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With the accelerated shift to digital, retailers are paying more attention to their social e-commerce strategy. Marketing your business today is crucial to your success. 1,000 businesses are already focusing on digital marketing trends to stay ahead of their competition. Don't be left behind and start your marketing or advertising campaign with Web Domain Authority today and get ahead while driving sales and gaining more clients.

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Web Domain Authority has a wide array of advertising opportunities. On web media or mobile, you are covered.

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It appears above regular listings and is displayed 1st in search results in any category or region. Featured ads are highlighted to stand out.

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Category Ads

Advertise in a specific category that fits your product branding or your services offered. Choose sitewide or by category only.

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Advertise in a specific region that fits your demographics for your products or services. Choose sitewide or by region only.

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Have a larger marketing campaign you need to pitch to us? Contact us today.

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Promote special offers

Showcase Campaigns allow you to highlight a seasonal promotion or coupon on your company's pages.

Target specific competitors

Competitor Targeting shows your ad to people when they search for businesses similar to yours.

Encourage customer actions

Campaign Goals let you customise your ad campaign to get more calls, website clicks, or mapped directions.

Product awareness

Broadcast to all Web Domain Authority users on featured holidays and events with Seasonal Spotlight.

Target specific competitors

Competitor Targeting shows your ad to people when they search for businesses similar to yours.

Reach people searching

Retarget consumers on top sites based on Web Domain Authority search activity.

Web Domain Authority Features

While supporting local businesses we have tried to provide many features to help them be successful and achieve overall revenue, web exposure, media branding as well as social presence. See some of the features we offer below.

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Coupons & Gift Cards

Upload coupons or girft cards to your business page.

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Businesses can add 15 photos to showcase products or services .

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Businesses can add mapped directions and address.

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Businesses can add their phone number.

Social Media

Businesses can include their social media profiles.

Featured Listings

Businesses can choose multiple categories to be spotlighted in.

ADD Video

Businesses can add product or service videos.

Business Reviews

Businesses can recieve reviews and respond.

Business Email

Businesses email form for each listing.

Hours of Operation

Businesses can set and display their hours of operation.

Meet The Team

We are dedicated to making Web Domain Authority one of the best business directories online.

Shawn DesRochers

Chief Executive Officer

Web Development and Enginering

Rose DesRochers

Product Manager

PR Marketing and Sales

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Your Domain Authority is important because it is representative of how your website ranks on search engine. It helps you better understand your site's credibility in the eyes of the search engines and you can see how you compare to your competition. To increase your web domain authority naturally is to submit it to our directory as we are fully optimized for better results, on increasing your domain authority quickly and easily.

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