions such as sin/cos/pi etc. If you want to, you can use it on full screen. But there is one big disadvantage of this calculator: It bases on flash and you can’t use it on all devices.
  3. Calculator-1.com
    Similiar to both calculator tools before is Calculator-1.com. Its scientific version bases on javascript and provides the expected features of an online pocket calculator with a few scientific features. The layout is simple, but that is an advantage in this case.
  4. Math.com
    The simplest javascript calculator can be found on Math.com. You can just do basic arithmetic operations and can not store results. Instead of using such a tool you can also use a basic calculator of you operating system or trying mental arithmetic 😉


There are so many online calculators – from really simple tools to creative, beautiful calculators (as chat or search engine). For basic arithmetic operations you can use also integrated calculators of your operating system or you search engine (for example Google).

Der Beitrag 7 Online Calculators (Math) erschien zuerst auf Tools & Tips.

11 online tools for animated gifs

Animated GIFs get more and more attention in the web – at the latest 2003/2004, when the GIF patents extinguished. A GIF image can contain Der Beitrag 11 online tools for animated gifs erschien zuerst auf Tools & Tips.

Animated GIFs get more and more attention in the web – at the latest 2003/2004, when the GIF patents extinguished. A GIF image can contain lots of frames (single images) and displays itself the next image/frame after a few seconds. That is a good way to show short clips, advertising banners or a small gallery.

In this article we introduce 11 online tools you can use for gif animations.

What is a GIF file?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It allows at most 256 colors – significantly less than other image formats such as PNG or JPEG. But therefore and because it provides a good compression GIF files are really small.

The other special thing of GIF is the animation feature. A GIF file can contain, as written above, lots of frames. So there a several images in one image file. For this animation feature there are lot of online tools. 11 of them are presented here.

11 must-have online tools for GIF animations

  1. Video to GIF converter
    On ezgif.com you can easily upload video files (MP4, WEBM, AVI, FLV, MOV and others) and convert them into a gif file.
  2. Simply GIF generator
    For example for advertising banners a gif basing on a few image files (PNG, GIF, JPG) can be helpful. You can use this GIF generator to create it, or to extract frames from an animated GIF file by uploading it.
  3. Youtube to GIF
    Giphy.com supports not only uploaded files, but also Youtube, Vine and other video URLs. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create GIFs from Youtube videos and others.
  4. GIF optimizer
    Smaller files are always welcome. Use gifgifs.com to reduce GIF files by reduce colors, by drop frames or by a lossy gif optimization.
  5. gifgifs.com archive
    On the same website gifgifs.com you can find lots of GIFs in categories such as animals, sports and nature.
  6. GIFs on giphy
    Giphy.com is a popular website for lots of GIF images you can download and use.
  7. “Best” gif animations
    According to its name you find on bestanimations.com really good GIFs. Try it out!
  8. GIF splitter
    You want to extract the different files of a GIF animation? GIFMaker.me is doing a good job.
  9. Another splitter: GIF Explode
    Another tool for splitting a GIF file into its frames is gif-explode.com.
  10. Online Image Editor, also for GIFs
    The Online-Image-Editor.com does not only supports BMP, JPG and PNG, but also animated GIF files. For example you can crop the image and add photo borders.
  11. Another free GIF maker
    The 11th tool in this article is freegifmaker.me supporting Youtube videos and interesting animated gif effects.

We hope you got a good overview of interesting and helpful online tools for your animated GIFs.

Der Beitrag 11 online tools for animated gifs erschien zuerst auf Tools & Tips.

How to compare texts

In different cases it can be helpful to compare texts and see whether there are words or lines deleted or changed. Maybe you are a Der Beitrag How to compare texts erschien zuerst auf Tools & Tips.

In different cases it can be helpful to compare texts and see whether there are words or lines deleted or changed. Maybe you are a web developer and want to compare two configuration files. Or think of an dictation: What could be a better possibility to correct the dictation result with original?

The classical case for a diff check/text comparison of two texts is plagiarism. If you took yourself a lot of time to write a text with high quality – what do you think about someone copying this with a few changes? By checking the differences of both texts with this tool you have an “evidence” for similarity.

In this post I will show you, how you can compare texts easily by using a free online tool.

If you use Linux and want a basic, offline version of such a tool, you can use diff on Linux.

Online Tool for Text Comparison

A free online tool is the 60tools Text Comparison. It is easy to use:

  1. Visit the Text Comparison tool.
  2. Paste your two texts or upload them (most of common Office file types supported)
  3. Click on the submit button to see the result.

The online tool displays a percentage of similarity and a line-by-line and word-by-word comparison (this method causes inaccuracies if whole paragraphs were removed or changed a lot). Additional lines and words are marked green, missing lines or words are marked red.

The higher the value of similarity is, the more similar are the texts. Keep in mind that differences between both texts influence the similarity value the more the short the texts are.

A value about 80% indicates the text could be a plagiarism with high probability. If the value is at least higher than 50% a plagiarism is likely.

Share result

The Text Comparison-Tool has also another helpful feature.

Once you compared to the texts, you can share the results with others. Just click on “Share result” in the navigation bar to store the result. Other people can view the result by visiting the share link.

Possible uses

As written above there a several scenarios for using the text comparison tool. The tool is not limited to comparing configuration files, detecting plagiarism or checking a dictation. The possibilities are endless: Whenever you have two texts or documents that should be similar or even not – maybe you just want to see if there enough changes in a text that should has been revised – you can use such a comparison too.


With the presented online tool text comparison can be easy, independent of your operating system and browser. After a few tests you can assess the similarity values and detect plagiarism and differences in compared texts.

Der Beitrag How to compare texts erschien zuerst auf Tools & Tips.

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