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Visitor panel is a growth platform for existing business and new startups. VisitorPanel strive to be a great source for medium and small organisations in fulfilling their requirements of overall business growth and employing technology effectively and proactively.

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Benefits and Impact of GST on Indian Economy

GST or Goods and Services Tax is one of the biggest and strongest reform step undertaken by the Indian government. It has almost transformed all the taxation regime of Indian taxation structure. The concept of GST was introduced in the year 2000. Since then the process was in process to implement GST in the Indian taxation system so that the ill effects like double taxation can be mitigated. After all the process had been finalized, GST was put into effect from 1st July 2017.

As there are both the positive and negative sides of a coin, in the same way, GST also has both the sides and in this article we will see how will GST impacts on the Indian economy and the benefits of GST that common people will get with this reformed taxation system.

Although this tax is very new to India so a series of amendments were also taken by the Indian government so that maximum benefits could be given to the citizens and shopkeepers. The government also benefitted from this scheme as the number of GST taxpayer almost increased by 50%. Once the system stabilizes we will see an increase in the GDP from 1 to 1.5 percent. We will also get a transparent taxation system which will result in an increase in the revenue that the government gets from this system.

How has GST benefitted the Indian Economy?

Since the implementation of GST in the Indian taxation system, it is worthy to note that the taxation structure has been simplified a lot. With the ease of doing business, we got a better handle on the size of various business sectors across India. 

  • Technological Support: In the growing digital era, the new system has also got technological support with the schemes like Digital India.
  • Less dependent on Tax Gurus: The MSMEs now are less dependent on the tax experts as the tax filing system has simplified a lot.
  • Elimination of Double Taxation: Both the indirect and direct tax is now under one umbrella i.e. double taxation has been eliminated.
  • Higher Threshold for SMEs: Earlier in the VAT system, if your business had a turnover of more than 5 lac then you were liable to pay VAT also. Although this limit differed in different states across India, more or less the threshold was same. But in the GST system, this threshold was increased to 20 lac giving more room to the small business enterprises and service providers.
  • Composition Scheme: A composition scheme was launched for the businesses having turnover of 20 to 75 lac and they are benefitted as the taxes can be lowered by this composition scheme.
  • Simplified Online Procedure: With GST the entire process of filing the details is now online. This is beneficial for the small startups as now startup manager do not have to run from window to window to get registration of different taxes such as VAT, excise, etc.
  • Less Number of Compliance: In the VAT system there was different compliance and returns for different taxes. But with GST there is now one unified return to be filed. Out of 11 returns, 4 are basic returns which is applied to all persons who pay taxes.
  • E-commerce taxation is unified: Online industry has also benefitted a lot from GST. Earlier in the VAT system, the online websites had to pay different taxes while delivering their products in different states. Sometimes the tax inspectors seized the goods when the company was unable to produce the valid documents.
    But with the implementation of GST, there is no complication of interstate movement of goods and the taxes are the same according to the type of products. The goods can be moved across states by producing the e-way bill.
  • Clarity for IT Industry: Earlier the IT sector was under confusion as to whether they should apply for the VAT system or Service charge on their goods but with the implementation of GST, the products have a distinguished clarification between the products and the services of software.
  • Input Costs Reduced: When single taxation was implemented then the cost of input also decreased as taxes such as VAT and excise duty is now eliminated and no longer a headache for the service providers.

The competition has also increased since the cost of production has gone down which also leads to a positive impact on the market domestic as well as international. The service providers who were giving the services will now also get the benefit of credit of input and credit of input services. Now the public has to shed less money in buying the same product. So GST has benefitted a lot to the Indian market, reducing the time as well as energy in filing various taxes that they had to pay at different levels. 

Negative Impact of GST

Though GST is already implemented successfully in the Indian economy, there was a buzz from the opposition side that there are more ill effects of GST rather than providing ease to the businesses in India. But that is totally not correct as now you can see how good GST has been implemented in the economy. Here we have listed some of the flaws of GST that you should know:

  • Increase in burden for Businesses: Now the businesses have to purchase and renew the license of the software of GST so that the accounting ERP can be updated. This will lead to an increase in the burden on the SMEs and the vendors who do not know how to operate the internet.
    But this disadvantage has also been eliminated as now a software called as Clear Tax GST software is in the market which is ready to use GST software which helps various SMEs to smoothly operate the GST procedure. The business owners only update the invoice in filing the returns and making payments.
  • SME will have to pay higher Taxes: The small and medium businesses now facing a lot of difficulties in filing returns and making payments especially the manufacturing sector. Earlier the business which had a turnover of more than 1.5 crores had to pay excise duty also. But with GST the businesses of turnover exceeding 20 lac also has to pay GST. 
  • Difficult to Adapt: As the system came in the middle of the financial year, businesses had a tough time to adapt to this new system. AS this is an online system, the business owners are facing some difficulties in making a switch from pen and paper to the online system.
  • Lack of Centralized System: Every state has to maintain personalized record and accounts have a separate system for the state and central authority. As your business expands into a new state you have to pay the SGST or the state goods and service tax for that state also. This could be very hectic for the business that has multi-state business.

Impact of GST on Indian Economy

It is although a noteworthy step by the Indian government by refining the tax system of India where the corruption had piled up to the roots. This significantly increased the ease of doing business in India and the elimination of double taxation and make the overall taxation and filing easy for the industries. With GST the domestic and international market will be more competitive. Once the GST is successfully implemented in the Indian industry it holds a great promise in terms of GDP growth as well as an exponential increase in the economy.

These 5 tips make ERP and e-shop success factors in e-commerce

E-commerce continues to grow in many countries with double-digit percentage growth. Already one in ten sales francs, according to a recent study, originates in the retail trade from an e-shop. Those who have not yet jumped on the online train, should hurry up. More and more dealers want to cut off a piece of the lucrative cake. If you want to be successful, you need an attractive offer, a customer-friendly webshop and efficient logistics processes. Find out now why integrated ERP systems play a central role in this.

Map online processes in the ERP

In many places, the classic image is still in the head, that webshop and ERP software are two different worlds.High time to rethink, because now has long since grown together, what belongs together in reality. Previously common media breaks were largely based on unbridgeable technical differences between the online system and ERP. Different databases and programming languages, different system requirements and technologies created digital trenches, which could only be overcome with difficulty. In the meantime, such problems only cause a tired smile for the users of modern ERP systems. E-commerce processes can be mapped directly in the ERP today. This is made possible by integrated web shops with professional design options. This way, individual templates and responsive designs can be created, as well as coupon promotions, newsletters, personal and protected customer areas and much more.

The secret of success is integration

One of the strengths of ERP software is that it can consistently connect different business areas. A big advantage, which brings with it the ability to integrate: data only needs to be collected once and can then be used anywhere in the company. This saves interfaces and at the same time avoids sources of error and delays in data updates. It does not matter if production processes or e-commerce processes are supported. An integrated ERP Uses the same data for both the order processes and the online store – in real time. As a result, stock levels, item descriptions, prices, customer information, orders, etc. are always and everywhere identical. Anyone familiar with the dynamics of e-business knows how important consistent data is as a basis for process efficiency. Both the upstream and downstream processes in logistics, procurement, sales and finance depend on consistent, up-to-date and error-free data.

Efficiency thanks to central data management

Modern ERP systems have a paradoxical quality. On the one hand, they serve as a central reservoir for all company data, on the other hand, these data can be used completely decentralised. The integrated webshop of an ERP uses centrally managed product, order and customer data. This has several advantages. On the one hand, this can serve various sales channels simultaneously, such as shops, web shops, partner portals, re-sellers or price comparison sites. On the other hand, thanks to networked information and data, customers benefit from individual offers, loyalty bonuses, special price lists and assortments, etc. Thanks to the smart combination of data, manual process steps can be combined to create automated workflows that further increase efficiency in e-commerce.

ERP functions for the webshop

Current article information in the webshop are indispensable. In addition to prices, pictures and descriptions, customers also want to know whether the item is even available, which options are available, what are the possible shipping costs, which payment options are offered, etc. All information about the products, but also to the individual customers easy to manage in the ERP system (since they are needed there in other areas) and make it available to the webshop. Even more: the direct integration E-Shop and ERP also makes it possible to provide specific ERP functions, such as the calculation of discounts, graduated prices etc. online. The variants determined from product configurations can be offered directly online or accepted as an order.

Webshop functions in the ERP

Customer profiles in a protected login area offer webshop users the possibility to deposit contact data, manage permissions, subscribe to newsletters or define areas of interest. Data that not only serve the customer, but also the provider of the webshop . This can be used to control marketing campaigns or handle logistics processes. The ERP benefits from the functions and information available in the webshop. The perfect interaction of ERP Software and e-shop creates the basis for efficient processes. United as a team player, they facilitate entry into e-commerce and form the basis for innovative business models.

10 Way to Market Your Business for free to Build a Brand

Marketing or Promotion is important for business Start-Ups to build a brand image. Brand building definitely help a-lot to startups for growth & expanding business. Brand promotion becomes a core part of business as it needs various chances to grow and get promoted in industry market. In this way, Brand promotion is most important part for business growth and company brand to get recognised by a large number of people in the market.

Business marketing is essential for the Start-Ups to establish business identity, stay ahead in market from competitor companies, long term promise to the clients and to establish business loyalty and great customer relationship. There are a lot of things which need to keep in mind for startup business promotional. Brand Promotion for business should be done by influencing company name, business logo, trademark & the other remaining key points that can make it strong enough to compete in the market. A Business brand must be a perfect company/product name, story regarding the customer requirements and value of the product.

Small scale companies mostly focus on product development and spend most of budget, time and effort to develop the best product. Once product development is complete, the biggest challenge that these startups face to promote in front of right customer potential. It is difficult for startup business or small companies to hire marketing agencies as it involve a huge cost. Without any cost or with a very minimal cost, there are still some of really good marketing practices that do not require huge cost or valuable resources and can get your business to success.

Let’s discuss the 10 important secrets for growth of business start-up, promotion and implementation of business marketing for FREE.

1. Logo & Brand Name Should Be Clear and Specific

Logo is an important part of any company as it is a symbol used by the organisations to promote their products & services to get a public recognition. A Logo must be specific, creative & logical as it carries the visual appearance of the business, it is the significance of the business; thus, the task becomes more important. An efficient & specific logo helps in building a strong corporate identity for the start-ups to grow, enhances the branding process & makes their advertising easier.

A logo must be designed by keeping the future vision of the business in mind as the logo which is designed for today may have to be changed in the future. It must be designed by the user’s point of view as well.

The logo must be designed in such a way that it can convey a clear brand message to the customers. The customers set their mind about the business in the very first view of the logo. You will be amazed to know that most of FMCG products sold on the basis of colors they select for their product Packaging. Proper color contrasts must be included in designing the logo so that the start-ups can grow in a right direction with proper & clear image of their business & its services. A good & specific logo always leaves an ever-lasting impression on the people’s mind. A design is something fashion, if it is not up to date, you may sound like a clown in the market.

2. Email marketing for lead generation and engagement :

Yes you heard it right and it’s free for small companies use. Start small with the number of customer email ids you get from your website, social media or Internet. Work on the newsletter that speaks about your offers, exclusive discounts and send them for timely promotion. Platforms like MailChimp offers free email services. Make the best use of this free service to reach an audience and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter for more offers later. Use the email you get from your social media channels, website and make the best use of it. Work On email subject and body that stands out among all the other emails. Keep improvising for better email open rate and email click-through-rate.

3. On line Business Directory Listing :

A business directory is an on line list of businesses within a particular niche, location or category. One way local businesses can get found by on line searchers is through inclusion in business directories. Excellent method to improve link building and market your business, which is an important way to climb higher in search engine results. Listing in relevant business directory provides the benefits to company all the time. It will be a great advantage if you make sure company / business listed in every relevant directory possible.

4. Strong Digital Marketing :

Digital marketing strategies can help startup companies to grow business to high level in sort period of time. Digital Marketing has the various organic ways to grow the Start-Ups without investing a huge amount of money. It includes the SEO, SMO, email Campaigns etc. which is cost-effective & provide the long term benefits to the business & a growing company, it increases the visibility & generates huge traffic to the website of a Start-Up business. It also includes the content marketing, social media marketing & e-mail marketing etc. for the growth of a Start-Up business organisation. Digital Marketing includes a number of activities that increases the chances of growth of a Start-Up business.

Social media channels are also a part of digital marketing which can be used for business branding, You need to create the content for audience to read, understand and use via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Choose the platform that best suits your business goals. Start with understaning of user behavior, Try to generate interest, curiosity and engage the audience. Offer something for free on the social media and see how people get pulled towards your brand. This exercise can prove to be a fantastic way to build an email database that you can use anytime to offer them some amazing deals. Keep tracking and modify your strategy as and when required, it will help company for long term.

5. Fresh, Unique and attractive content :

The content is the main basic idea through which a business can get a high rank, it must include the relevant keywords defining the company’s products & services in an efficient manner so that the customers can understand the services in a better way. An original, unique & SEO focussed content help the Start-Ups to get more visibility among the customers & in the competitive market as well. The content must not include the repeating words, duplicate words & the lot of words; it should be limited in words as specified by the SEO crawlers.

6. Referral Schemes & Coupon Codes :

The start-ups have a unique dilemma in the market. They have to research for the more innovative & creative ideas to stay connected with the existing & new customers as well. They have to differentiate themselves from the other competitors. There are a lot of factors to be considered for a growing start-up business. In this case, organising the referral schemes & coupons can generate a lot of benefits for the start-ups for their growth. It helps the start-ups in keeping the existing customers connected with the business & also in generating the new crowd of number of new customers as well.

7. Google My Business :

Registering your business with Google My Business allows it to be found more easily on Google searches and it shows up on Google Maps. Google has an easy online process to list business and verify on google my business listing, You also have alternative verification methods like call and email. Yahoo! It’s free business directory which is certainly worth the few minutes to set up. Microsoft’s Bing has a similar service to set up.

8. New Business from existing customers:

Happy and satisfied customers are the biggest and the best marketing tool. Actively work with them and engage with them to create a buzz on the internet. They are the live proofs of your hard work and quality product. Their one recommendation or their one positive experience with your brand can build a great percentage of confidence among new buyers and customers of your company. Word-of-mouth is said to be an old marketing technique, but when works, it still has the potential to create more magic
for your brand in today’s digital environment.

9. Check Website Tags, Meta Tags & SEO optimization:

A fully focused website with all the required tags, meta tags is very important for the Start-ups so that more & more people come to know about their business & its activities. Not only a website can help the start-ups to grow but it should also consist of proper tags, meta tags & SEO focused as well. The website is the physical appearance of any business organisation & it can explain or convey all the relevant information about the business even without the presence of the business owner. There is a great importance & benefits as well of tags & meta tags in a SEO focused website. Start-ups definitely get benefit from the SEO focused website as the website helps the potential customers to find the business according to their needs.

10. Free Press releases

Every time your business does something newsworthy, do not hesitate to shoot off a free press release maybe some people will pick up on it. They are a powerful media tool to used to help generate publicity, and having free distribution of them is a bonus. There are many of websites out there that you can use for your press releases, such as PRLog, OpenPR and Press Release Point. While press release keep few things in mind like press release agency covering covering the region which you you want to target.

Marketing is a must for business growth, whether you are a big well-known brand or a small business or a startup. Investing huge amount in marketing may not be possible for startups, but working smartly and making your moves cleverly can help companies move their brand and products and get them to places that too for FREE.

Top 5: Best Bulk SMS Gateway Service Provider Companies in India

There are many SMS gateway service provider companies in India but to select best sms service partner for your business, you must check-out for top or best bulk sms gateway based on important factors like quality support of sms service, SMS Delivery time, reliability, simplicity, pricing, security, SMS Automation and Integration options.

India has the world’s fastest-growing mobile market. India have approximate 1 billion mobile users and every all the mobile users spend approx 3 hours per day on mobile. 25% of mobile users check their phones over 100 times a day.

Comparing with other methods of communication such as email, SMS has much higher read rates and mobile messaging involves quickest response by user. so, companies are more attentive to text messages for communication requirement.

Mostly all the business companies require bulk sms services to send updates to customers or to promote products and services. Bulk SMS defined with two types, Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS. If your requirement is to send important alerts and informative notifications to your clients, You should use transactional SMS. In case your requirement is to send offers, advertisements, and promotions about your products and services, you should use promotional sms services.

List of Best bulk sms service providers in india

1. mGage – www.mgage.com
Basicly US based mGage has acquired Indian sms service company Unicel Technologies to expand its reach to Indian market. mGage Mobile Engagement Solutions provides a cloud-based enterprise technology for mobile engagement programs across multiple channels including sms services.

Both mGage and unicel has a good customer base in PAN india. mGage providing in depth analytics for marketing campaigns so mGate is a best option for sms marketing purpose.

2. Spring Edge – www.springedge.com
Spring Edge is a business communication solutions designed to help companies of all sizes. Spring Edge is offering instant transactional sms services, 2-way sms, sms marketing platform and customer loyalty program solutions.

SMS RestAPIs of spring edge can be easily integrated with any technology platform with help of builtin libraries. Spring Edge has built-in sms plugin for platforms like magento, woocommerce and sms integration documentations for SAP, Zoho, Zendesk, vTiger etc. Spring Edge has good customer support.

3. TextLocal – www.textlocal.in
Textlocal is The UK based text marketing solution for business which offer services like bulk SMS for businesses, 2 Way sms services, sms marketing and Email to SMS services for India. Text local company founded in 2005 with offices based in Malvern and Chester.

Text local also provide small volume based bulk sms gateway service packages but You can expect a high pricing for india compared to other sms service providing companies.

4. Solutionsinfini – www.solutionsinfini.com
Solutions infini claims that its fastest growing messaging service provider company. Solutions infini recently got acquired by an Italian firm named ubiquity with 51% stack of company. Solutions infini is mainly into sms Gateway services like Transactional sms gateway and Promotional SMS gateway services for india.

Also solutions infini started providing cloud telephony services in india.

5. Gupshup – www.gupshup.io
Gupshup is a very old company in bulk sms and sms marketing industry. Gupshup sms is founded by Mr. Beerud Sheth who previously founded Elance. Gupshup is funded by investors such as Helion Venture Partners, Charles River Ventures and Globespan Capital Partners.

Gupshup is now into chat-bots which can be used for marketing and customer engagement towords products and services.

SMS services are the best and quickest way of customer engagement and texting is on top of other communications methods in form of read ratio. Sending sms using bulk SMS gateway user-interface is simple but it require some part manual process. Top most and best bulk sms gateway service provider companies also provide SMS API option to automate these sms interactions.

Most of the bulk sms or transactional sms provider companies give option of APIs which allow for developers to integrate it programmatically to automate the sms sending process. Implementing technological changes of API integration in your business application product can help you to stay ahead ahead grow in this competitive world.

10 Tips to Get Your Business in News coverage

News coverage is is one of the best ways to start building out your brand. For small businesses with a limited marketing budget, newspaper and magazine advertising can be really expensive . However, you can still get your name into print media through few tips and creative public relations.

1. Write Well About Your Business Story
Create a well detailed article about your business which should be newsworthy or interesting for targeted audiences and send out press releases. Expanding your office location or introducing innovative product or service can also be a good news for tech journalists. Always include a detailed information about your business at the bottom of the release and attend phone calls from reporters quickly if they call you for any information.

2. Be a source for Media
Make it easy on media to cover your business. Create a media page where the press can easily grab your logo in color and black-and-white, screenshots, images of your top products, and head-shots of key executives. Include high resolution versions. Also, include basic facts and figures about your business. Remember, if your business is not a main part of the story, the editor may decide to cut out your business completely rather than hold up the entire story for one missing piece of information.
get your business in the media

3. Engage on Facebook and Twitter
Find media with active Facebook Pages. Share their stories. Comment on their Facebook posts. At the very least, you’ll get some attention from their audience. It’s also a good way to get the outlet’s attention. Remember, a lot of reporters have their own Pages, too. Be sure to Like and engage there, too. It’s a great way to get attention. Twitter is also great for making connections with journalists. Follow journalists on Twitter. And tweet at them if you have something relevant to say, by including their @handle in your tightly crafted pitch tweet. If they’re mobile-savvy reporters, they’ll likely get a notification on their phones. Knowing that, you definitely don’t want to overdo this.

4. Pay Attention on Freebies from Media
A lot of news and trade news websites offer free events calendars or free listings of resources. Get any special events or information on these listings.
News outlets hosting these listings are usually following them in case they need to fill news and feature holes in their coverage. A well-written and comprehensive listing of yours may grab their attention and lead to a story. Attend local community events. Set up a booth. The press is usually at these events and being there is a good chance to acquaint yourselves with them and vice versa.

5. Be Philanthropic
Be a benefit to your community, especially in times of need. Help organize or contribute to charitable drives. Get your name and your business’s name out in the community attached to something other than your business. When the press covers these charities, they’ll often mention who’s involved in helping. Getting your name on that list gets the media’s attention  and the community’s too.

6. Know What The Media Outlet Covers
The biggest problem with most media pitches is that they are mismatched with what the publication, show or individual journalist covers.
Every media outlet has a style all its own based on its audience. Even if they cover the same news, different media outlets will cover it from different angles. Journalists may have specific “beats.” So not only does your news have to match, but your angle has to match, too. You can only learn these nuances by reading, watching or listening to the media outlet repeatedly.

7. Use Email Over Phone
Today, media pitches should go through email. Avoid the temptation to call, unless you have a very specific question. Voicemails take more time to listen to, and can be hard to forward to the right person. Busy editors will simply hit the delete key on their phone if faced with a long voicemail with garbled words.

8. Reach the Right Person
Part of a PR pro’s value is in finding the right person. Even here at Small Business Trends we have multiple editors and writers. An email to one won’t necessarily be seen by anyone else.
Or go through the main contact form. Media outlets may use help desk software that routes communications to the right place based on drop-down menus or certain words in the message.

9. Start With Blogs of Media Outlets
Some outlets have outlets of their own, Maintain your own updated roster of media outlets, reporters, and other contacts in the media industry. Break the lists down to include lists of local and regional sources and another that is industry specific. And write notes so you remember details about how to reach certain people or stories they tend to cover.

10. Create a “Complete” Press Release
A press release today should include everything a reporter would need to write or produce a story about your business. This includes your logo, product images, screenshots, executive headshots, videos, links to online demos or free trials, and social media profile links. Also, provide facts and figures about your company including how many customers you serve, your markets, and where you have offices. The more complete your package, the more likely you are to get coverage.

How to send sms notifications from Ruby app (ROR SMS Integration)

Below is a detailed walk through of adding SMS notifications to your Rails app


Many of the Ruby on Rails (RoR) application have requirement to send sms notifications to users or to validate their account using OTP SMS to mobile number. Also, bulk SMS texting using sms gateway is still the best way to broadest customer base.

If you have a Ruby on Rails application, It is extremely easy to add such capabilities specially when using a service such as Spring Edge to reach customers and interact with them.

Its easy to add Spring Edge to a Rails application. This article will guide you through the steps of integrating Rails with Spring Edge, More specifically, it will cover:

  • Signing Up with Spring Edge SMS Gateway
  • Generating sms gateway Auth Key and scret
  • Send test sms using API Trigger
  • Integration with Rails Application

Lets get started:

Signing Up With Spring Edge SMS Gateway:
Signing up for Spring Edge is as simple as filling an online form with your name, email and other details. After you sign up you will receive login details by email. Upon login into sms account, you are given trail credits in account to get started with. These credits are spent every time a sms is sent using spring edge web app or sms API.

Generating Auth Key and scret:
Authentication make APIs secure to prevent unauthorised access of our account data. After signing in to sms account, It is mandatory to generate an api key to use RestAPIs and send sms. You can generate api auth key by clicking on Generate new key button of API Keys option under “Developers” menu of sms account. For security purpose half of the API key will be visible in Developer menu of user interface and full API Auth key will be sent to registered email address.

Send test sms with spring edge:
To test message you have two ways web interface and messaging API. With UI, Login into your sms account user interface and enter mobile number in To Mobile Numbers text area by clicking on Compose Message option of Send Message menu. In case of multiple mobile numbers it need to be one mobile number in each line, Click Send now button after selecting sender id and enter text in Message box. You can check sent report for acknowledgement of sent sms.

Send a Test SMS Using API Trigger
To send test message using Spring Edge SMS API, you can combine server url and params as query string to create complete sms gateway api url.
Server URL:



to= '9190xxxxxxxx', //Destination Mobile number
apikey='N3c76xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', //Auth key
senderid='SEDEMO', //Sender Name
message='test-message' //sms body

To Execute, You can combine sms server url along with api params and hit this url directly in new tab of your internet browser. Your complete url will look like


Expected Output:


Integration of SMS with Ruby on Rails (ROR) Application:

1. First include Net::HTTP which provides a rich library which can be used to build HTTP user-agents. Net::HTTP is designed to work closely with URI. URI::Generic#host, URI::Generic#port and URI::HTTP#request_uri are designed to work with Net::HTTP.
require ‘net/http’

2.Build SMS API URL and Params to call sms api server as below

smsserver = 'http://web.springedge.com/api/web/send/'
apikey = 'N3c76xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
message = 'Test Message'
messagebody = URI::encode(message)
mobileno = '91903xxxxxxxx'
senderid = 'SEDEMO'

3. Pharse URL

Use Pharse URL class that Parses Strings into URIs

url = URI.parse(smsserver+'?apikey='+apikey+'&sender='+senderid+'&to='+mobileno+'&message='+messagebody)

4. Finally, call api using http request

req = Net::HTTP::Get.new(url.to_s)
res = Net::HTTP.start(url.host, url.port) {|http|

Your complete ROR SMS Gateway Integration code will look like:

require 'net/http'
smsserver = 'http://web.springedge.com/api/web/send/'
apikey = 'N3c76xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
message = 'Test Message'
messagebody = URI::encode(message)
mobileno = '91903xxxxxxxx'
senderid = 'SEDEMO'
url = URI.parse(smsserver+'?apikey='+apikey+'&sender='+senderid+'&to='+mobileno+'&message='+messagebody)
req = Net::HTTP::Get.new(url.to_s)
res = Net::HTTP.start(url.host, url.port) {|http|
puts res.body

You can also use POST method as below

res = Net::HTTP.post_form(uri, 'q' => ['param', 'param'], 'max' => '50')

Deployment on production:

To configuration of sms notifications in a production environment of your application, You need to move to a commercial account from existing Test/Trail sms gateway account. Once commercial account is set-up, You can configure customised sender name.

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